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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments Heyy there..

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments Talking to you.... (are we rp-ing or ure really askng me this?)

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments Yesss...

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments Girl and boy... yes Love triangle?

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments Girl...

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments got it...

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments Name: Katniss Everdeen

Age: 18
District: 12
Personality: Rude, Shabby dreesing, Pretty but obscure looks.
History: Raised by herself at 10, severely ill mother. a younger sister.. grew up poor.

Strengths: Tactful, Archery, Hunter, Runner, Tree climber
Weakness: Her Sister

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments Okay... ill name her.. Skylar.

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments okay... start!!! :)

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments Skylar woke up in her usual timings, only today not to go the forest and perform an ardous task of hunting food and feeding her small family...
Instead she lingered on her bunk in the small room of the tiny shabby cottage they lived in...
She knew. She dreaded. that about in few hours so much of her life would change... She had taken so many debts from the Capitol that she was sure of being the chosen one, if not her, then probably her sister... She closed her eyes to avoid the painful image she had conjured in her mind...
She was poor. but content... but life apparently had nasty plans awaiting her... and her only alternative was to survive against all odds...

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments "Prim Everdeen" was the selected name that caused blurness all around Skylar...
With a lump in her throat and and heaviness in her limbs she pushed her way to forward with desperate urgency and yelled, loud enough to to be heard, to be selected as tribute in replace of her little sister, "I volunteer"
and when it happened.. it happened fast. she no longer had the courage to look in her mom's or her sister's eyes. just to bid farewell. and the crowd was silent like never before

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments yesss

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments Life already seemed bleak when she accompanied all the tributes in the train. Its the only start, She wondered...
'Wondering' had apparently become favourite habit of her. There were times when she invested all her thinking and labouring in hunting and subsisting....
Its the different time. and she had to acknowledge it.. She saw many sneering at her all about. But she remained dauntless from the outside... Inside, she was already dead. Left behind what little she had in life.

Suddenly she felt strong vibes coming through her away. Somone was glaring. hard.
she looked all around and in corner she found a guy glaring instantly at her without a flick of change...

She again 'Wondered' if she's the favorite prey of him the most among all the tributes..

She shuddered.

and Rolled her eyes slightly to indicate she's not afraid. and she fight till her last breath.

She decided she have to be wary of him...

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments She gave him a a pointed finger and slicing throat gesture....
Gaining all the courage...

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments She surpressed her tears and anxiety...
her face flushed...
''Since when did Capitol started recruiting perverts'' she said loud enough to be heard.

"You there, save it for the battlefield" She faced that boy equally dauntless...

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments She almost flinged spit on him....

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments She was paralleled his height... She stared seriously..
"Can't wait for it, to mutilate this face of yours"
with that she went away to dive in her own deep plannings for the game...

(Lets skip to the game or some other scene shall we?)

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Mehwish (bookwormwishie) | 20 comments Skylar went in her compartment and lays there...
And secretly hoping that this Creep would leave her alone..

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