The Last Ever After (The School for Good and Evil, #3) The Last Ever After question

Sophie Of Woods Beyond
LilyTheLuckyBerry LilyTheLuckyBerry Aug 19, 2015 05:56AM
Who thinks Sophie should have been killed in the last book? It would've been a good plot twist and it would've paid for all the things Sophie had done. Like: Attempted to kill her best friend TWICE, stunned Agatha, blackmailed her, called Professor Dovey her real name, and told Lady Lesso that she was her EMPLOYEE, and many more that would turn this question into a book. She might have been evil, and is one of my favourite characters, but I still despise her. The author even thought about killing off Tedros than killing of HER!

I actually was kind of sad when Rafal passed away. For some reason, even though I should HATE Sophie, she was one of my favourite characters.

Noooooo! I love Sophie! Sophie's my precious bb! Even though she was evil, I still loved her character! Would've been really sad if she died. :(((

I am the child of Hester. Once fell in love with Aric. Mother killed him.


I even thought it would've been best if she just stayed as the Evil Queen with Rafal. Lol. I know. I'm weird.

I was sad when Rafal died.

I guess it will be a tragedy. Ending the story without Sophie must have a big reason or revelation like she was kidnapped by the School Master..

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