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message 1: by Azaria (new)

Azaria Gerardo (bookflix) | 7 comments Hi, my name is Azaria and I write novels and screenplays. Here are a few of my ideas:

#1. (TV Pilot/ screenplay/ teleplay)
-The Queen (high lady but same thing as queen) of Summer Fae's World is turned upside down when a beautiful man seeks to be apart of her kingdom but was sent to kill her by her mother. What happens when they fall in love and he doesn't kill her?

#2.(not sure if it'll be a novel or screenplay)
-Imagine a world where the government forces you to label yourself, your label is your name, and you can only live with people who have the same label as you, you may be ignorant, a dyke, black, etcetera. The only ones free to be who they are without shame, are the elite. They are wealthy, snobby, and they control themselves. Suicide rates are high in the labeled villages. But that's okay, because the elite and government want to cleanse the world of all scum (the ones labeled). Now imagine what would happen if, the labeled began to fight back? MC, the antagonist, knows, she is an elite, and she wants to kill all who stand in her way of a pure world, this is her story, come watch it.

#3. (Sci-Fi Idea, maybe a novel)
- It's based on fact and stuff so here's the fact; basically this new planet was found, the planet is called Kepler 452b and it's just like a bigger earth, scientists are looking for a way to get there now, but there is a chance that with this particle called antimatter (it costs $100 billion for a milligram of it) we could create a rocket powered on antimatter and get to Kepler in 2000 years. But then here's the trick to it space travel doesn't work coherently with time so; even though it would take 2000 years the people who go on the trip would only age a month. I was thinking about writing a story about this.

#4. (Dystopian screenplay)
-What if when you reached a certain age, scientists could make you be born again?

#5. (Contemporary novel)
-During the summer of their junior year, three friends go on a quest to hunt down all of the legends in their state, only to find that, they themselves are simply a myth.

#6. (High fantasy novel)
-As the continent of Valarya goes to waste within itself, an abandoned prophecy awakens and may be the key to saving all. (Message me on goodreads, if you'd like to read more about this, I have a Creation Myth that universally the people of this world believe.)

So those are my current ideas, I'm also looking for writing buddies. I'm an avid YA reader, and some of my favortie authors are Sarah J. Maas, Saaba Tahir, George R.R Martin, Cassandra Clare, Marie Lu, and Victoria Aveyard.

Message me on goodreads if you'd like to be buddies!

message 2: by Ravanna Dee (new)

Ravanna Dee (ravannadee) I know most of those authors. And your story ideas look great. I'll think about it! I've never really had a writing buddy so I don't know how I would go about doing that.

message 3: by Azaria (new)

Azaria Gerardo (bookflix) | 7 comments Haha, it's alright, okay! I'll be happy to send you the myth if you'd like, no "strings" attached. (I mean I'd just like to hear your opinion)

message 4: by Ravanna Dee (last edited Aug 19, 2015 07:58PM) (new)

Ravanna Dee (ravannadee) Okay! That would be great.

message 5: by Hossein (new)

Hossein HBN (HBN1371) | 1 comments Hi guys.
I'm Hossein.I write short stories.

message 6: by Azaria (new)

Azaria Gerardo (bookflix) | 7 comments Hello!

message 7: by Jerron (new)

Jerron Q (AunAsi) Hello. I'm Jerron. I write fantasy and sci-fi. I am interested in finding a writing buddy for my current fantasy project. First time doing this tho. Mesage me if you're interested

message 8: by Susan (new)

Susan Parker | 1 comments Write Better Stories and essays: http://lumoslearning.com/llwp/parents...

message 9: by Eris (new)

Eris December (sirion) | 13 comments Hi! I'm also a writer, and I find your ideas quite entertaining and I've to say I'm rather intrigued right now, so if you're looking for a writing buddy still, I'd be up for it! I mostly write YA, paranormal and fantasy.

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