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Nathalie Pinette Nathalie Aug 19, 2015 04:37AM
Author Lucian Bane
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5 Stars

"Okay, so let's start with WOW! I cried a couple of times and I laughed. This book was a rollercoaster of events that just kept coming. I will not add any spoilers, but you have got to get this book. I mean what's not to love about a man that sees himself broken and unlovable? And a woman that's willing to fight literally to show him that he's worth her fighting for. Great job Lucian Bane! Keep up the great work!" ~Amazon Customer
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5 Stars ~Beg For Mercy has me Begging for MORE...
By Hope Elseron August 18, 2015
Verified Purchase

Lucian Bane does it again. With his epic story telling, lovable (albeit messed up) characters, and vivid imagery that transports you to another place. I walked away from this story at a total loss for words. This was slow, delicious torture with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Just when you think that you've figured something else, the story takes off in a completely knew direction. Another fantastic story from an amazing author.

5Five Dark Stars!
By Komal Chandwanion August 18, 2015
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Beg for Mercy is the third installation in the series and it is necessary for the readers to read the first two books inorder to understand this. This book has been powerful having an impact on the readers like never before. Its an emotional journey of Mercy and Sade. I like how Lucian has shaped his characters from the start of the series. It initially started out without any emotional attachment and a rather sexual one. But as the series progress and when you come to the third book, something hits you in the face. And its a good feeling. Beg for Mercy is a roller coaster ride. When you think you know what's coming, its probably not. And I like that. Seeing an emotional side of the characters is something that the readers needed. Beg for Mercy pulls you in making you feel so much ranging from anger, pain, relief, pleasure and last, but not the least love. I love how the book has been ended. Its flawless. It'll make the readers teary as well.

I thank Lucian for writing about Sade and Mercy. The execution of his characters and plot is bang-on! I've fallen in love with them. This is by far my most favourite Dark Erotica series

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Beg For Mercy :

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My one complaint? I wish it had gone on and on. I was sad to c it end but thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

So I had to pause fir a but to cry when Mercy beat Sade up and there bantering back and forth as to whose fault it was. When she finally cried out Help me and he finally relented to help her. Oh I got to have a drink before begin reading again.

A gripping, gut wrenching, absolutely brilliant series that you can read over and over again! This final book even more amazing then the first two and those were effing phenomenal!

I am a clusterf*ck of emotions. I have had my nose in this book every chance I get and It. Is. Amazing! I have cried, and laughed, and been anxious, and excited....whew! and I'm not done yet!!!

OMG! I speed read this book yesterday and I have a book hangover. The snippets were great and covered about the first three chapters. But after that the story took lots of twists and turns. Due some previous info from the author I was not looking forward to his predicted ending. However, that did not come to pass. I love love love the book and am now curing my hangover by re-reading the trilogy in its entirety. Bravo, Mr. Bane!

I enjoyed the hell out of it! I was cheering Mercy on. I felt Sade's turmoil & wanted him to feel love that Mercy was giving him.

What an excellent ending to a fantastic series!! I Loved it all!!

Absolutely love this series.. The conclusion was amazing and fitting to the entire series. Will definitely be recommending this to series!

Hands down the best series of 2015!

Love this series. A must read!!

Still trying to come down off this book, what an amazing conclusion to this trilogy. Absolutely loved, loved the emotional journey they took. Definitely moving to the favorite shelf to taken down and read again. ;0)

I cried I laughed and I cheered mercy on! Someone really deserved a good A** kicking! Great job Lucian

I loved this book, with all the raw emotions that you feel in this book just really sticks to you. What a way to end the series but this will be a series that I'll be re-reading all over again.

love this series!!

Absolutely tore my heart out, stomped on it and then put it back together!

Don't have the book yet, but the snippets where awesome!!!

Love, love, loved this book and series!

I lived this book emotionally. It's not leaving me anytime soon!

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