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Charlie | 118 comments Here we are

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Hi. Sorry I had to leave last night.

do you mind reposting the plot?

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Charlie | 118 comments which one was it>

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments The one where the girl had to run away with her younger brother because of her father. A guy took them in and over time they loved each other.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Here it is:

A girl killed her father in order to protect her and her little brother from him, but she has also has a record from when she was younger, so she takes her brother and goes on the lamb. She was running out of cash just as she meets boy a. He gives them a place to sleep and food, and the romance grows from there.

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Charlie | 118 comments Ohhhhh, sorry!

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Charlie | 118 comments you were playing the guy, correct?

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments its fine. I remembered what group you posted the request on.

I was going to play the guy, yes.

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Charlie | 118 comments Wren Elizabeth Oden

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Vices: Smoking, Panic attacks, Bulimia, Biting her nails


Wren never really knew much about her past. She knew that her mother had always done heroine and her father had always done coke, but that was about it. He used to beat her nearly to death before relenting, screaming at her to tell her she was a fat whore. He also used to rape her when he got high enough. That started when she was 9 and never really stopped. He also sold her to guys that would come over for f*** parties.
Wren grew up scared of everyone, always looking over her shoulder. She was arrested twice for underage drinking when she was 14 and 15. She used to party a lot, but she never wanted to have sex, though she was known in the town and many boys spiked her drinks. She developed Bulimia around age 13 and it has only gotten worse. Her mother recently gave birth to Finley. The birth killed her and Finley was born very sick. She took care of Finley the whole time, but her father hated him for "killing his mother." Wren came home to her father trying to suffocate Finley and she beat him over the head with her metal baseball bat until he was dead. She knew she had to run then.


Wren has trouble trusting anyone, but she is immensely kind. She has terrible night terrors and she sometimes will have panic attacks when triggered, though she tries to hide them. She hates herself in more ways than she could ever speak of. Wren is sweet, but very timid, she really only needs someone to be kind to her and treat her with respect.



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Charlie | 118 comments Sorry!!! my notifications are evil

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments I know mine do that all the time. I wasn't even thinking that I could make my character oops

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☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Daemon Kai Blackwood

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Vices: occasional depression which would lead to cutting but that was mostly when he was younger


Daemon grew up in many foster homes throughout his childhood. He was one of four children but he only ever went to foster homes with his older brother. When his older brother turned 18 he got out of the system and Daemon never heard from him again. Daemon knew who his parents were but they were killed in a car accident caused by another driver who was texting. He was in the car but survived.
Now he doesn't have contact with any of his sisters or brothers but he still knows his foster parents if they choose to keep in contact. He regrets looking for his siblings but he tries to make the most of what he has.

Daemon is very nice and laid back. He grew up without any temper tantrums since his original foster home taught him to behave or they'll throw him out. He is understanding and cares for people even though he doesn't get attached to them at first.


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Charlie | 118 comments Wren held Finley tightly against herself, making sure to not let anyone touch him. Her backpack mainly held baby things, but it had some of her own things in it as well. She knew it was time to stop when Finley let out his hungry cry, she also knew she only had one jar of baby food left in her bag. Wren had never been one to steal, but for Finley, so felt alright doing so. It was her third week on the run and the end of her first without food. It wasn't even that she was hungry herself, she just felt weak and dizzy. She had gone a whole week without eating before, but she had never walked across two states during that time.

Finley made little noises as Wren entered the store, headed straight for the baby isle. She tried to make sure people knew she didn't want to talk or to touch Finley. When she got to the baby section, Wren tried to inconspicuously slip a few jars of baby food into her bag. She might have been better at it if not for the fact she was holding a baby. The manager ran up and grabbed her by the wrist, causing her to jerk away from him and let out a little yelp.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments ((sorry but is Daemon supposed to be the manager? I don't know what you have in mind))

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Charlie | 118 comments (( oops, I meant to post it with that, my bad! I was thinking he could either work there or he could step in and say he'd pay for the baby food ))

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments ((oh okay. it's fine. I always forget to write what I'm thinking about))

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Daemon was pushing his filled shopping cart trying to grab things and check them off the list all at the same time. He didn't say anything to anyone and he tried to stay separate from the other shoppers. He heard an upset baby's wail and he winced a little thinking of the past. He sighed and continued through the store as he turned around the corner. He looked down the aisle and saw that there was a teenage girl struggling with the baby he heard as well as the manager.

Deamon frowned deeply and left the cart in the main aisle before walking over to them. "Is there a problem?" he asked the manager who he had seen try to grab the young woman. His past of him and his brother being forced to do things surfaced and fueled his response. The manager looked up slightly to meet Daemon's eyes and told him that the girl had been trying to steal the food. Daemon just nodded and said, "I'll pay for her food then because if she has to steal she probably needs it more than you do." The manager huffed and walked away.

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Charlie | 118 comments Wren was shocked when the guy came up and defended her, no one had ever done that for her before. She blushed and looked down, embarrassed, "I'm sorry, you don't have to do that, you know?" She bounced Finley on her hip and kissed Finley on the forehead. She pulled the cans out and put them back on the shelves, her hands shaking a bit as she did. She didn't know what he would want in return, and that scared her.

(( sorry for the short post))

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments ((its fine. I might have to have some shorter ones soon because school is starting))

Daemon saw that she was a little nervous so he tried to sound more relaxed. "No, its okay. I want to help you," he said. He smiled slightly at the small child and how she was taking care of him. At that thought he started to remember how his younger siblings were left and forced to live with total strangers who most likely didn't care for them. He focused back on her and how she was putting them back.

He reached in front of her and took the cans back. Daemon kept track of the ones that she put back and put them in his cart which wasn't that full. He added a few more seeing that that couldn't hurt and he wanted to make sure that the toddler was taken care of. "Is that you need?" he asked when he finished packing it. He looked up at her and his gaze would quickly drop to the young boy.

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Charlie | 118 comments Finley reached out for Deamon and smiled widely, making Wren smile as well. She turned to Deamon and smiled a little over at Deamon, "That's... really nice of you... I don't have anything to give you to repay you..." Finley cried a little and his face was red. Wren checked his forehead and shook his head, "Shit... He's really hot." She ran a hand through her hair and bit her lip, "I don't know what to do."

Finley was always getting sick, he was born sick. He had an immune condition, but his medicine had run out a week ago. Finley let out a wet couch and whined.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Daemon smiled more when he saw Finley reach out. He raised his hand and touched his stubby fingers with his much bigger ones. He shook his hand slightly without really thinking. Looking back up at Wren, he said, "Its fine. I don't expect you to repay me." His gaze dropped back down to Finley and he frowned. "He should probably go to a doctor," he said though it was fairly obvious.

Daemon knew that the doctor he went to was a family doctor and would be able to look at kids as well. "I'll give you a ride to my doctor. He'll be able to take care of him. Does he need medicine?" he asked her. Daemon figured that he would need it seeing how he seemed pretty sick.

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Charlie | 118 comments Wren chewed her lip, looking over Deamon, shaking her head, "Can't... Just don't have the cash right now." She blushed, ashamed she couldn't provide for Finley in that way. He pushed his hair and kissed the top of Finley's head. She shook her head, her eyes slightly watering as she did.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Daemon said, "I'll pay for it. I have insurance and I barely use it anyways. I'd like to take him there and get him cared for." He tried to be convincing enough in hopes that she would allow him to give them a ride there and let the child get medicine.

Daemon sighed and said, "I can see how much this means to you and I don't mind at all. We can go get in my car and we'll be at the doctors in less than a half hour."

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Charlie | 118 comments Wren looked over at Daemon worriedly, nodding, "Yeah... Okay, I guess so." She held Finley tightly to her chest and took a deep breath. She was terrified at the moment, but if this guy got Finley some help, it would be worth it. She let him lead her to the car and she nervously got it, shaking a bit as she did.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Daemon put his bags in the back of the car before getting in. He turned on the car and pulled out of the parking lot. He didn't say anything at first and instead focused on driving through the town to get to the doctor. Looking back occasionally at them, he could see that he still wasn't feeling good. Daemon started to drive a little faster.

After twenty minutes, they pulled into the near empty doctor's office. He got out and opened her door so she could get out with her brother. Then he led them in. Answering a few questions from the secretary he told her that they had to be seen since the toddler wasn't doing well. Dr. Harris came out a few minutes later and led them into a room.

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Charlie | 118 comments Wren held tightly to Finley and looked over at the doctor, worried, "He has Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, he was born two months premature and he lost his hearing when he was three weeks old." She was really nervous about the whole thing, about her brother and about handing him over to the doctor.

She looked around the room nervously and made sure no one was looking at them. She knew there was a warrant out for her arrest.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Daemon sat down at one of the chairs figuring that that would let Dr. Harris focus more on them. He heard what she described and winced. That was a lot to go through when he seemed so young.

Dr. Harris nodded and said, "Has he been on any medicine to prevent illnesses? I should probably describe some." The doctor could tell that he was already sick, probably the reason they came, and would need care immediately.

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Charlie | 118 comments Wren blushed, looking down at the floor in shame, "We did... but then." A tear fell down her cheek as she kissed Finley's forehead. She then handed over Finley to the doctor, knowing he needed to be examined.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Dr. Harris nodded. "I understand. I'll make sure that you have enough medicine for him," he said kindly. He took the child and asked, "What is his name and age?" The doctor could tell that he hadn't been on the meds so he should give it to him quickly.

When the doctor asked for his name, Daemon remembered that he didn't even know their names and they didn't know his. He probably should have told them before he drove them hear so they wouldn't be with a complete stranger.

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Charlie | 118 comments Wren ran a hand through her hair and bit her lip, "His name is Finley and he is 16 months old." As soon as she said it, she knew she shouldn't have. She should have just made up a name or something. She paced back and forth in the room and waited for Finley to be looked at.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Dr. Harris. "Okay. When was the last dose? If it has been a while than we might have to change the dose," he said. He laid Finley on the examine table and started to undress him to his diapers. Seeing that everything was fine, he knew that it was just the immunodeficiency.

Daemon peered around the doctor to watch to examine the baby. He wanted to make sure that he was okay as well even though he probably wasn't going to be able to do much since he wasn't a doctor. Daemon tried anyway because he felt protective of him already.

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Charlie | 118 comments Wren spoke with a quiet voice, not only from shame of how long it had been, but also from her memories of not being allowed to speak. Her heart was racing and she felt really dizzy; it could have been the fact she hadn't eaten in over a week, or that she hadn't stopped walking for more than 4 minute breaks since she left, or it could have just been a panic attack. Trying to calm herself, she closed her eyes, "It's been a few months."

She stood to try and get away from the situation, like maybe she could run away from the feelings she was having. When she stood, the world began to turn on it's axis and she felt her knees giving out. Soon after that it was just black.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Dr. Harris could tell that she was upset so he said, "Why don't you just sit down and we'll figure it out from there." He looked over at the the other available chair next to Daemon. "If its only been a few months it should be okay. You can come into another appointment later as he ages, okay? Miss..." he asked trailing off so he could have her name.

Dr. Harris was still holding Finley who was getting warmer from the fever. "I'm going to have someone bring in the medicine so we can give it to him now," he said. He picked up the phone that was in the room and called a nurse in to bring it. A minute later, she was handing it to him.

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Charlie | 118 comments Wren's vision was still completely black as the doctor talked to her, but she still managed to stay upright while he spoke. She took a step to go sit and she fell flat, passing out on the hard tile below her.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Dr. Harris was focusing on Finley so he hadn't noticed Wren start to black out so when she fell, his eyes widened. Daemon was closer to her and immediately picked her up. He laid her down on the examine table since Dr. Harris had moved Finley out of the way. He laid her down gently and looked to the doctor who was going to ask for more help.

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Charlie | 118 comments Wren's body lay limp on the table, her chest rising and falling slowly. She was dreaming about the night it happened, the night she ran with her brother.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Daemon stood next to her side until some others came in to watch her. They figured out that she had just pasted out but hadn't hurt her head with the fall.

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Charlie | 118 comments Wren's eyes slowly fluttered open and the sat straight up, panting quickly. Her mind was racing and her chest hurt. She looked around the room frantically.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Daemon saw her eyes start to open so he moved the doctors away from her to give her more space. "Hey. It's alright. Just calm down," he said calmly, "Everything is alright."

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Charlie | 118 comments Wren gasped and turned to the boy, starting to remember, the words fell out, "F- Finley? I-" Her hear was racing, but she would be okay, so long as she got some sleep and food. However, she knew that wouldn't happen and all she could think of was Finley.

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Daemon said, "Its okay. He's okay. Just stay there for a few minutes." He moved slightly so Wren could see Finley and that he was good. "He already got the medicine and they have more medicine for him later," he said.

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Charlie | 118 comments Wren nodded, taking a deep breath as she closed her eyes, " Okay... Okay... That's okay."

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Daemon nodded with her thinking that it might help. "Do you feel better enough to sit up now?" he asked ready to help her sit up.

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Charlie | 118 comments Wren nodded, weakly sitting up as she opened her eyes. "I wanna make sure he's okay."

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments Daemon nodded. "Yeah, he's fine," he said reaching for Finley and bringing him over to Wren.

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Charlie | 118 comments Wren took Finley in her arms and smiled slightly, "Thank you, seriously thank you."

☆ ĄňŊǡƂėƮĦ ☆ ŞŧŎŋė | 3218 comments ((sorry I thought I responded))

Daemon brought his arms back to his sides. He smiled back at her though it was sad. Seeing how much she cared for her younger brother reminded him of when he was younger and his older brother who left him alone. Lost in thought for a few moments, he didn't answer right away. When he brought himself out of it he looked at Wren and said, "You're welcome. I'm glad I can help. Being an older sibling is a big responsibility and Finley won't realize how big it is until later." His last few words held a much deeper meaning that he couldn't help but have a feeling of regret and anger drip in.

He looked around the room and realized that they were ready to leave. Daemon went to the door and opened it for them. "I'll drive us to the pharmacy to pick up some more of his medicine before taking us home. You'll be staying with me for a while," he said firmly leaving no arguments or room to doubt. Having been too close to seeing a family be taken apart, he was being more serious about helping them until they get back on their feet.

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