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"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought no one but myself...'" - C.S. Lewis

A man and author once said this, and no one could agree with him more than me.

Hi, I'm Amy Blanchard, daughter, wife, mother, and half a pair. Now, I could say this was my story, but that isn't true.

This is our story.

This is a story of me and my sixth grade companion, confidant, dear friend, the other half of our pair.

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ella  | 362 comments I'm already intrigued.

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Yay! That's what I was going for!

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Of course, I'm 37 now, with three kids and a handsome husband who basically works for the five of us. I'm a stay at home mom, with plenty to do between the laundry, cooking, cleaning, a thirteen year old, a seven year old, and a four year old, but I've decided to make time for this story, this important story that needs to be told.

Chapter 1:

When I first met Samantha Grant, I was seven years old and in the first grade. It was the first day of a new school, and everywhere were new faces. I was excited to be starting 'grade-school', but as soon as I walked in through those huge, brown, 'big kid' doors, I suddenly felt very small. Everywhere were big tables, chairs that looked too big for me to push, let alone climb up into, and reach the scary things on the tables. Carpet stretched as far as the eye could see and weird posters stating things I couldn't yet read blared off of the light green walls.

Turns out, I had mistakenly stumbled upon the Staff Break Room, not the first grade classroom, and pretty soon my teacher, Mrs. Dana, found me and shepherded me to my classroom. Boy was I glad when I found all the tables were just my size, and the chairs weren't heavy, and the wood a nice, happy shade, with shelves full of picture books and some even with words I'd learn to read, paper to write upon - but then my small, blue eyes fell upon the rest of the class, all sitting in a circle in the middle of the room on a rug, every single eye turned to me.

What I remember most are the eyes. They seemed twice as big as they all should be, each and every pair bugged out at me and my shiny new sneakers, polka-dotted dress, and rainbow backpack. I felt very self conscious all throughout that day, and I always looked down at my shoes, toes curved inward, and didn't talk to anybody. But the teachers were nice, they seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say, they kept me from being pushed out of the line to the snack table, and they put band-aids on the cuts I got at recess. Recess. Recess that day was when I first really met Samantha Grant.

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em_panada Ooooooooo! ^O^

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ella  | 362 comments Are you some kind of published author? Because this is really good.

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Omigosh no way I swear - but thanks times a MILLION - that would be pretty epic if I was like secretly JK Rowling or Rick Riordan or something though

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em_panada Love it!!!!!

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ella  | 362 comments *eyes you with suspicion at that last line*

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XD I wish but no

(Thanks Emmeline!!)

And thanks a bunch Ella that was really flattering! +flips hair behind shoulder epictastically+

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ella  | 362 comments *keeps eyeing you with suspicion at the last nine of post nine*

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XDXD *whips off Ruby wig and is secretly like a famous author who is a bazilionaire and is fantabulous*

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ella  | 362 comments "OMG! RUBY RIORDAN!'

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Who meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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ella  | 362 comments XD

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I remember walking to that first day of recess, stumbling on the rough ground and tripping over my feet, down the hill that led to the playground. There were swings and slides and things to climb on, and little houses made of plastic for playing house in. There was also a big tree at the edge of the playground and a small forest behind it. The tree was a little away from the line of trees leading to darkness and it had one branch perfect for climbing up into, just barely the right height for a little first grader. Along another side of the playground was a field of full grown wheat that many of the 'big kids' 'hung out' in and did whatever 'big kids' did. I'd never thought hanging around, talking about boring things was a good way to spend the recess time, and I'd much preferred screaming in delight, running around playing tag, and pretending to be the baby in a game of "House", but, I was only a first grader and I 'wasn't old enough to know about those things'.

I'd stopped and looked around, and seen the different groups. There was a small group of boys, huddled around another boy with a mess of blonde hair, holding a stick and giggling and poking a dead frog, and I wrinkled my nose. There were a few boys and girls hanging upside down from the branches of the tree, and I started toward them eagerly, but then looked down at my dress. I'd stopped, and looked around again. Then I caught sight of Sam and a few other girls running around and darting in and out of the wheat stalks, laughing and screaming in delight. I smiled shyly. I wanted to play with them.

I stumbled over to them and stopped a few feet from the edge of the stalks, twisting my hands bashfully. Suddenly, a girl (Lucy Jones) popped out in front of me, saw me, and shoved me in the shoulder. "GOT YOU!" She yelled, and ran away, laughing and flapping her arms. I started, then ran after her, laughing and yelling back, but my _______ was abruptly cut short when I ____ed from the wheat and skidded to a halt, a girl standing squarely in front of me, arms crossed and mouth turned down.

"What?" I'd said, and suddenly felt small and unimportant. This girl was standing there like she owned the place, and that I wasn't allowed in.

"You can't play," she said simply, glaring at me.

"What?" I repeated, confused.

"You can't play! You aren't a fairy and you don't have wings!"

I was very confused now, and Lucy and another girl had come over to see what the commotion was about. Then I caught on...or at least I thought I did. "Oh! But no, I have wings - see?" I flapped my arms weakly, then stopped at the girl's darkened face.

"No you do not. I should know this. After all I made up the game, right, Cindy?" I looked over and the other girl nodded her head vigorously, but Lucy only stared down at the ground.

"But that's not fair! I want to be a fairy! How can I become a fairy?" I said, crossing my own arms.

"You just can't. You're not allowed. Now go away." She turned away and stalked off into the wheat, along with Lucy and Cindy, leaving me all alone at the edge of the field.

I'd gone and cried inside one of the plastic houses that recess. I had wanted nothing more than to be back at my Pre-School where I knew everybody and there was no Samantha Grant to be mean to me. But, alas, when my tear-stained face looked up to Mrs. Dana staring concernedly down at me, I was still in the small, plastic house, with Samantha Grant waiting for me back inside the classroom.

I'd done my best to stay away from her in the two weeks that had followed, I would find something else to do or just go to the other end of the room whenever she came near. But eventually my little, seven year old brain forgot about what had really happened on the first day of school, and I tried my luck one more time at another recess...

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ella  | 362 comments Really good! Except the ____ thing. I'd prefer that was different, but it's just me. :)

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em_panada Nice, Ruby!

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Ella: Thanks Ella, and yeah, the ______ thing is just for me for the first draft for when I can't think of a good word there so I just skip over it and come back. My little way of avoiding writer's block.

Emmeline: Yay! Thanks!

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It had been two weeks into the first grade, and already I was feeling lofty and high above the little teensy-weensy pre-schoolers, because I wasn't a baby anymore, I was in the first grade. I remember very clearly the morning class was let out, and we were released, screaming and running and shouting and laughing onto the playground, our teachers giving sighs of relief and plopping down in plastic chairs, donning on sunglasses and leaning back.

I had hurried over to the tree a little ways from the rest, and peered up into the branches. I had found a bird building a nest there a few days ago, and I had wanted to see how far she'd gotten. Today, the nest was nearly complete, and the mama-to-be bird was just sticking the last few twigs to the little bowl of nature.

"Hey, you,"

I looked around, to see that same girl standing a few feet away, arms crossed and mouth turned down.

"Um, hi," I replied, a little nervously, and tugged on one of my braids.

"What's your name?" Samantha asked sharply, and to my adult self, thirty years later, it doesn't seem all that sharply, in fact it's a little comical, a little girl with pigtails and a Hannah Anderson dress and leggings on, but to me, at seven years old, it was quite intimidating.

"A-Amy..." I stammered, feeling very small and _____less next to this big girl with her two friends standing behind her, Cindy looking just as intimidating, but Lucy staring hard at her Vel-Cro shoes.

"Okay, Amy, do you want to play with us?" Samantha said, glaring at me so hard I trembled.

No. "Um, okay," I said. My right braid was starting to come out now, little wisps of hair getting loose, and my eyes started filling with tears as I remembered how my Mama had said not to take them out, as she spent a good long time on them.

"Alright, well if you want to play with us we're playing tag," Samantha said, and a corner of her mouth turned up slightly when she said the word tag. "But it's a different kind than real tag. It's fairy tag."

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ella  | 362 comments Nice. Perfect words.

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Thank you!

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em_panada Yay! There is more!

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"Um, w-what's that?" I asked uncertainly, glancing from Samantha to Cindy to Lucy, and back to Samantha again.

"Don't you know what fairy tag is?" She asked, and the way she said it made me wish I did and feel awful that I didn't.

"N-no, I don't...is it...um...I don't know..." I stammered, tugging even harder on one braid.

"Oh...well then I suppose we could teach you..." Samantha said slowly, sighing and looking down at the ground pointedly. I looked down also, but frowned when I couldn't figure out what she was looking at. I glanced up, confused, and saw Cindy and Lucy behind Samantha. Cindy had the same expression on her face as Samantha, and her curly blonde pigtails were shaking disappointedly as she shook her head. Lucy, however, had her eyes wide and was nodding vigorously, then seemed to change her mind and shook it just as violently. But see changed again, and was nodding again.

"C-could you...teach me?" I said uncertainly, glancing from Lucy to Cindy to Samantha.

Samantha's head shot up and she grinned a pleasant grin. Lucy had closed her eyes and sighed a quiet relief, as if I'd said the right thing. Even Cindy was looking pleased. "Oh, well okay, if you insist," Samantha said, her eyes twinkling with something a bit more than sweetness. Now I know that that something - whatever it was - meant that she was not to be trusted. "It's pretty easy, really, because since you're the new one, you can have the easiest part. All you have to do, is go up in that tree there, and sit on that branch until one of us comes and says you can come down - but don't worry, we'll be doing the complicated part, like gathering the leaves and berries and things, and when you come down, we'll all make a fairy house and become fairies and then play fairy tag! We'll explain the other rules then. You just have to sit up there and guard our spot so no one else comes and takes it, okay?"

I'd thought it sounded okay, but now Lucy was shaking her head so hard her hair was flapping in her face, and her eyes were wider and more frightened than ever. It seemed she had changed her mind yet again, or just realized something important.

Samantha's face suddenly hardened so hard it was almost a glare. "But you can not come down until we say so, got it?" I nodded uncertainly, and on Samantha's signal, gave one last look over at Lucy, and climbed up to the branch. It was pretty high up (for a small first grader, at least), so it took me a few deep breaths before I was able to look down. When I did, Samantha was smiling sweetly up at me again. "Okay! Bye for now!" And she and Cindy whisked off into the wheat. Lucy stayed a little while longer, looking up at me, but a bark from Samantha gave her a start and after one last frightened look up at me, she shot after them.

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ella  | 362 comments Ö Love it!!!!

This is hardly the same, but I thought I might ask anyways - can I do a short story, sort of like this but hardly, about a girl from first grade to eighth, or so? I might do that bratty girl type thing, like Samantha, but don't worry, I won't copy.

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Thanks so much!! This was actually like longer, but then I pressed something, so it deleted all my work, and I couldn't get it back so I had to rush to rewrite it all before I forgot.

Oh, definitely! I can't wait to read it!

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ella  | 362 comments Did you try pressing ctrl+z?

Thanks!! :) :)

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What does that do?

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ella  | 362 comments Undo.

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*that moment of realization when you did something completely dumb and unnecessary*


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ella  | 362 comments *steps back very slowly and quietly, trying not to look at Ruby*

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*looks at Ella in confusion*

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*tells Ella to get a move on with that story because I really wanna read it*

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ella  | 362 comments *tells Ruby that she won't have to wait for weeks for this one and maybe a day or so*

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*is happy*

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SmilingDork | 17 comments You have hooked me so good I could be considered a fish!!!!! I love it!!!! Keep going with this!!!!! You got power in your writing girl!!!!!! *Hugs you and awkwardly realizes you don't know me, releases you then gives you a hand shake but still love this writings you write*

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Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!

(exclamation marks galore)

It's really nice to share my writing on this group, because I don't get much feedback on my writing in 'real life' because I don't have anyone really to ask about it (nobody else really enjoys writing like I do in, again, 'real life') so this is really wicked awesome!!!!!! :D:D:D:D

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ella  | 362 comments Well those people in reality must be enemies, because I don't know how somebody can't not like this!!! :D

Actually, a second ago I realized how many people could see my writing on here, 2000 people (and anyone else!) but then I shrugged it off, and said whatever! :)

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>.< Thanks Ella!

XD Haha

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ella  | 362 comments Lol sorry but is >.< a mad, or a happy, or a confused or... what... face?

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SmilingDork | 17 comments lol!

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ƐƖƖα ⚯͛ wrote: "Lol sorry but is >.< a mad, or a happy, or a confused or... what... face?"

definitely not a mad face! (for me at least) it's kind of like...... idk sometimes its an embarrassed-blushing-thanks-a-bunch-face and other times it's a cross-eyed face....idk...

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ella  | 362 comments XD

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During the first few minutes I just sat there, looking around and picking at the bark under me. After ten minutes I was balanced on my stomach, humming to myself with my chin in my hands. When twenty minutes had passed, I sat up and looked around. There still had been no sign of Samantha or Cindy, or even Lucy, but my little, innocent seven year old self had absolutely no suspicions or __________s surfacing in my mind. I just sat there, trying to peer into the wheat to see if I could see anyone, but they were nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly, I heard Ms. Dana's voice. "Kids! Come on, your mommys and daddys are here to come get you!" I gave a start, then began getting ready to climb down. But I stopped. You can not come down until we say so, got it? I shivered at Samantha's face. I didn't want to disappoint her, I wanted to maybe be friends with her, and I thought fairy tag sounded like fun. Besides, what if someone stole their spot? I'd never forgive myself if I abandoned my post and disappointed Samantha.

So, I sat back and got into my comfortable spot again. I would just wait here until she came to get me. I had complete faith that she would, after all, she had said she would, right? And why would she go back on her promise?

Soon, the playground emptied, kids one by one threw down their toys, abandoned their dead frogs, and ran inside to get their backpacks and magic erasers. A few boys ran out of the wheat, laughing and covered in mud, but still no sign of Samantha and her friends.

"Last call! If you aren't here by the time I count to five, you'll be in big trouble!" Came Ms. Dana's singsong voice and I nearly decided on coming down, when I finally saw Samantha. She was sneaking out of the far end of the wheat field, with Cindy and a terrified Lucy behind her.

"Samantha!" I waved my arms frantically, practically leaping for joy. She had come for me! She had! But, but wait..."No! Why are you running away, SAMANTHA!" But it was too late. She had bolted, along with Cindy and Lucy, and I was still left in the tree. Tears formed in my eyes as I realized what had happened, and I desperately began clambering over to lower myself off the branch, when I looked down. The _______ of tears obscuring my vision and a scared seven year old brain was too much. The ground looked miles away, and no matter how I tried I couldn't maneuver myself to a safe landing. So, I crawled back to my spot, with my back against the tree trunk, drew my knees up to my chest, and cried. I sobbed into my knees, drenching my leggings, and it seemed like hours before I heard a voice.

"Amy? Amy, are you alright?"

I looked past my knees, and down on the ground was Ms. Dana, the little girl that sat next to me at my table in class, and my Dad.

"Daddy! I sobbed, holding out my arms and he, with his big smile, reached out, took me by the armpits, and brought me down to stand next to him. I buried my face in his side and only vaguely, as though from far away, heard Ms. Dana explaining to him how Sophie had seen me up in the tree and come to get her, and how then at that same moment he had walked into the room, ready to pick me up to go home. But I hardly listened, I just sobbed in his side, smelled his wonderful smell, and felt his hand atop my head, messing up my hair.

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ella  | 362 comments SO GOOD!

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