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Yep, I'll get them up in a second

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Here they are,

These are all MxMs:

Babysitter x Single Dad
Babysitter x Child (13-17)
Criminal x Police Officer
Student x student
Teacher x Student
Best Friends
Prince x Prince
Brother x Brother
Adult Friends
High School Romance
Vampire x Demon Sex(or any other thing ) Slave
Navy Guys

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Sure,could I be the demon slave? :)

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I really don't have a plot for it right now

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lol yeah sure, but I want to do quick Characters please, it makes it easier that way for the rp:)

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Name: Fabio Ross Daviona

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Eyes: http://www.animeforum.com/attachment....

Sexuality: Homosexual

Personality:Dark, Mysterious, Quite Intelligent, Strong, Submissive, Quiet
Fabio is quite the genius, yet no one knows since they have never really asked him for help or anything, he's also quite strong due to his obsessive need to work out. The reason people find him dark and mysterious is because he is always found wearing ripped dark bloody clothing, he never really answered anyone and when he does his tone of voice is very quiet, and to men actually quite sexy.

History: From birth, Fabio has been born a Demon, once his mom found out she threw him out at age two, he was left to fend on his own, until some "nice" people came and found him, ever since that day Fabio has grown up around many, many children, he goes to an online college and he works at the Slave center where they keep children and other slaves ready to be sold, Fabio wants to be bought, but he also wants to finish his online college. his Adopted mother made him collars, you know the ones Masters make they're slave wear.

Father~~Satan - No one knows
Mother~~Maria Daviona - Unknown to anyone
Adopted Mother~~Slave Worker Irina Davis - Known to everyone

Other: None

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