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message 1: by Allyse (last edited Aug 19, 2015 07:06PM) (new)

Allyse (readsthebooks) Omg I have been racking my brain for the title of this book.

Its a romance/erotica book.
The main (male) character is an ex-military bar owner, who was injured prior to the books start. His neighbor is a woman who is very shy, she is new to the small town and feels very isolated by the townspeople. But she is also hiding from her past. I think her father and brother were criminals.

I want to say it’s a shorter book. His injury isn’t and its only touched upon like once. I think the thing that stuck out for me is that he told everyone at the bar that she was off limits and she gets upset because every time she goes there no one talks to her and they serve her soda.

It is ridiculous how much time I have spent looking for this book. Please help!

message 2: by MountainKat, Moderator (new)

MountainKat | 19601 comments Good luck, but I'm not familiar with this one!

message 3: by Allyse (new)

Allyse (readsthebooks) I found it! It's called Coopers Fall by lora Leigh

message 4: by MountainKat, Moderator (new)

MountainKat | 19601 comments Glad you found it!

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