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message 1: by Johannes (new)

Johannes (revjohn) | 4 comments It would be nice, if there is a possibility to add a scan of the bookcover (.jpg) even after the title is already in the Goodread-booksection.

Some books I added whitout a coverpicture, because I didn't have access to a scan-device. But it is not possible to add the picture afterwards.

I suppose you know who added a book, so it should be possible to give access to this person only. You could even limit this access to just one (or two) times and block the changing-permission afterwards again.

This would be better as tell you, where to find a book (e.g. Amazon), since even those distributors don't have all books (or all editions) in there database.

message 2: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 19904 comments See this link:

When there is no acceptable online source for the cover, and you have a scan/can make a scan of the cover, you can upload the scan to the photo section of your profile and ask here in the Librarian Group to have the cover added.

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