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Tris Prior: unrelatable protagonist?
Gabby Gabby Aug 19, 2015 03:12AM
Anyone else agree that Tris Prior, though an admirable character, is an entirely unrelatable one?

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I found her relatable. She has some teenage traits that I could relate to when I was a teenager. The need for independence, the need to be strong, the need to stop relying on your parents, as soon as I got a part-time job at 16/17, I rarely asked for anything from my dad unless I urgently needed it for school/college.

I don’t think I could cut out my family from life completely at 16 or now, but at the same time, I never been one to give in to fear and follow a safe path (I followed my passion and am now a professional graphic designer with regular income despite knowing at the beginning that it would be really hard to get a job in this industry). I understand that need for independence and wanting to follow your own path.

She is a hero type character that I grew up with from several different sources (tv, comic, books, games), I relate to her, even back as a teen, more than I can to say a girly character from a romance novel/show who only thinks about boys, dating and kissing.

I also understand that mentality to want to protect those around her. I’m the older sister with a single father so I was the mother goose to my brother and sister. I wanted independence sooner mainly because I didn’t want to be a burden on my dad, since he was having to raise four kids on his own, and I could see it was tough on him.

I suppose part of it, is that I grew up and matured faster than most teens and I think those are the people and the mature teens who can relate to her.

She is also very immature in some ways, which is still very relatable as no one is perfect.

I admit, I do get annoyed when people dismiss Tris as a realistic character just because they’ve stereotyped all teenagers as obnoxious, completely immature, selfish, self-entitled, sex-crazed creatures. I’m not saying that this is the reason you can’t relate to her, but there is some realism in Tris’s character.

obsessivebookdevourer wrote: "Anyone else agree that Tris Prior, though an admirable character, is an entirely unrelatable one?"
Yes, I completely agree. Even though I personally didn't hate Tris Prior, i realized that I could'nt relate to her when i was discussing this book with a friend, who completely hated tris. And i could'nt defend her character in any way! :P
I was confused myself later !!

Personal opinion here. But I can't even really call her admirable. I thought at first she was the typical smart mouth snarky, trying to find herself, sort of teenager. But dude her inner and outer expressions just was too bitchy to be believed at times.

And to say that she learned about sacrifice and what not in the end of Allegiant...I wasn't quite buying that either about her character. She may have evolved physically and contemplated some heavy stuff. But in the end, she was no less relatable from the start of the trilogy to the end.

I *want* to relate to her, but she's so self-destructive. So many key plot points revolve around her sabotaging herself.

In the first book, it is entirely forgiveable. I find the world interesting (yes, yes, it's flawed; that's why it's interesting) enough that it's not an issue. There's a lot about identity, and who doesn't identify with finding your identity?

But when the world-as-we-know-it is changed for the second book and then again for the third, it just doesn't work. Any issues she has are no longer because of the big nasty Jeanine, they're just because she's a turd. She has so many explosions with Four, but it's not because they're in an explosive relationship, it's because she's being awful.

Dhfan4life I agree with finding out who she was as a person. And I loved the world. But oh yea, book 2 and 3 blew a bit TOO much out of the water.
Sep 04, 2015 09:44AM

In reply to what Sandy said about Tris being "self-sabotaging", isn't that how we all are as HUMAN BEINGS? We always get in the way of ourselves because we are so complex we can't possibly comprehend all the emotions and reactions going on inside us. If she weren't that way, I feel she would be unrelatable, but saying that she IS unrelatable because of her instability is absolutely absurd and honsetly doesn't make sense. You are criticizing her for being human, and if this is the only reason you feel she is unrelatable, I must quesiton why you commented seeing as it's honestly no argument at all.

Lets face it, this thread was a hate party waiting to happen.

I could relate to her in the way that she didn't know what she wanted in the future, but was sure she didn't fit in where she was. I did hate her though; she was weak and annoying.

So if Tris isn't very relatable to the majority of fans, why do you think people like the series so much?

Dhfan4life It is a very unique series. The factions, their beliefs and ideals. Even the world up til the third book was great. But Tris was one of the ultimate a ...more
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