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Buddy Reads > Cruelty by Edward Lorn - Full Edition! Starts 8/22!

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Maxine Marsh | 736 comments Eleven and I are buddy reading Edward Lorn's Cruelty: A Novel starting this weekend. Feel free to join us!

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments Habitual freebie downloaders like myself may already have episode one so check your Kindles if you're undecided on joining this one!

message 3: by Addy (new)

Addy | 4989 comments I may join. I know I have the first episode anyway.

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments Cool Addy! I'm going to start tonight.

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Kasia (kasia_s) | 2770 comments Mod
Such a good series I'm up to book seven, enjoy you guys :)

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments Maxine wrote: "Cool Addy! I'm going to start tonight."


Maxine Marsh | 736 comments I'm off to vacation tomorrow, so I'll be reading this on a nice tropical beach with a Bloody Mary in my hand, or very possibly trapped in the house during a tropical storm. Either way, I have some reading time coming to me...

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments I'm still reading a little slower than average lately but I managed to read episode one in Cruelty today. This seems like a natural candidate for Masters of Horror or Creepshow. At the very least I hope someone is working on a graphic novel adaptation. It would translate nicely.

If I knew how to draw, I'd get started on it.

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments A graphic novel would be perfect for this story, working on this one slowly too.

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments A graphic novel would be perfect for this story, working on this one slowly too.

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Latasha (latasha513) | 10650 comments Mod
this sounds good and I wish I could join but I just can't. I haven't finished dead sea yet or the Stephen king book of the month. I may drop by from time to time to see what you both think about it.

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments I'm still working on Dead Sea too Latasha

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments I'm at about 17% on this one. You still reading Eleven?

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments I just finished episode two. Still enjoying it. I'll probably read episode three tonight.

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments My currently reading shelf is so cluttered, including completed books I'm too lazy to review, I forgot to add this one. Fixing that now.

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments Does the full book have the episodes marked? I'm not sure where i am now...

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments The hardcover does. I just switched back to the Kindle and they aren't labeled. I'm at 18%, chapter John, which is the start of episode three.

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments Ok I'm near there too!

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments In my mind's eye, this dude has a physical resemblance to Leatherface. I'm not sure I'm supposed to have that impression but there it is. I can picture the apron and everything.

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments ... and the way he quizzically tilts his head. It reminds me of the dinner scene in Texas Chainsaw.

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments Leatherface but with a doll face. "Mah Mah..." So creepy!

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments I'm at about a third of the way through and I'm really enjoying the story. I read several of the episodes before and it is even better the second time around. Great characterization.

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments I hit 30% last night so I'm right behind you! I love all the characters so far.

I got caught up in the Hand of God series on Amazon Prime so I have to balance my reading time with my binge watching time.

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments Oh i need to check that one out soon. I love Ron Perlman.

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments I'm a big fan of moral ambiguity and this show has lots of it. And Ron Perlman is awesome in everything.

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments Yes, we live in the time of anti-heroes. Have you watched Sons of Anarchy? He was so great in that one.

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments I forgot about SoA but I did enjoy the first 2-3 seasons. I binged on Hand of God in its entirety this week so I'm back to books this weekend. I'm banning myself from video streaming until I catch up on my Kindle. It's just so easy sometimes to keep clicking "next episode"...

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments True, true, I still need to watch Bloodlines. But now to continue with the book, which is getting good. Can't wait to find out what these monster killer things really are and who this Forgiveness guy is.

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments "Monsters made of darkness." I like that line even if the thought belonged to a dog.

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments 45% (view spoiler)

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments 11811 (Eleven) wrote: "45% [spoilers removed]"

47% (view spoiler)

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments How goes this one, Maxine? I wish the Kindle version had the episodes listed. I keep going back to the hardcover to check. I think this reads better when it's broken up. Kind of like if Game of Thrones wasn't released as a season but instead as a single, 10 hour movie. Same content, but sometimes it's good to break it up. Especially since this is a pretty thick read. All the episode breaks so far come across as "natural" pauses in the story.

I'm at 50%, chapter "Lody," which is the start of episode 6, and I'm still enjoying it. No rush. I can still read this one this week but also have a mountain of incoming books so I'll be multi-reading as always :)

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments I think I'm right behind you. I've been falling asleep really early because I'm fighting off a cold so not getting quite as much done as usual. I'm really enjoying it too but I know what you mean about breaking up the story a little.

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments I'm at 60%, still trudging along which is weird because the book is really getting good! I think my reading time has been restricted and I'm balancing a couple of reads alongside this one. Loving the flashbacks with Lody, very spooky.

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments I feel like I'm going a little slow on this but when I compare page count it seems about right. This may be my longest read of the year next to Lonesome Dove. I do a lot of novella length stuff lately which is weird because I grew up on all those paperback fatties by King and Barker. Are books getting shorter lately or is it just the ones I'm picking?

I think it took me 3 months to read The Stand so we're doing okay :)

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments Ok, I think most books I've been reading are a toss over or under 300 pages. Sometimes a nice long book is called for though.

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments Wow, we started this two months ago and I just finished it today. I feel like the further along in the story, the better it got. I'm most definitely a big fan of Lorn.

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments Life is messy at the moment so not much reading time. I hope to get back to this next week.

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments I've been slacking on Goodreads for a while. My reading challenge is going to hate me if I don't do some catching up. I'm still on a bit of a nonfiction kick but i went back to this one and enjoyed it. It was an excellent reminder of why I always come back to horror sooner or later. My interests are now tied between the Wall Street Journal and horror fiction.

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments Hi Eleven, been wondering where you went to :) Yeah, I dip in and out, but usually regain some interest around this time, at the new year. Did you finish your challenge this year? I'm lowering my book count for 2016...

I'm also trying to branch out more into science fiction.

message 41: by Katy (new)

Katy Mann | 862 comments This one's part of my 2016 Reading Challenge, so I'll check back in. Hope someone's still interested in commenting.

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments I'll get notifications if you post, love to see what others think, I wasn't expecting the non to be as good as it was but it was fantastic!

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments Maxine wrote: "Hi Eleven, been wondering where you went to :) Yeah, I dip in and out, but usually regain some interest around this time, at the new year. Did you finish your challenge this year? I'm lowering my b..."

I failed at my reading challenge. In retrospect, 666 books may have been an unrealistic goal. And I was hoping to bump that up to 11,811 this year...

Maxine Marsh | 736 comments 11811 (Eleven) wrote: "Maxine wrote: "Hi Eleven, been wondering where you went to :) Yeah, I dip in and out, but usually regain some interest around this time, at the new year. Did you finish your challenge this year? I'..."

lmao, well, maybe 13 would work?

11811 (Eleven) (11811) | 1561 comments Yeah i can maybe pull that off :P

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Katy Mann | 862 comments 11811 (Eleven) wrote: "Yeah i can maybe pull that off :P"

I've got 10 down for the HA Challenge. Hoping to do more, but 10 seems doable. Somehow there's always somebody reading something somewhere, and I want to join in.

I'm still early in the book, (view spoiler)

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