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Dudathewanderer (msduda) | 9 comments Mod
Your Name:
Book Title and Author:

Who is the protagonist (main character) in your book? What are their character traits? Describe the protagonist(s). Use a quote to support your answer. What point of view is your book told from? Use a quote to support your answer. Is your protagonist unforgettable? Why/Why not?

You can also write about: Which other characters are important to your protagonist? What is their relationship like with the protagonist?

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Miguel | 9 comments Salamanca or Sal , is the protagonist of Walk two Moons.She has a long black hair like her mothers hair she is very inteligent .She loves her home in the country ."Gramps says that , I am a country girl from heart"page 13. She is a country girl that moves to the city. The book is tol from first person."I realized that the story of Phoebe was like the plaster wall of our old house"page 24. Sal is not a unforgettable character because its not as good of a nother chracter of a book . A lot of kids and adukts havent read this book . A major character in this books Phoebe the best friend of Sal.She has a lot of imagination.She will have and has a lot of adventures with Sal.A minor characteris Margaret Cadaver . She has red hair and its always mad at people.

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Mariel | 7 comments Mariel Contreras 6B
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney

The main character in the book is Greg Heffley. But a character also important in the book is Rowley Jefferson. Greg’s parents force him to be friends with Rowley. The parents of Rowley are also weird and funny. But after some time, Greg and Rowley become best friends and they go to school together. They enjoy playing video games and are always visiting their house. That means that they spend much time together. The problem is that many times when Greg goes out with Rowley he gets in a lot of trouble. One example is the time they got in trouble because they went to church and Rowley never went to church before. Rowley kissed an old lady in church and she got very angry and hit them with her bag. Because the book is Greg’s diary it is very funny to read the stories of all the trouble they have because of what Rowley wants to do.
Two quotes that Rowley says in the book are: “Fish and visitors stink in 3 days”. “I´m probably something like 95% chicken nugget”. Rowley is very weird and that is why they always do dumb things with Greg that gets them in trouble.
Rowley makes things very funny with all the things he does. I feel the diary of Greg would not be so funny without the things that Rowley does. Without Rowley the book wouldn´t be the same because Rowley makes the book very funny. Rowley is stands out because of his personality. He makes things really fun since he really likes playing Formula 1 even though it isn´t really exciting to Greg. Rowley plays an important role because of his attitude. He is an unforgettable character for me.

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Gabriel P | 6 comments Diary of the wimpy kid: the third wheel by Jeff Kenny.
The book is about a kid named Greg heffly that he is trying to get a pair for the dance of the school. One day Rowley his best friend in the school committee and he said Greg that there was a girl named Abigail that didn't had a pair. When it was the day of the dance Greg went with Rowley but when Greg know this that Rowley had chicken pocks. But they where finding a way of solution the problem they grab some Rowley's mom make up.
I think I am alike Greg because he is on middle school like me. He has a best friend that is always there for him. What the author is trying to teach is that if one of your friends is sick or injured you have to help him. At the end Rowley contagious Greg of chicken pocks and after the dance he stay in his house to get better.

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Xime | 8 comments The "Book thief” By Markus Zusak
The book It´s mostly about a ten years old girl named (Liesel) after her brother’s death Liesel was separated from her mom and she was sent to live with her foster parents Hans and Rosa. As they narrated in the book at the beginning of the story Liesel was not a happy girl, she was sad and she didn’t understand why her mother abandoned her. She knew her mother was sick but she wanted to be with her. She was sad, and she was feeling alone. "She was a lost, skinny child in another foreign place, with more foreign people. Alone”
This is a book narrated by Death. “It suffices to say that at some point in time, I will be standing over you, as genially as possible. Your soul will be in my arms” Death is the one that starts telling how he took Liesel´s brothers and how he sees people’s life end in just a minute. He´s the one that narrates Liesel´s story and the one that takes us to German during that terrible war where he took many souls in its arms.
I think the main character in my book (Liesel) is unforgettable because she changed her life´s story and the life of the people who was near her.
Other characters in the book I think it is important to mention are Liesel´s foster parents Hans and Rosa. They were expecting for a boy and a girl. It was not the first time they have foster kids at home. Hans was a sweet man and Rosa was a strong woman who works a lot for her family but she was not the sweetest person around the place. Liesel had a better relation with Hans than with Rosa because of her personality.

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Santi L | 8 comments Santiago Llarena
Absolutely Normal Chaos
By: Sharon Creech

From what Iv'e read this book is really entertaining and interesting, its about a girl writing a journal for summer. The author makes the book really fun by giving many details that support the writing.

The protagonist of my book is Mary Lou Finney. She is a very curious girl, like for example when Beth Ann told her about Derek the Di-viiiine, she wouldn’t stop asking to Beth Ann if he was nice, if he was cute etc... Mary Lou also liked to go with her brothers (Tommy and Dougie) to go climb a tree that was in the park near Mary Lou’s house. She also loves to swim, when her mother told Mary Lou that she had to take care of her younger little brothers, actually Mary Lou always had the idea to go to the pool of the park, she was always enjoying every moment she could when they went to the pool. Mary Lou Finney also doesn’t like to make anyone’s bedroom as you will see in this quote "When ole Carl Ray finally did stroll out of his bedroom at one o’clock, I nearly pushed him over when I passed him. Sure enough he didn’t make his bed, so I did, and picked up all his stupid gum wrappers that he left all over the floor and I vacuumed his stupid room"(26).
My book is written from first person point of view, the narrator is Mary Lou Finney who is the protagonist of the book, I can tell this book is written in first person point of view because, in the book there are words like I, we, my etc… For example “I was supposed to go over to Beth Ann’s at eleven and we were going to go and hang around the pool, but Mom said that I had to wait until Carl Ray got up so I could make his bed and stuff”(24). I think that Mary Lou is a unforgettable character because she is the one making the story more interesting by her own way and also because she makes the story feel real.

I am really liking this book so far and I hope more action will happen during the book.

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Vanessa | 7 comments book:Diary of a wimpy kid hard luck
author:Jeff Kinney
The main character of my book is Greg Heffley.He is thin, jelous, and he can't survive without Roweley, his best friend.One quote is "Jelous". The point of view of my book is first person point of view.One quote is must've stepped in dog poop when I walked in the grass. I think my character is unforgettable because it has appear in more than 8 books
Greg Heffley is the middle school boy who is the author of the diary. Greg's main goal in this series of diary entries is to work through his best friend, Rowley, having a girlfriend and not hanging around anymore. Friendship and loyalty is very important to Greg, so the fact that his best friend. Greg writes and draws about things he and Rowley used to do together, the fact is that they can't do any of those anymore because either Rowley is spending all his time with Abigail, or when Abigail is around she thinks what Greg and Rowley spend their time on is stupid. He also finds a way to blame Rowley's absence for various situations, such as being late for school and, not doing his homework. This is a summary of the story that I read.Some main characters are greg his dad his mom his two brothers the mingo kids and rowley his best friend .

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Sam | 8 comments Samuel Corredor 6B
Book: The Maze Runner: Scorch Trails
Author: James Dashner

The main character of the book is named Thomas. Thomas is a brave and intelligent character that does not fear to take any risk. He has a tatoo on his neck that, according Newt, says "You,re Subject A-two" (pag. 32). He seems to be be a smart leader who loves to adventure. For me, Thomas is one of the most brilliant persons in the story and maybe other people think the same about him. I think that this character is unforgettable and for many other people that had read this book, I think they also think that this book is unforgettable, for me he is an unforgettable character because he is brilliant, smart, and super brave and also alot of people know him, so, he is very famous, another reason is, as, I said before, he is not scared of anything, he can do almost anything, he always takes risks and I think that he will be doing that for more missions and for a very long time. Another thing that I like a lot about Thomas, is that he is almost never nervous and that if there is a problem or a conflict he never gives up and always finds a way to solve the conflict.
This book is written not only in first person but also in third person poit of view. When the words are normal size, it is being told in third person but when the words are being told in first person, the letter is not the same, it is kind of smaller and cursive, like for example in this quote: "You know what? I'm not speaking loud to you anymore. Never ever again until you can do it" (pag. 125).
I think that another unforgettable and very important character of this book, is a girl named Theresa, a lot of people can recognize her by reading the books, for a lot of people she is also an unforgettable character, she is smart and very brave, now she is the girlfriend of Thomas, he protects her all the time.

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Manuel | 8 comments Manuel Castellanos 6"B"

The Adventures of Jack Lime, by James Leck

My main character is Jack Lime, he is tall, lonely, classy, and is a "detective". Oneof the protagonistsis Sandra, sheloves unicorns, she is blond, and has blue eyes. Kne quote is: "There is nothing better than solving crimes". My character will be forgetable, the book didn'thave much exit. Another principal character is Sandras brother, Ronny. His relationship with Jack Lime is not the best, butitcould be better.

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Maria Jose Gonzalez | 7 comments Maria Jose Gonzalez
Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggins

Rebecca Rowena Randall is the protagonist. She loves her dear farm and wants to help her family by studying hard and acing all of her classes. She also loves poetry and music, her mother says that she is the only one out of the 7 children that is like her father. “Rebecca’s soul and mind overflow with the poetry of life and love.” pg.8
My book is told from third person point of view. The narrator only knows what Rebecca is feeling, he/she knows what the other characters say but not what they are feeling. “But she did have a feeling she couldn’t quite understand-part fear part excitement.” pg.24 “What are you layin’ on your good bed in the daytime for? Said Miss Miranda” pg.26
Rebecca is unforgettable because her book is a classic. Anyone who reads it would never forget her, because all of her crazy adventures, all of her crazy thoughts, and because how she grew up, how she turned out to be a young lady.
Other characters that are important to Rebecca are Aunt Jane, Aunt Miranda, Rebecca’s Mom, Emma Jane, Mr. Cobb, Mr. Adam Ladd (Mr. Aladdin), and Ms. Maxwell. They are important to Rebecca because they help her in hard times, they are the people who make Rebecca the woman she is.
Aunt Jane and Aunt Miranda take care of Rebecca in Riverboro.
Rebecca’s Mom sends her to Riverboro so she can have a better school.
Emma Jane is Rebecca’s best friend, she is always there for her and will never separate.
Mr. Cobb is a dear friend to Rebecca and also helps her by giving her advice.
Mr. Aladdin is Rebecca’s dear best friend who is always granting her wishes.
Ms. Maxwell is Rebecca’s best teacher she helps Rebecca in her studying.

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Jime | 8 comments My Protagonist

message 12: by Carlos (new)

Carlos L | 6 comments The book thief, by Markus Zusack
The protagonist in this book is called Liesel. She is a very shy girl because she is new to her city. She lives on Himmel street, on Germany. "She was a lost skinny child". This book is in third person point of view, and the character Death is the narrarator. My protagonist is unforgettable because she is one of the only girls that has survived the war. The major character of the story is Max, because all the book tells how they take care of him. Another important character is Rudy Steiner because he is Liesel's best friend, and he always helps her. Hans was Liesel's foster parent, but for Liesel it was more like a friend. She loved him so much like a real parent, but Rosa, she was a bossy woman who always is in a bad mood.

message 13: by Diego (new)

Diego P | 5 comments Diego Palacios 8/30/2015 The lost hero by Rick Riordan
The protagonist in my book is Jason who tells the story; he’s a kid who goes on all these adventures to save Percy Jackson and all the gods. He does not remember anything in his life and his instincts guide him. He is the son of Jupiter. He can also surf air if he wants to. He has a gold coin that turns into a sword made out of gold with a double blade perfectly balanced that protects him and can shatter anything into gold like it says in the book (He reached in his pocket and pulled out the gold coin. He let his instincts take over; flipping his coin in the air like had done thousands of times. He caught in his palm, and he was holding a sword-hilt handle and blade) pg.27. He is a very nice guy and likes helping others and he is destined to save the world from chaos and evil. He is a very strange character you never know what he’s going to do next save or defeat somebody what is hard. Without him this story would be weird. His best friend is the son of the god Hephaestus (A fiery hammer appeared other Leos head it was the sing of Hephaestus) pg.38. Piper is the daughter of Aphrodite. All of These people are the main characters of the book but my favorite one is Jason Grace.

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Lorrene Assa | 8 comments Middle school the worst years of my life,
James Patterson and Chris Tebbets

This book is about a kid named Rafe, he invented rules for himself which came from his name:
All teachers that Rafe had in middle school were very strict and too dicipline and Rafe want to be worse that he is, he tries to brake the rules in the school and counting how many points will he have any time in he is bad . Rafe is a bad but with a golden heart.. Actually he is a funny guy who always tells a lot of jokes . There is a group of boys in the school who bully's to the other students. He always bully everyone He is fat,tall and grouse but the people who never complain to the office or if not the bully will be so mad that he will bully more so that's why the office don't know what is going on between the students. As a consequence if somebody comes late to his class there is a jail, so the student who came late goes directly to the jail. Rafe has two friends called Leo and Jaenne. Jeanne is his best friend to and she always helps him . Leo and Rafe created the project together of the rules RAFE . The main setting of the story is at school- in his classroom and in his house-his room. Rafe never clean it, never put in order and it is a big messy. The Main message of this story is that sometimes happens to be bad ,but you always need to try to be good with other people and not just at school at all the time.
The quotes of the story : " happier is nice to see" Pg 80 " I asked Mrs. Stricker to take the other other students for detention today. I was hoping you and I cold just talk. "Pg.86

message 15: by Ali (new)

Ali | 9 comments The main character is John It starts when a racecar builder needs to build cars for the racing team so they could win but the other team which are there enemies and one night the enemie team came to where they put there cars and burned them all and then destroyd everything they made and the next day when the team came back they where surprised of what happen yesterday so then they blame It all on the racecar builder and they took him out of the team and he couldnt come back until he build all the cars again but It wood take him forever because there where lots of cars but that night he tries to get evidence couse he dindt do It

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Andrea | 1 comments The main character is Gerinomo Stilton. He is a mouse. and he loves the adventures.All of his books are about are about an adventure."Hi my name is Geronimo stilton. I lead the eco rodent the most famous news paper from the island of mice.". page number 6. this book is from the first perso of view because uses the Word I and me." I held it in my hand wondering ¿ do i open it or not?. page number 7. There are also 2 more really important protagonist . The first one is named Alys she is the queen of the silver dragons. she has long hair and is really strong , she also has a dragon named brilliantine. the other important protagonist is Robur he is the King of the elves. He has long hair ( almsot like mine). the story is about a mice that goes to a volcano to figure put why there are such violents earthquakes . And he has to go on alot of adventures. And in the way he finds new friends .These book has 2 problems one are the earthquakes , and the second one is that the fairy princess was kidnapped.There are 8 books because the are a collection.

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Ana | 7 comments Ana Hunt 6B
Picture of Hollis Woods, by Patricia Reilly Giff

The protagonist in my book is a girl named Hollis Woods. She is a foster kid and has been in five foster homes and has run away from all of them. She is seen as trouble and the foster parents never seem to like her, “ two months, she had said, two months to do what I please and not have to worry about that kid getting into everything.”. (page 13) The story is written in the fist person from Hollis’ point of view. “I never stayed anywhere for long before I ran. One morning I’d wake up and I’d have had enough. I’d grab my backpack and go.” (page 10). The way I would describe Hollis is creative, she likes to draw, but she is also angry because she never feels like she fits in. One summer, she meets the Regan family and Steven and everything changes. Hollis begins to see what a family is and what it means to be a part of one. “But I was a new person with the Old Man, with Izzy, with Steven. It was as if the angry Hollis were seeping right out of my bones, leaving the chocolate as soft as that sticky Hershey bar.”. (page 40). Hollis is an unforgettable character. She wants so badly to have a family and to be a part of a family. She is tough and doesn’t give up on herself, however people have given up on her. The two characters that are important to Hollis are Steven, the boy from the family and Josie, a retired artist she goes to live with after she runs away from the Regan family. These two character help to change Hollis into the girl she wants to be.

message 18: by Cristi (new)

Cristi | 8 comments Cristi Eggenberger.
The Princess Diaries
Meg Cabot
Amelia (Mia) is the protagonist of The Princess Diaries. She is very shy, has frizzy hair, glasses, has a flat chest, giant feet and is not popular. She would love to be a normal girl. " I would give anything if, instead of being a five-foot-nine flat-chested princess, I could be a five-foot-six normal person with breasts. ANYTHING." (page 61) Mia has a really weird body to be a teenager. She is being bullied by the most popular girl at school, Lana Winberger, because her chest is flat. That makes her feel like she has no reason why to live. My story was told in first person point of view. This quote proofs that the story is told in first person. Mia (The protagonist) is telling the story. He said, “That must be awkward,” but I told him actually it wasn’t, since Lana seems to be avoiding that area lately, and Josh never talks to me at all, except to say, “Can I get by here?”once in a while. (page 62) My character (Mia)is unforgettable because she is the one who makes the story interesting and who has a big change in the story. What I mean by big change is that she turns into a whole new person from her look, her attitude, and her daily routine. She turned into princess Amelia Thermopolis Renaldo, princess of Genovia. An other very important character in the story is Lily Moscovits. Her relationship with Mia is that she is her best friend an a very important part of the story is that they fight. Lily Moscovits is bossy, loud, sarcastic, and not popular. The fight started because Mia started acting rarely (Like a princess),so Lily thought Mia was hiding something from her. Mia didn't want to tell Lily her secret so they were ignoring each other.

From: Cristi

message 19: by Sebas (new)

Sebas | 6 comments The main character of my book is hiccup.The character traits are he´s a wimp,he´s Smart
,skinny.DEATH OR GLORY!!!!
My book is told from third person view.”he felt quite afraid.My protagonist is unforgettable because when I was a Little kid I saw his movies and read his books since then(from when I was a kid).

message 20: by Annika (new)

Annika GS | 8 comments Annika Garcia Salas
The Familiars by: Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson
The protagonist in my story is a young alley cat named Aldwyn. He is intelligent, curious, fast, loves to jump, small, has black and white fur, green eyes, his whiskers tingle when he is hungry and agile. “The whiskers tingling began early one morning, when Aldwyn sat perched atop a shingled roof, casually taking the scenery.”(pg.1) This story is tolled from third-person point of view because they use the pronouns he, she, they, his, her. “Robed city custodians were hurrying to finish their predawn chores: one used a bell-shaped snuffer to extinguish the candles in the waist-high lampposts lining the city’s darker alleyways; another laid down straw on the main artery to quiet the click-clacking of the wagon wheels and mule hooves that would soon be rattling across the roadways.”(pg.2)

My protagonist is not unforgettable because he passes through very hard situations because he was a street cat and he needed to find food, sometimes those person would want to kill Aldwyn because he steeled their food. But then he escapes and appears in a pet shop, every animal has a natural animal talent but Alwyn hasn’t. A kid bought Aldwyn but the kid thinks Aldwyn has a natural animal talent that everybody needs to discover.
When Aldwyn arrives to his new home he meets to new animals a blue jay named Skylar and a red-eye tree frog named Gilbert. Skylar’s natural animal talent was to speak with humans. Skylar starts helping and interrogating Aldwyn about their natural animal talent but Aldwyn had no idea what she was talking about but they were starting to be good friends. Gilbert’s natural animal talent was to be able to make expressions and feelings with his face. Gilbert hasn’t talked a lot with Aldywn so they really don’t know each other very well but they don’t hate each other. The most important was Jack the kid that bought Aldwyn. They have a very good relationship because Jack consent Aldwyn a lot with everything. Jack with other wizards is trying to figured out what is Aldwyn natural animal talent. I am enjoying this book because is about mystery and also very interesting.

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Fatima | 9 comments Fatima Granillo 6B

Book: Dork Diaries

The main character is Nikki. The book is about a 14 year old girl school year and from not a so fabulous life who had a small and annoying sister Brianna. She changed of school, in her new school she is not very popular in that school she has no friends until she met Chloe and Zoey. In her new school there is this type of girls the “CCP (Cute Cool & Popular)’’ and Mackenzie is one of them. Then Nikki met a boy Brandon and he is the one who writes the news paper of the school. Nikki was walking in the cafeteria and Jessica (another CCP girl) put her leg and Nikki felt down anyway she felt down and got all her lunch over her and she was on the news paper of the school. Every CCP girl noticed that Nikki got a new phone the CCP girls asked her to sit down in lunch with them, but then they were calling Nikki at her locker so she got to answer and all the girls found out that it was a cheap public phone. Nikki was really good at painting. When she met Zoey and Chloe she found out that they were the ones that organized the books at the library. Nikki’s dad worked at a bug exterminator so he went to a house and took the girls to the house, but Brianna needed to go to the bathroom so they went to knock the door and a lady said they could go in so Brianna went to the girl room and it had really expensive things like a chandelier and lots more. So Brianna took pretty much time in the bathroom but then the girl started going upstairs and talking in the phone she had a really familiar voice it was Mackenzie!! But Brianna still didn’t open the door so I had to say the tooth fairy is coming for you because she is scared of them, so finally she open the door and we hide in the bathtub. But Brianna jumped out and went to kick Mackenzie so she started saying to her mom a little girl get into her room. So she went out of her room it seemed a safe place to go out so Nikki run grabbed Brianna and went quickly to the car which was a big cockroach so it was embarrassing. Anyway wen her dad finish he got into the car and Mackenzie went out and saw Nikki so the next day at school they write cockroach in her locker, so she was the cockroach girl. After that Zoey and Chloe had a great idea to start a tattoo store in the school Nikki thought it was a great idea so they started making tattoos at lunch s all the popular girl and boys went into their table and everyone wanted a tattoo anyway that went too far that Nikki didn’t had time anymore for nothing more than tattoos because each tattoo cost a book so Chloe wanted books for the library so they could go to that trip but Nikki got tiered and stop doing tattoos. So it finally got the art day and Mackenzie always wined the contest. But this time Nikki had a really good picture but she had a bad day she had to study for a exam so she stayed late at night studying so she didn’t woke up early and his dad almost left her so she just said her dad to wait her so after that she got in the car. Nikki was getting her backpack and the picture fell she was about to pick it up when his dad turned reverse and destroyed so she got really sad and mad and she wanted to change of school but then Brandon Chloe and Zoey was planning a surprise they take pictures of everybody’s tattoos they put them in the art contest and Nikki won it. When Nikki was packing her things from her locker she saw that she had won the contest she got really happy and told her parents she didn’t wanted to change of school and her parents were glad. The End.

message 22: by Fatima (new)

Fatima | 9 comments last quote: "OMG WHERE are these PATHETICS girls buying such HIDEOUS clothes?!"

message 23: by Rodrigo (new)

Rodrigo Monte | 6 comments Rodrigo Montejo
Percy Jcakson and the Olympians: the Lighting thief
By: Rick Riordan

The main character is Percy Jacson a 12 years old boy he is study in a private school in New York for trouble kids is in sixth grade like me and he always was in probation like it said " you're already on probation" (page 3). His best friend is Grover and Percy was always helping him but he really hate a this girl named Nancy Bobofit like it said the school counselour " count to ten get control of your temper" (page 9) because she always was bothering him and the teachers liked her a lot.

The interesting about this book is the mistery and the fantasy of what is happening like the time Percy Jackson has to vaporized his algebra teacher Mr. Dods she was attacking him thats when he knows that something was different with him. Also start to understanding why always like the latin class with all the roman and greek stuff and he also like Mr. Brunner he is the latin teacher.
Mr. Brunner and Grover always are protecting Percy Jackson and care about him thats why he like to be with them but Percy get the feeling that they knows someting and din't said anything to him.

The only thing that they can not help a Percy was to be kicked out of boarding school again the headmaster send to his mom a letter to explain that he would not be invited back next year to this school. He was worried about to put his mom sad. When all the rich kids plain their vacation Percy Jackson has to find a summer job walking dogs or selling papers to help in home even he hate his stepfather he wants to come back to his mom apartment he really loves her. He wasn't worried about study a public school even he was a dyslexic and always was C- his grades.

Later he goes to camp half-blood to find himself and training ground from children and star to understanding about his dyslexic. Every time I read this book something fantastic happend and thats what make it really good. In my opinion if you want to read something different read this book and its not boring.

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