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Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Here's the topic!

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Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments ((Will return to...))

Name: Alastor Shug
Usually known by: The Ghost
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Social status: None, he's homeless
Appearance: (view spoiler)
Personality: ((developed in rp))
History: Alastor grew up in the middle of nowhere and homeschooled with very little human interaction. His entire family was strange, but felt they were better off away from the world. When he turned 18 he left his family, desiring an education and city life. This was all well and fine, but he didn't have any knowledge of how to get into a college on his own. He didn't know how to use a computer, the good colleges wouldn't accept him, and he couldn't get a job. His life took a turn for the worse, but he didn't want to return. He found a place to live in the empty and forgotten attic of a train station, living in peace off of money he begged for and scraps of food he could scrounge up that others left.
Other: He dresses off of clothes from forgotten luggage and abandoned jackets. His jacket collection in particular is extensive. He enjoys collecting odd items and finds the initial dig through an abandoned bag to be priceless.


Name: Titus Silver
Age: 24
Gender: male
Appearance: (view spoiler)
Personality: ((in rp))
History: Titus has lived a fairly normal life. His parents divorced when he was thirteen, he has two younger sisters, and has normal hobbies. He enjoys video games, school, and running. A full time student juggling both school and job, he is pretty focused on his future goals.
Other: He's really close to his mother and sisters.


Name: Oria Moschella
Age: 23
Gender: female
Appearance: (view spoiler)
Personality: Often considered to be a happy ray of sunshine - if more than a little clueless - Oria is often a reliable friend. She'll stick with you through any ups and downs. She finds it her responsibility to make the day of another, thinking the world to be too dark of a place for her not to be.
History: Born to a loving family, Oria was well cared for until the day her mother died in an attempt to give birth to what would have been Oria's younger brother. The death of both child and mother devastated Oria's father, leaving him depressed and sometimes suicidal. At a young age Oria found herself acting as his ray of sunshine, not liking to see her father upset all the time. This happy personality stuck with Oria even after her father moved on.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments thank you :) I'll start doing my characters.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments Name: Alisa Laxen
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Personality: Alisa is shy and quiet when it comes to meeting new people but can be really kind and sweet to friends and those in need such as animals, homeless people, etc. She sometimes worry about her mother at home and can worry about people quiet easily. She hates seeing people get hurt and tries to make everyone happy when down.
History: Alisa new knew her father because he left when she was born, not even wanting her. Her mother worked in a good paying job but soon was fired for something she didn't do, ever since her mother was fired they couldn't get as much money as they use to until Alisa found a new job. Soon her mother became ill and Alisa began to worry yet her Aunt began to look after Alisa's mother when she was out.
Other: She has a pet puppy called Cocoa which is a chocolate brown labadour.

Name: Officer Preston (Lucas Preston)
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Personality: Lucas is very kind and a funny chap yet he can be serious when he must be or wants to be, he loves joking around and making people smile when they're down yet he knows how to take his job seriously and loves working with other officers.
History: Lucas was raised in a happy family, just him, his mother, his father and older brother. The family never had fights or problems until his father found out about his mother seeing another man when Lucas was about ten, soon all hell came loss and they had fights, slam doors, threw stuff and she finally left them for good. Lucas sometimes sees his mother now and then when she's happy with another man yet he never really cared about her much any more.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments ((Great!! Think we are ready to go unless you can think of anything we need to iron out first?))

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments ((Nope can't think of anything haha want to start?))

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments ((Sure! Oh, before we do, what's your preferred post length? I generally try and match as well as I can the length, but depending if I'm on my phone or not I don't always make it.))

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments ((normally I am 3-5 paragraphs but on phone I sometime think I do a massive paragraph then when I see it the next day I'm like 'seriously?' haha))

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments ((Heh, I do the same thing. :) Ok, sounds good. I have to go to work fairly soon and am a little preoccupied right now, so if you have time feel free to post first.))

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments (okay :))

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Alastor sat on the step to the train station, holding up his sign that said, "Anything helps". It was raining out so he was back far enough to avoid the worst of the rain, but every once in a while the wind would blow just the right way and drench him with it's cool drops.
He pulled his trench coat up higher as he felt the winds start to shift, rain splattering his face and his legs in what on a warmer day would have felt like the cool caress of mist. Today, however, it was more like the bone chilling caress of death.

Most people walked their merry way around him, almost like he didn't exist. There were always the few who looked away in shame, but most avoided looking at him entirely. They simply walked around him, their umbrellas dripping thick drops around him. His old jeans were soaked to the knee, his rainboots only partially blocking out the water.
"Can you spare a few dollars?" He asked a stranger, meeting their eyes for the fraction of a second it took for them to look away. Alastor sighed softly and looked down at the ground, contemplating stealing an umbrella. Then again it was usually pointless to beg in the rain. People couldn't be bothered to stop when they were juggling an umbrella or didn't want to possibly get their money damp.

Just as he was about to leave, he felt someone push a couple dollars into his hands. When he turned to look and see who it was, all he could see was the back of an umbrella. Alastor turned back to face the street and shoved the dollar bills into his pocket, already contemplating what to buy with it.

Oria glanced back at the beggar, smiling slightly. Well, she had done her good deed for the day. He always looked so pitiful when it was raining out. Someday Oria figured it would be nice to bring him a nice warm pizza or something, just to see his reaction. But she always forgot about it in her rush to get to work.

"Hey, wait up!" Titus ran to catch up, almost bumping into the man sitting on the steps. Instead he stepped into the puddle next to him, splashing the man with grimy water.
"Oh, sorry man." Titus gave him a nervous smile before turning and facing Oria again, running up the last few steps to catch up.

"Well that wasn't very nice," Oria tutted, laughing lightly. "You looked like a deer caught in the headlights."
"I just never know what to do with him around." Titus glanced back at the man before pushing through the door and stepping into the much warmer air inside. "I pass him five days a week but never know what to do or say." He paused to scuff any dirt off of his shoes. "I don't want to give him anything because I can't really afford it, but at the same time I don't want to ignore him, you know?"

"So you just ignore him anyway?" Oria raised an eyebrow at him before laughing at Titus's uncomfortable expression. "Nah, tell you what. Pitch in a few bucks and we will bring him a pizza tomorrow. Ooh, maybe we can get one too! That would be awesome. We can make that a thing. Pizza Tuesday. I like it."

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments Alisa woke up and sighed softly, she looked over at the time and gasped to see she was going to be late for work. She grabbed her things quickly and ran for the door, saying good bye to her aunt on the way out. She was up all night with her aunt and mother as her mother wasn't doing very great and kept them up yet she seemed doing a little better then before. Running out the door, Alisa yanked the car door open and jumped in as she started the engine and drove to work, panting as she tried to catch her breath. She looked at the miserable and tired look on her face and realised she looked worse then her mother. She sighed as she pushed hair out of her face and parked outside the train-station with a groan as she clambered out and ran past the homeless man, she stopped and glanced back at him then quickly went through her pass and frowned "I only have a couple of pennies at the moment but here..." She said, passing him a few coins and smiled at him "I need to go to work" She groaned and rushed off after Titus and Oria "Guys wait up!" She shouted and waved her arms, catching up with them "god I hate this weather sometimes..."

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Alastor smiled slightly as he saw Alisa running up the steps. She was always nice to him. Even though the girl didn't have much, she always gave what he could. It was something he really appreciated. When she paused by him to pull out what she could spare, he offered up a genuine smile. They were rare to come by with him.

"Thank you, miss." He watched her run off, hoping she was okay. She looked absolutely dreadful today. He'd heard her talk to a couple of friends before about her mother who was in poor health. Must have been a rough day for her.

Alastor turned his attention back to the people going about on the street before standing up. It was much too cold to stay outside like this. Besides, there was something more interesting to do now.
Pausing long enough to stomp into a puddle and send the dirty water towards a particularly rude guy, he ran away as the man complained about his pants. Which, of course, had been spotless and white before. 'Who wears white on a rainy day?' Alastor contemplated as he stepped into the warm air in the station, not even bothering to try and wring out any of the water drenching his clothes.

Oria paused patiently as Titus walked a few more steps, slowing down and walking backwards. Titus spoke up loudly, "I know, right? I miss the sun already."

Oria patted down her hair, peering at her reflection in some glass as she waited for Alisa to catch up. When she finally did, Oria spoke up sympathetically, "Oh, it's dreadful. Absolutely dreadful." In a way it was kind of hard to tell if she was talking about the weather or her hair, which had been straightened and was starting to loose it's 100% straight look due to the moisture in the air.

Oria took one look over at Alisa and immediately felt bad for complaining about how she looked, when Alisa looked way worse. Deciding then and there they had to do something about it, Oria put on a chipper smile and sidled close. "Hey Alisa, what do you say we go to the spa tonight since we get out early? I've had this gift certificate for it for ages. We can relax in the sauna, get a massage.... doesn't that sound awesome?" She clapped her hands together, a huge grin on her face as they caught up with Titus.

Titus looked over at them as he matched their pace, turning and facing the direction they were going. "What's this about a massage? I have a friend at college who's studying to be a massage therapist." He readjusted his glasses, waving pleasantly to a frequent traveler who he recognized. "She is amazing. One of my friends swapped class notes for a free massage from her, said it made finals so much less stressful."

((Not sure where exactly to have them work. Restaurant sound good? Figured that would give them more time than some other places to chat and have become friends, plus it's likely to be in a larger train station...))

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments (yeah restaurant then haha)

"thanks Oria, I guess I need a night to relax, my aunt and I had struggled all night, she seems to get worse at night" Alisa sighed and looked at Titus "all I need is someone to make me more relaxed" she sighed and looks down as her stomach rumbled "I forgot to eat this morning and gave my spare change away..." she muttered and looked at the two then looked shocked "awe poor kitty..." she said like she was in a daydream, she rushed over to the helpless cat that tried hiding from the rain "she's soaked...." she said as she faced the other two "we cant just leave her here...." she sighed and did puppy dog eyes to them.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Titus and Oria exchanged looks. Here it was again with Alisa and her strays....
"I don't know..." Titus said softly, not wanting to disappoint Alisa but knowing they couldn't keep it. "If our boss found out we would be fired. We'd be breaking all sorts of rules...."

Oria looked up at the big clock, clicking her tongue and thinking. "Yeah, I don't know if we can. With more time we could do something, but we can't take it inside because we could get in trouble and we can't just let it in because it could be hit by a train." Realizing what a morbid thought that was, Oria offered up a weak smile before starting to speak again to try and patch it up.

Before she could say anything a deep voice spoke from the shadows, "I can take care of the kitten for you..."
Alastor didn't step out, simply remained a voice in the shadows. He loved the startled look people had when he spoke up, especially when they couldn't see him.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments Alisa's face dropped at the sound of them saying they couldn't take it before she cried out and jumped back to hear the males deep voice, she looked around confused and looked as the cat looked at the male, it meowed and looked at Alisa then the male again "G-Go on kitty..." Alisa sighed and watched the cat trot off towards the male, she looked down and sighed again "thank you" She said softly.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Oria startled at the sudden voice listening in on their conversation, her eyes going wide with surprise. Nudging Titus for his usual collected reaction, she watched the kitten walk over to the stranger in the dark. "Who do you think that is?" Oria whispered, curious.

Titus simply shrugged before continuing on to work. "Don't know, doesn't matter. We are going to be late.... come on Alisa." Oria glanced back to the shadows then kept walking after Titus

Alastor bent down and picked up the kitten, cradling it gently. They were alike. Both unwanted and alone, drenched from the rain in the only shelter they could find. Watching the people walk off, he walked into a small forgotten passage and pushed up a ceiling tile. Up went the kitten, then Alastor pulled himself up into his home.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments Alisa watched the two, looking back at the shadows before running off after the others. She slowed down once she caught up and looked over at them "Sorry guys..." She looked down at the ground ashamed of herself to disappoint them. She sighed softly and looked over at Titus, blushing a little. She realised she would never really have a chance with him. She sighed softly soon beginning to daydream.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Titus punched in the number for the employee entrance of the restaurant they worked at, stepping inside and holding the door open for his friends. He smiled at the two of them comfortably before letting the door close behind him.
Oria bounced into the room and flicked the lights on before going straight over to prepare for work.

Alistor flicked on the lights and pushed the tile into place, scooping up the kitten to give her a tour. His place was large, spanning most of the length of the train station. There were books stacked everywhere, suitcases and trunks lining the walls and forming makeshift furniture. It looked kind of like a place where luggage went to die.
Alistor had a thing for forgotten items. He liked seeing the glimpse into the lives of others. It was like small Windows into better lives.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments Alisa looked around and sighed as she looked down "I'm really sorry guys" she muttered and grabbed her waitress apron as she grabbed her uniform and looked over at Titus and Oria before looking away as she walked off, sighing softly yet quietly so they didn't hear her. She looked up and quickly got changed in the bathroom then got ready as she walked out to serve, grumbling to herself about hungry she was and shook it off.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments "Its okay," Oria Reassured her, pausing in front of a mirror to straighten her hair before leaving the area to go check and make sure everything was ready.

Titus put on his apron and went about preparing the kitchen, humming a random tune to himself and wondering how Alisa was doing. She seemed so worn down lately, it was sad...

Alastor walked the kitten around, showing her everything before bringing her to his "kitchen" which was a microwave, toaster oven, and hot plate. He rummaged around in a small pile of food, mostly junk food, before coming up with a can of tuna.
"Come on kitty, time for breakfast." He sat down on a trunk, peeling the can open and setting a little on his fingers for the kitten to nibble on.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments ((Omg he does what I do :o))

Alisa got a few orders and went back in the kitchen, putting the orders up, she turned to walk out before bumping into Titus with a yelp "Oh I'm sorry Titus..." She muttered and looked at him. She blushed a little "I-I gotta go..." She said and left again, she smiled to see Officer Preston and walked over to take his order, she realised he was with a woman then remembered he was single yet he was talking about his sister coming to town and realised the woman was probably her.

Lucas looked up and smiled at Alisa as she took his order then turned to his sister as they talked more, he told her about around town and a few more stuff. He chuckled softly as she compared it with her home yet it seemed better then the small town they lived in.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Titus stumbled back a step before reaching over and holding Alisas shoulders to steady the both of them. Chuckling, he shook his head. "Its fine, I'm a big target. Go on." He let go of her shoulders to return to his duties.

Oria waves to Alisa and mouthed, 'The jerks are back' before directing the couple to their table and pleasantly handing them a menu and saying that Alisa would be right up to take their order. She walked past Alisa and whispered, "Good luck." Before returning to the front for more customers.

Alastor fed the kitten then finished off the can of tuna. He had been saving it, and today seemed as good a day as any to eat it. Grabbing a small hand towel he started to dry off the sleepy kitty, even though he was more soaked than the kitten at this point. Sniffling he set the kitten down before going to his closet, which was a small room with suitcases lining the floor along the sides of the walls. Everything was organized here, from tops to bottoms. Only those that fit, of course. He quickly changed into some new clothes

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments Alisa sighed as she went over to the coupe "May I take your order?" She asked, not forgetting the memory of Titus holding her shoulders. She sighed softly and felt like his hands were still there, she shook the thought of him off her mind and took their orders, frowning at how they kept changing it then finally made up their mind on what they wanted, she sighed and went back to the kitchen and placed the order door "God that was annoying..."

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Titus looked over at Alisa, smiling slightly. "The couple in again? Admit it, I'm too good a cook for them." He winked at her before focusing on what he was making.

Alastor slipped the last button through its hole, straightening up his shirt quickly in the mirror before walking silently to his favorite spot. It was right above the restaurant, the floor nice and toasty and the sweet aromas of the food drifting up. Plus, he could hear a lot of what was going on down there without actually having to deal with human interaction. He sat down on a pile of blankets, pulling a book near him as he settled down to reading and listening. He could hear the nice girl, Alisa, complain about some annoying customers. It seemed that was always the case on this day each week. Must be frequent travellers.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments She giggled a little as he did and went out to take some more orders "WAITTRREESSSS" She heard and sighed, going back to the couple "Yes?" They began asking for something else and different types of wines yet she was to busy trying to get away. She sighed in annoyance and went back into the kitchen "changed their minds.." She told Titus and passed the list to him.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Titus watched her go, shaking his head and satisfied that he had been able to get a little laugh from her. When she returned looking even more frustrated than before, he took the list from her. "Of course they did. Alright, I'll take care of it..."

Alastor looked down at the floor as he heard a really loud, obnoxious voice from below. Humming to himself, he stood up and silently walked over to the corner and grabbing his laptop. Settling back down, he flipped it open. He had quite a few laptops, actually. Not many of them he was able to get into, but he had two he liked to use on the guest side. He was able to hop onto the internet using the wifi from the restaurant, or watch movies on it with ones borrowed from the library.
Pulling it open he hopped onto the internet and searched for this train station and the departing trains. He used to be horrible with computers, but thanks to books he had been able to learn about them. It was surprising what all you could learn from books. And from the internet he was able to learn even more. It was like a gift that kept on giving.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments She sighed but nodded, she looked out to see no one else was coming so she sat down "God I need a rest..." She said and rubbed her forehead, she looked over at him "how can you do this so easily?" She frowned and watched him carefully as she sighed softly.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Titus looked over at her, his forehead wrinkled in mild confusion. Though once he saw how exhausted and terrible she looked, he gave a shrug. "Do what? Handle them? Easy, I get paid to do it and I don't think about it too much." Titus slid the now completed original order over to Alisa, deciding she looked like she really needed it. "Eat up, if the manager complains I'll have him take it from my check."

Alastor loaded the train schedule he found online, clicking his tongue as he eyed it. More than likely the obnoxious couple downstairs took the train leaving in a half hour.
'We will see about that....' Alastor shut the laptop and cracked his fingers. A soft meowing hit his ears, and he quickly jumped up and found the kitten.
"Hey there, noisy. You'll be back on the streets if you keep that up." Alastor chided, petting the kitten to quiet it down. "We have to be very quiet up here," He said in his usual soft upstairs voice. "If they hear us someone may come up, and then we will have to find a new place to live." Alastor walked to the side of the building closer to the trains. He could be pretty loud here so long as he timed it right. "You can stay here." He set the kitten down, but the kitten just waddled after him as Alastor walked over to the closet room. Glancing back at the kitten he chuckled softly and shook his head before opening the oldest suitcase he had. Inside was a cloak and some clothes that looked like they belonged in a museum.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments She sighed but nodded and began to eat slowly, she finished after a while and looked at him with a small smile "Thanks Titus..." She said and blushed a little as she stood and went to put the plate in the sink and began to wash it, helping him a little.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments "No biggie." He shrugged again and finished up what he was cooking. "Alright, these are good to go. Don't worry about the dishes, I can finish them. Customers first, remember?" He shot a smile over at her as he gently nudged her with his elbow.

Alastor slipped into the old clothes, taking a deep breath and smiling. He was ready for action. Grabbing a cane leaning up against the door as he walked past, he hummed a quiet tune and picked up the kitten in his free hands.
"You up for some excitement, little one?" He cooed at the kitten as he walked back above the restaurant. His footsteps were habitually silent, the soft swish of the cloak the largest indicator of his movements. He walked right up to the wall and crouched down by the laptop. Just a few presses of a button and on automated voice could be heard below announcing the departure of the train, along with an explanation of its early departure. Only the restaurant would hear it, and at this time of day the restaurant was fairly empty.
"Time for the fun, kitty." He sat the kitten down and made his way over to the area by the trains.... Once the couple heard the news and made their way over, boy would a surprise be waiting for them....

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments She sighed and turned to face him, blsuhing more at how close they were "Urr yeah I guess..." She said and looked down "I'll um.. talk to you later" She said and quickly left to get more orders. She bit her lip and walked out, the couple left without paying for their food and Alisa sighed in annoyance as she took the dirty plates into the kitchen and took more orders.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Titus watched her go, smiling to himself. It was kind of cute when she got all flustered and shy. Focusing back on the food he was cooking, he prepared another plate for a customer.

Alastor moved a section of the floor away before reaching down and moving a ceiling tile. He took a moment to flick up his cape hood before dropping through the hole. A few seconds later and the ceiling tile scraped back into place like it had never been moved before.
Alastor adjusted his outfit, his hand gripping the cane in gloved hands. He was covered from head to toe except for his face which was shadowed by the cape. He looked straight out of a history book or a museum, hence why some people often thought him a ghost. A really realistic one at that. He headed down the maintenance hallway right by a train track. Pushing open a door, he was greeted with the area where people awaited the train. It was largely empty, though he could see the couple hurrying down the steps. Following the shadows he hovered by a door to a storage closet. Down here there weren't very many security cameras, and the ones that were down here Alastor knew their blind spots like the back of his hand. As the couple paused by the traintracks in confusion, babbling about if they missed the train or not, Alastor spoke from the darkness. His outline could be seen, but little more. It was like he blended into the shadows.
"I'm sorry to say that you've been stuck at this station forever. You've neither moved nor progressed, or even improved. But now, you'll be free to go on." The train could be heard coming down the tracks, getting close now. "Time to see the light." As the couple whirled around, Alastor stepped forward. His face hit the light for a split second, angled just so they could see the face of their soon to be killer.
"Boo." He gave them a push, barely noticeable because the cape concealed his movements. Any cameras would see the couple in shock then them seeming to stumble back and fall from some invisible force. They would barely be in the frame to begin with, but the next part would definitely be caught on tape.
As Alastor disappeared into the shadows and returned to his attic, the cameras watched with silent eyes as the train slammed into the couple who were so desperately trying to scramble back to their feet. The frantic squeal of the train brakes hit the air as it slammed into the fastest stop it possibly could.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments Alisa sighed softly as the last people left as the restaurant was ready to close down. She went over to Titus and sighed "All done..." She smiled and went off to get changed then joined him again "Where's Oria?" She asked and looked over at him in confusion.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Titus finished his duties and pulled off his apron, yawning and stretching. When Alisa returned from changing, he looked over at her and smiled a little. Now that she didn't have to deal with customers she looked more relaxed. "You know, that's a good question. Last I knew she went to go investigate some commotion or other..."
Oria burst into the room looking like a weird mixture of insanely excited, grossed out, and sad. "Guys, the Ghost struck again! Two people died at the train tracks! Isn't this exciting!" She looked her arms through one of each of their arms and steered them towards the door. "Really sad, but exciting! And guess who it was! It was those horrible people we served today. Can you believe it? They were murdered!"

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments Alisa yelped and jumped back as Oria burst into the room "That is gross" She muttered there stared at Oria "How is that exciting? I know they were horrible but doesn't mean they should of died..." She said softly and looked down, sighing softly "And how could the Ghost know them?" She asked and looked back at her.

Lucas was with the other officer's investigating the crime scene yet they wasn't sure how it happened, Lucas sighed as he went through the videos and watched them over and over again 'Maybe it was the ghost...' he thought and frowned but grabbed the taps and left.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments "I have no idea! That's the exciting mystery of it!" Oria was smiling way too much for her fascination to come across anything resembling normal or healthy.

Titus looked down the hall where the commotion could be heard, a sad yet curious look on his face. "Wow. Kind of puts life into perspective, doesn't it? One minute someone is alive and the next... Splat. Gone. I wonder why they were killed?"

Oria shrugged and replied honestly, "who knows? Anyway, I'm sure we will hear all about it soon. Still want to go to that spa?" She asked Alisa

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments "um yeah sure" she nodded and glanced over at Titus then back at Oria "I wonder how that kitten is doing" she said softly and looked down, frowning trying to get her mind off the couple dead, she sites softly and smiled a little at the two, yet she was scared of whoever killed them was going to strike again

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Oria shrugged. "The kitten is probably fine. Cheer up, I heard they are going to hire a couple extra security guards here. I wouldn't worry too much." She pulled open the door to the outside, rolling her eyes when she saw it was still raining out.

Titus helpfully popped open an umbrella. It wasn't technically his, but a customer had forgotten it. So now he claimed it because it was an awesome huge lime green one - his favorite color. "I'll walk you two ladies to your cars." He smiled at them and moved so there was plenty of room for the three of them under the umbrella

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments She giggled a little "I guess your right Oria..." She said and pressed against Titus without realising, she stared down at the wet floor as they walked Oria to her car first "I'll meet you there hun" She said and walked to her car with Titus.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Oria gave a little wave, winking at her before quickly turning on her car and peeling away. She had to admit it, but Titus and Alisa would make an adorable couple. If Alisa would ever ask him out, of course. Poor Titus seemed so oblivious....

Titus looked over at Alisa, smiling slightly as they walked. "Been a pretty exciting day today, wouldn't you say? Oop, careful of the puddle..." He stepped to the side so Alisa would have room to go around it. "Stepped in that one this morning. It's a lot deeper than it looks." He chuckled softly before looking around. "I have no clue where your car is so you'll have to lead the way..."

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments She giggled and walked around the puddle "Thanks and we're almost there... Um Titus I wanted to talk to you about something" She said as she walked with him, staying close "I know we've been friends for long and I always wanted to tell you I like you but not as in friend like and I always thought you'd never like me back.."

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Titus found himself looking over at Alisa, completely puzzled. How exactly was one supposed to respond to that? Like, 'Well I don't like you like that now, but maybe I could?' or 'You're cute, let's go out?'. It was all rather confusing.
Really not sure what to do or say, the silence drew on to an uncomfortable length. Finally, he spoke. "I honestly never really thought about it. I'm always so busy with work and school. But, uh, if you'd like to we can try and catch a movie sometime. Get to know eachother a little more."

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments She looked at him shocked yet a little heartbroken and looked down "uh okay" she nodded as they got to the car and she opened the door "I'll see you um tomorrow" she said and got in, closing the door and starting the engine, she sighed shakily and drove off 'So he don't like me, I was stupid enough to believe Oria' she thought and sighed

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Titus watched Alisa go, a frown creasing his face. He had thought his response was reasonable. He did like Alisa, he just wasn't sure if it was as more than a friend. He really hadn't thought about it. He thought the suggestion of catching a movie was a reasonable response. Apparently it wasn't though, judging from her reaction....
He sighed softly and walked towards his car. "Girls make no sense..."

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments She parked outside and rushed over to Oria, sniffing. "I told him and he said about a movie but don't seem like he cares" she sobbed and whipped her tears, looking down at the ground 'I guess I could go to the movies' she thought but shook it off

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Oria frowned and hugged her friend. "Shhh, it's okay. I'm sure he does care, he's just being a stupid boy. I suggest you go ahead and go to the movies with him, I guarantee by the end he will recognize that he likes you. Really, I can see it." She let go of her friend and smiled at her. "But don't worry about him, we are here to relax. Okay?"

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments Smiling shakily, Alisha nodded "you're right" she said and whipped her tears away but she knew he wasn't just a stupid boy he was better then that. She thought and followed her friend indoors 'sorry for what I did when shall we meet up for movie?' she sent to Titus and sighed softly as she walked indoors to the warm and lovely smell of the spa, she smiled at the feeling and followed Oria to the counter "god I love it here" she whispered.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 465 comments Titus replied, 'Friday night?'

Oria laughed lightly and nodded, "I know right? Always so peaceful." She walked up to the counter to get them situated. She had them scheduled for a massage and a facial. Getting everything sorted out, Oria headed to the lockerroom to cchange into something more suited for a hot tub or sauna

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 146 comments 'Sure' She replied and laughed as she followed her inside, sighing as she stretched and yawned before getting changed into something else, she sighed softly as she stepped out, leaving her phone with her stuff.

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