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message 2: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl  (cherylllr) | 909 comments Well alrighty then. (view spoiler)

Just a quick story, more idea than development, so some of you won't like it. But I did.

message 3: by Tej (new)

Tej (theycallmemrglass) | 1727 comments Mod
Loved it!! Short, engaging, great pay off and satisfyingly whole that needs no expansion with many morals rolled into one:

(view spoiler)

I do share Cheryl's concern about one of the protagonists though, lol.


This is my first groupread short story.  Sorry to jump in so late.  Ill work my way backwards to try catch up if I can.

message 4: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl  (cherylllr) | 909 comments I do agree with what you said in the spoiler, and would love to see your thoughts on the earlier stories as you find time to read & respond.

message 5: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Glasser | 210 comments I liked this, especially the simple dreamlike quality. The ending was abrupt but it worked for me. Odd but enjoyable.

message 6: by Nathan, First Tiger (new)

Nathan Coops (icoops) | 544 comments Mod
I liked this one a lot. It reminded me of a story out the movie Big Fish where the character's car ends up in a tree. (I think he was also a salesman) It has that same fantastical style. A magical world just outside of our reality.

This author has a great imagination.

message 7: by Nathan, First Tiger (new)

Nathan Coops (icoops) | 544 comments Mod
(view spoiler)

message 8: by Glynn (new)

Glynn | 268 comments This was a good one. (view spoiler)

message 9: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl  (cherylllr) | 909 comments @ Glynn ... Hah!

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