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message 1: by Henry (new)

Henry Hallan (henry_hallan) | 12 comments Hi Librarians,

My publisher has just told me their plans for the final book in my series "The Fall of the Sea People." The final volume, "Mars and the Sea People," will be released in trade and ebook on 19 November 2015. At the same time a Kindle version will be released on Amazon which includes all five volumes in one eBook -- inevitably called "The Fall of the Sea People."

I've updated the database to reflect this, but there is still something wrong with the series. The series should have

1) Venus and the Sea People
2) Hermes and the Sea People
3) Jove and the Sea People
4) Saturn and the Sea People
5) Mars and the Sea People

and also a single-volume "The Fall of the Sea People" which contains all five volumes in the series.

Hope that makes sense


message 2: by Wellington (new)

Wellington (wfdealmeida) | 431 comments Book 4 and 5 added to the series
Do you have a cover for book 5?

I'm not sure what you mean with the single volume, so I'll leave it to someone else

message 3: by Henry (new)

Henry Hallan (henry_hallan) | 12 comments My publisher hasn't yet released the cover for Book 5.

The Kindle edition will have all five of the others in one volume.

message 4: by Liz (new)

Liz Yanes (lizilena) | 265 comments Collections of works are not series.

message 5: by Henry (new)

Henry Hallan (henry_hallan) | 12 comments OK, that's the answer then. I wasn't sure how collections of a whole series are handled in the Goodreads library, which is the reason to ask.

Thanks Wellington and Liz for your help!

message 6: by Mike Briggs (last edited Aug 21, 2015 09:47AM) (new)

Mike Briggs (mikebriggs) | 188 comments The Fall of the Sea People added to the series page. Omnibus collections are added as non-primary, with whatever parts are inside. In this case, 1-5. Being non-primary they will not show up in the series count, nor have their cover show up in the display of covers under "Series" on the author page (as in: Though they do show up on the actual series page for that series (as in:

message 7: by Henry (new)

Henry Hallan (henry_hallan) | 12 comments That's brilliant, Mike. Thanks for your help!

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