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Correct publishing date, should be May 1983.

Cover here:

Also add summary from back cover below.


Nothing in Alicia's life had prepared her for Michael MacNamee.
Strong, dark and passionate, he utterly captivated her.
Their aching longing drove them together in the lush Virgin Islands.

But his painful past and the present distraction of the dazzling Elaine stood like forbidding shadows between them. Alicia knew she would never gain a complete commitment from him. So when he proposed marriage, she suspected business motives.

Could she pay the price of a marriage of convenience for the eternity of his arms?

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Edwina Callan | 3387 comments

Cover here:

Edited to add: Also please add summary below.

The Reverend Benjamin M. Weir was seized on the streets of Beirut by a group of Shiite Muslim extremists in May of 1984. The painful ordeal of his sixteen months' imprisonment is now described from the points of view of Ben, in captivity, and of his wife, Carol, who worked long and tirelessly to secure his release. Beyond the poignant human story, Hostage Bound, Hostage Free sheds light on urgent questions concerning America's involvement, and the church's presence, in troubled lands.

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