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message 1: by Jarvis (new)

Jarvis Under construction

message 2: by Jarvis (new)

Jarvis description

message 3: by marthie ! (new)

marthie ! (marthie) Hi Gehna! We mods appreciate if people request topics before making them, just so we can know who's making topics.

message 4: by Jarvis (new)

Jarvis Oh oops, sorry :(

I thought personal topics can be made without permission... :( :P

Shall I mention it there ? :P

message 5: by marthie ! (new)

marthie ! (marthie) It's okay, just click on the words 'request topics' in my last comment and ask if it's okay to make a topic there :)

message 6: by Jarvis (new)

Jarvis Did that :D

message 7: by marthie ! (new)

marthie ! (marthie) Okay, do you want me to delete this conversation so you can keep on posting gifs?

message 8: by Jarvis (new)

Jarvis No.. it's okay :D

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