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tem Hiya

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So have any ideas for an MxF?

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tem ..

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tem What things are you interested in?


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Both really, but I tend to like Reality more

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tem Ok

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tem Are we still doing doubles

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We can if you want to

message 10: by tem (new)

tem Ok my ideas lead to nothing so have any ideas?

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Uh, one moment I have a idea

message 12: by tem (new)

tem Sure

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Here it is:

Best Friends With Benefits

Guy A and Girl A are best friends, but when two relationships become boring, they go and search for more then just regular fun and comfort of a friend, Guy A realizes his feelings for Girl A, he dumps his girlfriend just for him to tell Girl A how he feels. Girl A realizes her feelings for Guy A, she dumps her boyfriend just for her to tell Guy A how she feels. Are they still best friends or are they something more?

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tem Intresting... sure would like to do it. Could we continue later, I'm going somewhere soon.

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Sure we can continue it later :)

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