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The Necklace
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#August2015Discussion The Necklace - Guy de Maupassant

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message 1: by Rara (new)

Rara Rizal (rararizal) | 11 comments Mod
The short story is available on http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-sto...


Synopsis: Madame Loisel had always wanted a happy life - a good home filled with pretty silverwares, a nice wardrobe, and jewelries and luxury items commanding the envy of her neighbors and peers. Growing up, she never really felt happy, and while she'd dreamed of marrying rich, her husband was a lowly clerk working at the Ministry of Education.

The couple had been living a comfortable but humble life until one day, Madame Loisel's husband secured an invitation to a formal party hosted by the Minister himself.

Question for Discussion:
- How did the story (especially the ending) make you feel?

I only provide one question this time so you can feel free to add to the discussion with your own thoughts and comments. Have fun!

message 2: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Rex (foolishbastard) | 2 comments Hi! I've just finished reading the story. I enjoyed it. I thought the ending was darkly humorous. It made me grin like a fool.

message 3: by Ria (new)

Ria (kiqeri) | 1 comments For me, it kind of breaks my heart. She'd have lived quiet a decent life had she not desire the life she couldn't afford. Also, borrowing may sound like an easy task but it's actually hard because we have to take care of the things we borrowed. In the end, her imaginary suffering becomes reality :(

message 4: by Isman (new)

Isman | 1 comments I finished days ago. This is occours on my mind after I read the ending,"ohh...wait a minute, what the....?". Sometimes, tell the truth is what we needed.

message 5: by Veline (new)

Veline | 1 comments Its a really good story indeed! The messages the story conceive is eye-opening. I feel terribly bad for Madame Loisel though. She felt bad because of losing the necklace and thus, she didn't want her friend to be mad at her. I feel bad especially for her husband. He was more of a humble man but he loved her wife and he didn't want to disappoint her. Life sucks huh, Madame Loisel.

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