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Hardbacks, paperbacks or eBooks?
Imaan Iddir Imaan (last edited Sep 20, 2015 08:47AM ) Aug 19, 2015 03:52AM
Just wondered what people prefer.
[I don't know how to start a poll. And, yes, the Hunger Games is a bit irrelevant here, but I guess I had to pick something.]
I'm a paperbacks person, mainly because they come in a standard size, and that's important.


Personally I do all 3 formats + Audiobook. If I like a book you might find all formats in my house of the same book. Don't know why that is... Just is. :)

In the end I find myself turning more and more to ebook and audiobook formats for the simple convenience of them. It doesn't matter where I am, I have about 700 books at my disposal because I always have my amazon account within reach. Also, it makes packing a lot easier. I have about 30 large boxes of books. Very few of those have been purchased in the last 5 years. Probably 2 boxes are needed for the last 5 years, because over 300 of those purchased books are digital and can be packed when I drop my phone and ereader into my purse. Packed and ready to go.

So, there you have it. Love your books. Buy what makes you most happy in the reading, and what provides you the most convenience.

Imaan Iddir Wow, I forgot about audiobooks. Though, honestly, never listened to one. Never read an eBook either.
That probably makes me sound old.

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Florence Cardinal Paperback for ease of holding. EBooks for cost.
Sep 07, 2015 01:49PM

I'm going to say all of them. Every type has its good and bad points.

I like ebooks because I can download public domain books for free - as many as I want, in their original language. This is a huge advantage if you live in a country where most bookstores have no or a very limited stock of books in other languages. And ebooks are more environment-friendly. And if I use my iPad, I can download free previews before buying a book so that I can actually see if I'll like the book before spending money. Oh, and an e-reader is easier to pack for travelling/commuting than a bulky normal book.
The downside of ebooks is the same as downloaded music vs physical CDs... it's a piece of code, not an object. You can't display and admire it. If the device on which it's stored crashes or breaks, your collection is gone (unless you regularly make backups, which I'm too forgetful to do).

I like paperbacks because they're cheaper and smaller than hardbacks. That's really the only reason why I like them. My favourite books are my babies, so every time I read one and the spine gets creased/sand gets between pages/the cover gets damaged/..., I die a little inside. I have a few badly worn paperbacks and I don't really want to touch them anymore because I'm afraid the back will rip or pages will start falling out.

Hardbacks are my favourite. They're more expensive, but they look impressive on a bookshelf and they'll look as good as new even after you've taken them everywhere and read them three times over. If I really like a book, I buy the hardback version so I can read it again and again without worries. If I own the paperback version as well, I either sell it secondhand or bring it to a thrift shop or a little library.

I'm open to all forms. But agree with Ruby about the reading experience being gone with the ebooks. Others enjoy that new car smell, but I love that new book smell, feel of the crisp new pages. The fact I can actually bookmark a page and I'm not subjected to having to reset anything ever with a real book. Just a beautiful thing!

Yes! All of the above!


(seeing that 3 people have already commented the 3 options, I think everyone should just +1 the comment they agree with.)


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This one of the major problems for a booknerd.

Paperback are damaged too easily
Hardbacks are too expensive
EBooks don't have the smell of a book.

A very, VERY, difficult problem. After MUCH consideration, I would have to say paperbacks.

I am open to all three... but the thing is with e-books there is something lacking. You don't get that full experience, turning the pages, the smell of a new book, the captivating cover and sometimes even the font. E-books might be more pratical but paperbacks and especially hardbacks have an undeniable beauty about them.

For me it's between paperbacks and hardbacks cause while paperbacks are cheaper hardbacks are so pretty but they hurt like hell when you drop it on your face like when you sometimes drop your phone

I can't read Ebooks, i like physical books more so either hardback or paper back. Although, I do prefer hardback a little more because of the fact it doesn't rip in my purse.

I love hardback books, but they are way overpriced so most of the time I just go with paperbacks. I will normally only buy hardcover if I'm at Half Priced Books because they have good deals. Otherwise I will get paperbacks, like a lot of you already said I like the physical book and being able to turn the pages.

With that said, I do occasionally buy ebooks. Only when there is a dramatic price difference compared to the physical version and the electronic.

But I do prefer having a physical copy. (:

paperbacks and sometimes a hardback

anything physical (so not e-readers)

Paperbacks are most convenient for me, but if I really love the book I'd get it in hardcover. I have a kindle, but don't use it much. Sometimes I get annoyed at ebooks.

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I prefer hardback but I find that I get many soft covers, not paperbacks necessarily but a large book with soft covers. I have to admit that I have never tried an e-book so I can't give an honest opinion on them.

After reading so many comments I think I will put off any e-book exploration for a while and stick to hardbacks.



I get most of my books on kindle


Paperbacks all the way!

Paperbacks. Not e-books. I hate not having a front cover, and not knowing how far through a book I am! It may have a percentage, but it's not the same as being able to see pages and their numbers!

My preference is hardback, but paperback is a close second. I only read e-books as a last resort.

Aesthetically I prefer hardbacks and they look nicer on the shelf but paperbacks are usually more practical .. I definetly have more paperbacks

I used e-books for travelling so I don't have to lug big books around but I wouldn't use them outside of that really , you can't beat a book in the hand

Paperbacks, any day. I love the process of browsing the shelves and selecting my book, be it at the book store, the library, a second hand shop.... wherever. And I'd just much prefer to handle a paperback than a hard cover - I read in bed a lot and hard cover books a)get heavy and b)hurt more when I drop them on myself. Just being honest ;-) Plus paperbacks generally fit nicely in my purse or tote bag.

paperback or hardcover need to touch, see cover flip pages and hold

I’m going to be greedy and say all of them, they all have their good points and bad. And plus to me, it’s the story that really matters and once you get into it, you forget what you’re reading on. I like to switch between them.


Good points -
A good e-reader like a kindle is really comfortable on the body and eyes to read. A good e-reader can be read in bright sunlight, like on a beach. Ebooks are generally cheaper, especially after the paperbook versions have been released. Instant book download with internet connection, so you don’t have to wait til you get to the shop to grab a copy, great if it’s a book you’ve been wanting for ages or you got sucked into a series and want the next book instantly.

Bad points -
There isn’t a proper cover to admire, and there’s no book smell. If you don’t have a good ereader, then you have to deal with the glare of a normal tablet/computer. They can be more expensive than a hardbook if that’s what they’re pushing to sell at the beginning.

Paperbooks and Hardbooks

Good points –
The smell and texture of the pages. (Just hardbooks – the extra quality in the cover).

Bad points –
The whiter pages of newer books can reflect too much sun, making it unreadable. It’s not as comfortable to read as a good ereader. It’s easy to lose your place. You can’t alter the font size. (Just Hardbooks – I find that some hardbooks have the font too big, I find bigger fonts take more effort to absorb and read). They tend to be more expensive.

Paperbacks because they are easier to carry around, don't have a dust jacket that constantly needs to be readjusted or taken off (which means the cover picture on a paperback is always there), are less expensive, and holding them is more comfortable.

As a second, I like hardbacks because they seem more grand and important, and if you're reading Harry Potter it's nice to have that sort of majestic feel. Also they are better-looking than paperbacks and look interesting on a bookshelf.

I dislike eBooks and don't really enjoy reading them because I feel like the bookreading experience has gone away. There's no smell of the pages (and each book has an almost unique smell, which I like), and it doesn't even look like a book: it's just a screen. I like physical books because they are right there and material. If they are on an iPad or something, I enjoy reading less because the experience is different.

I love paperbacks because they are easier to pack in bags/I love worn out books. I know that's probably horrifying but to me, worn out covers and pages make a book feel like an old friend. So paperbacks for me!

EBooks aren't my thing. I like to be able to hold a book in my hands; e-readers don't give books, especially the classics, any justice.

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