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Ravanna Dee (ravannadee) Short story- The Crash!

The tires on my small, little green Volvo, slide against the slick, icy, pavement. I lose control of the wheel. "I'm going to crash!" Is my first thought. My foot goes for the brakes trying to slow the car down, or at the very least, lessen the impact of the upcoming crash. But it only makes it worse. I start to slide off the road. I grab the steering wheel, and turn it the opposite direction as quickly as I can, trying for the life of me, not to hit a tree. But then my car starts to tip. I scream. My car roles, over and over itself. I hear only my screams, and the grinding screech of metal against pavement. Pain shoots up my leg. The car seems to slow in it's role's. Then It stop's. Everything stop's, it's silent for a moment. And I think, "I'm Dead." But then...Pain. Blinding and without mercy. I gasp from, the sudden change. My chest hurts from the seat belt that's currently still digging into me, as I hang, suspended, upside down in my Volvo. My arms hurt from the tiny glass cuts that cover them. My head hurts from hitting it at some point during the crash. But above all of that, the pain that shoot's through my leg, is a thousand times worse. I try to angle my head down to my leg, to see the damage. But the pain of even 'moving' almost made me pass out. I stay still for a moment, trying to slow down my heart rate by breathing in and out. Ignoring the pain in my chest [probably from broken ribs] I reach slowly towards my seat buckle. I fiddle with it to get it open. After many failed attempts, my hands started getting clumsy from the cold. I started thinking, "I wont get it... I will die out here in the cold... Or worse, I will bleed to death, slowly... No, the blood will keep rushing to my brain, and I will die of brain damage." I told myself to breath, and to think positively. I closed my eyes and started with the seat belt again. After what felt like forever, I heard a small 'click. I nearly laugh with relief. I pull as hard as I can. The buckle comes loose and I fall...Hard. I hit the top of the roof, in the upside down car. More glass cuts me, but it's nothing compared to the pain in my leg. From this angle I can finally see my leg. It's twisted at a very wrong angle. I notice it's starting to turn purple. I suspect its broken, and probably crushing off some of my circulation. I start to sob. I can't help it, I'm in serious pain, my leg is practically BACKWARDS. And I am starting to freeze, both inside and outside. I know I'm going into shock. I tell myself that I need to calm down, or I will die for sure.
I look around what's left of the car until I spot it...My phone. It's less then six inches from my extended left arm. That means I'm going to have to stretch if I want it. I prepare myself for the pain that I'm going to have to face when I reach for it. But no matter how long I could have prepared for it, the pain I felt when I finally reached for it, was way worse.
The screen is broken, but I can still call with it. I dial 911. After two rings I hear, "911. What's you're emergency?" I quickly say what happened, all before my phone goes dead. By the time the phone dies, I'm shaking so hard, and I can't feel my leg. Minutes trickle by, but I don't hear any sirens yet. I tell myself you can't lose hope, they will get here before it's to late. More Minutes tick by, at this point I don't know how long I can last. And just when I start to give up hope. My vision starts to swirl as I slip into darkness. My breathing getting slower. I hear it. The loud, unmistakable sound of sirens. My eye's close, but I know, somewhere deep in my core, I will make it. That it was worth hoping for. That I'm SAFE!

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Ruby (rubyyy) | 2486 comments Mod
Wow this is really good! :D

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Ravanna Dee (ravannadee) Thanks. I think it could have used a little more work but it turned out better then I had planed... XD

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