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Too many ideas

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message 1: by Azaria (new)

Azaria Gerardo (bookflix) | 137 comments Hey guys, right now I have so many ideas for novels and screenplays. But, the problem with this is, I'm having a very very hard time choosing one idea to work on and solely working on that idea. I know that I can't write and outline 6 different ideas all at once. So I was hoping that you guys could give me a little advice?

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahmango) | 53 comments Chose the idea that you're most invested in. Whichever of your ideas you find yourself drawn to the most, that's the one that you should work on first. Should you still find yourself with more than one interesting idea, chose the one you've worked on the most, the one that's planned out the most.
Remember that it's perfectly normal to have more than one idea. Despite my previous advice, I would suggest that you find a place to mark down all of the ideas you have, so that on any later date you can always go back and turn your other ideas into a story without struggling to remember everything that you originally thought up.

message 3: by Azaria (new)

Azaria Gerardo (bookflix) | 137 comments Thanks for the advice but, I have 6 ideas out of the six ideas, I've invested the most time into two of them.

1.(TV Pilot)
The Queen (high lady but same thing as queen) of Summer Fae's World is turned upside down when a beautiful man seeks to be apart of her kingdom but was sent to kill her by her mother. What happens when they fall in love and he doesn't kill her? (I have an outline for this, all I have to do is worldbuild a little more and develop the characters)

2. (High Fantasy Novel)
As the continent of Valarya goes to waste within itself, an abandoned prophecy awakens and may be the key to saving all. (Essentially, I'm still worldbuilding this novel, and haven't came up with characters. This world is based off of a universal myth that eventually spawned 4 religions. I can send you the myth, I wrote it.)

So now... I don't know?

message 4: by Azaria (new)

Azaria Gerardo (bookflix) | 137 comments Yeah, I'll try that out.

message 5: by Kersten (new)

Kersten Dominique (kersten_d) | 1068 comments Lol. Are we aloud to write out all our ideas for stories/explain written scenes? Idk if you guys do this but I'll just have a scene in mind and just write it out, even if the characters don't have names or faces. I tend to do that often. If we can, I can do that tomorrow, but I'll have to look at them on my laptop.

message 6: by Azaria (new)

Azaria Gerardo (bookflix) | 137 comments Wait, I'm confused. I don't understand what you just said. Haha

message 7: by Kersten (new)

Kersten Dominique (kersten_d) | 1068 comments Srry. All my stuff is on my laptop, so I cant get to it right now, that's all. I was wondering if we're sharing our "too many ideas".

message 8: by Azaria (new)

Azaria Gerardo (bookflix) | 137 comments Oh yeah! Haha!

message 9: by Kersten (new)

Kersten Dominique (kersten_d) | 1068 comments All of my story/book ideas. (Disclaimer: There's probably A LOT!!)
1. (Contemporary) Girl moves into new town w/ Mom Dad and four brothers. Mom has cancer. Dies. Family begins falling apart. Pov: Maybe 3rd or alternate 1st
2. Girl (maybe 3) is adopted after her parents are arrested. Pov: 1st from girl's pov (Ella)
3. (Futuristic) All red haired people rule the world (or at least a portion) and have taken all other hair colored people prisoner. Pov: 1st person from one of the prisoners
4. Teacher is given a special assignment to teach a girl who doesn't speak. Finds out girl is physically abused by her father, etc. Pov: 1st from teachers or 3rd
5. (Sci-fi, maybe) Boy wakes up in a strange place and finds out he's trapped in a simulation with other children/teens. Boy has t he ability to manipulate the simulation to help then escape. (simulation is like a dream and the boy is a "lucid dreamer") pov: 1st from boy's pov
6. Man (step-father) murders a girls brother and blames it on the girl. Girl is in prison but is sent to normal school. (has to be watched at all times but tries to prove her innocence and find out who killed her brother) pov: 1st from girls or 3rd
7. (Just a scene atm) Girl commits suicide. Pov: 1st from her consciences (or guardian amgels) pov
8. Girl (maybe 9 or 10) is super smart but misbehaves so is sent to a special boarding school with a full time teacher mentor. Pov: 1st girls
9. (contemporary/romance) Teen girl lives with agoraphobic mother and alcoholic father who's a writer. Not aloud to go out of house for too long, struggles to be a normal person. Falls in love with her best guy friend since kindergarten. Pov: 1st from teen girls POV.
10. (Sci-fi, maybe) Girl who is a genetic engineering project gone wrong. Is a mix between human and other animals, goes to regular school and has trouble fitting in. Pov: 1st girls POV or 3rd
11. (Futuristic) Two kids live in a kingdom with terrible queen who executed their mother and sent their father away. Kids go off to find their father with the help of a school teacher. Pov: 3rd.
Srry, it's a lot. But basically everything... For now. Lol. ;)

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