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Grayson was about to walk into this bar but the man asked for his I.D. He didn't have a fake one on him. The man wasn't gonna let him in so Grayson did what he had to do and punched him. Then walked in.

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Cody was sitting at the bar some dude was talking to her and touching her she wasnt really listening to him.

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Grayson asked a girl "Have you seen a girl this tall with blue hair?" He showed the girl Cody's height. The girl wasn't pointed at Cody. He walked over and saw some weirdo sitting next to her. Grayson pushed him "Get the f*** away from her."

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((*was pointing))

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"You found me!" She said and threw her hands in the air and took and finished her drink and ordered a beer.

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Grayson smiled at her. Then he told the bartender "No beer, were gonna go." Then he turned to Cody "C'mon lets go."

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"No yes beer. Im not going Grayson." She snapped at him the bartender handed her a beer and she downed it.

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"Yes you are. We have to go." Grayson said.

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"NO!>" She snapped.

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"Yes we are babe." He frowned "We have to go back." He took her hand.

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"No." She took her hand back. She didnt want to go anywhere.

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"Cody your drunk." He nodded.

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"And i know that." She said to him.

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"Cody this is your last chance to come with me." He sighed.

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She shook her head. "Not going." She said.

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He sighed again and picked her up over his shoulder.

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"Grayson. PUT ME DOWN!!!!!" She yelled.

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"No." He said calmly. Then walked out of the bar. They couldn't go back to the school right now because Morgan and Solomon would yell at them.

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"YES>" She started hitting him and kicking.

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It hurt but he ignored the pain. He sighed and started walking somewhere random.

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She kneed him and flipped off of him. "YESSS!>" SHe screamed.

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That one really hurt. He fell down on his knees. "Ow." He cried.

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She crossed her arms. "I said no why cant you just listen to me?" She yelled.

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He didn't say anything at first. "Cause your drunk and I didn't want you getting in trouble." He looked up at her.

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"I wont get in trouble." She said.

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"You don't know that." He said and slowly stood up holding his stomach.

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"No im not." She said.

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Grayson shook his head "It could've happened. What if you reveled your identity? What is someone found out?" It had happened to too many spies.

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"Nothing could have happened." She said getting annoyed by him.

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"Yes it could Cody." He sighed.

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"Whatever." she said and walked off again.

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He ran in front of her, "Are you sober?"

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She laughed. "Yeah." She lied and went around him.

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"Your lying." He walked in front of her again.

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She kicked him between the legs and walked around him again.

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"Ow." He fell to the ground again. "Okay so you are just gonna leave me here."

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"You can get up." She said to him.

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"No I really can't." Grayson said.

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She rolled her eyes then helped him up and started walking again. "Dont get in my way next time."

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"Where are you going?" He limped over to her.

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"Somewhere." She said yo him.

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"Tell me or I'm coming with you." He shrugged.

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"Grayson did it ever cross you mind that i wanted to be alone?" He asked.

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"Nope and you could have told me instead of hitting and kicking me." He said.

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"You deserved it." She said to him

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"Whatever." He walked off and went back towards the beach.

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She sighed and went back to the beach also.

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