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I have no idea, it's just if your character is a mermaid or something, i guess

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Sara walked by the ocean. She stared out at it. Finally she stepped on it until she reached a place far enough away from a humans view. She sat criss-cross on the ice

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Ember cautiously walked toward the pull of the sea. She had to vet there by tonight! She froze when she ran into a girl sitting on a block of ice in the middle of burning sand.

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Sara messed around with her powers. Chloe can't caught her doing this now. She laughed

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Ember stared at the girl. What the heck was she doing?

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Sara took her hair out of the braid she felt free

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((Did you lookin the magical characters thread?))

Ember approached her. "What are you doing?" She asked. "Are you Elsa or something?"

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