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Clara So, we are back with badass Arya.

. I totally forgot Syrio dabbed her wounds with Myrish fire. I don’t think I even understand it the first time I read it.

. That tomcat seems to have live a lot. I can only imagine Tywin’s face when it took his roast quail from his hand.

. I really like all the phrases Syrio repeated to her, like “quiet as a shadow” ”light as a feather.” I think those really help her. My favourite is “fear cuts deeper tan sword” I just adore it so much.

. So, I said before Myrcella and Tommen seemed nice kids, but now seing how they treated Arya thinking she was a ragged boy who lives in the strees, I don’t think they are so nice. They were nice to her when she was a lady though. And how different she must look that they don’t recognize her at all!

. She’s just badass. I love her. They would have probably catched me if I was in her place.

. Those skulls must have been so horrifying to look at. She’s so scared she calls them monsters.

. So, this conversation between Varys and Illyrio is quite interesting to say something. First, what is Illyrio even doing in King’s Landing? Did he just go to talk to Varys or does he go often? And Varys knows what happened to Jon and what he found out with the book and the bastard, and believes Ned will find out soon.

. “You have danced the dance before, my friend.” Is told to Varys. I wonder what he did before. *SPOILERS FOR A DANCE WITH DRAGONS* (view spoiler). Also, Illyrio calls Varys wizard. Why?

. Varys also believes Littlefinger lied about the dagger and who it belong to. Interesting he never shared that with Ned, or with Catelyn.

. She tries to warn Ned the best she can, she even thinks Jon is the bastard they were talking about. It’s so sad he didn’t believe her. I mean, she didn’t explain herself well, but I think Ned should have asked a little more, since she mentions the book and the bastard.

. I like Desmond. I think I remember what happens to him, but I am not sure. I like how he reassures Arya nothing will happen to Ned.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments So I was distracted earlier today with a new popular theory going around saying Jon has a secret twin sister, anyone also hear about this? I have to say, I like the idea, but I don't want to get my hopes up.

And also, are we pretty sure the second man in this chapter is Varys? I am starting to think so, but if it is, I am afraid that this would then mean Varys isn't such a good character as I want him to be. He is a master actor, after all. He could be playing us just as likely as he could be playing Illyrio, who I am pretty sure is not a good guy. Anyway, here are my notes:

1. I think it's so cute Arya's homework assignment is catching all the cats in the Red Keep!

2. Syrio dabs her wounds with something called Myrish Fire, which burns so badly Arya has to bite her lip to keep from screaming. Thought that was interesting.

3. Arya is so happy she finally caught the hardest cat to catch and kisses it on the head, then backs up before it can attack her. Cute!

4. I like that Princess Myrcella and Prince Tommen don't wear the Lannister sigil on their clothes. Tommen even has a stag on him. :) These two seem less of mommy favorites than Joffrey. Though I'm surprised they make fun of Arya, saying "he" is ragged, dirty, and smelly, not knowing who she is. Didn't expect that from them. Unfortunately, they had startled her so much they made her drop the cat.

5. She can't have them finding out who she is so she runs away from them before their guards can catch her. Arya's fast and nimble! She moves so much so she can lose them, and when she does she realizes she's lost.

6. Apparently the Red Keep is smaller than Winterfell, but I'm sure it feels bigger to her because she's not so familiar with it as she is of home.

7. Interesting how Arya has a similar dream as Jon about searching all over a castle for her father and losing him and she is alone. Only for her it's the Red Keep.

8. The dragon skulls scare the crap out of her and she closes her eyes. She thinks of Syrio so her fear would go away. When she opens her eyes the skulls are still there but the fear is gone. I like that. Tyrion was here before...the room with the skulls. He seemed to enjoy it. She feels like they're watching her like Tyrion thought they were watching him, creepy! This unsettles me most of all, "...there was something in that dim, cavernous room that did not love her." I wonder if there is something magical about these dragon bones, if they are guarding the Red Keep or something. They seem like Arya's enemy though...but I bet Daenerys would love them, they both seem like good people, though very different.

9. I like the phrase: "Fear cuts deeper than swords."

10. I'm wondering if she found the Dragon Pit? She describes it as a great black pit, 20 feet across, plunging into the earth. People were coming out of it from a spiral staircase. one I recognize immediately as Illyrio, the other Arya feels is oddly familiar, but can't quite put a finger on it... The other man has a scarred face. Illyrio informs this other person about Dany being pregnant and Drogo won't do anything until after his son is born. He even calls them savages, unlike him to use such cruel words when in earlier chapters he called them friends. He sounds very two-faced here. He wants war to wait. There is a lever that hides the entrance to this large well they just came out of (if it's the Dragon Pit this would make sense, perhaps). I wonder if the other person is in fact Varys? Or perhaps Jaquen?

11. The way they talk about Lady Margaery is very peculiar. I totally forgot all about this! That Renly and Loras intend to have Robert bed and wed her and make a new queen. That would oust the Lannisters out of King's Landing! *SPOILER FOR UPCOMING CHAPTERS IN A GAME OF THRONES* (view spoiler) Even Varys/Jaquen/whoever doesn't know what game Littlefinger is playing, lol, and he has little birds everywhere. But they seem threatened by Ned Stark, uh oh! It seems very clear Littlefinger wants the Starks and Lannisters to fight...but why? Varys/Jaquen/whoever wants war to happen as soon as possible. Apparently he is a sorcerer, who needs to work his magic a little while longer and needs more gold and birds to do it. Hmm... it's definitely starting to sound like Varys, with all his "little birds". :( I don't want him to be a bad guy, but he sounds like he's up to something here, and it's not good. I'm pretty sure Illyrio is not entirely good, since Daenerys thinks there's something wrong about him. If it is Varys, maybe he's only pretending to be his friend, I don't know. Even after reading this a second time I still get confused about what's happening. GRRM is brilliant like that, dragging out the mysteries of his story throughout all of his books so you never know what's going on until the very end, when, hopefully, everything becomes clear. One thing for certain is it seems both men want Daenerys to sit the Iron Throne.

12. I very much want to learn more about these young "birds" and what they can do for this "sorcerer" whom I'm afraid is starting to sound like Varys. Varys also knows the secrets of the Red Keep, and these two know where they are going. I wonder how many times Illyrio has been here and why he came to Westeros instead of Varys visiting in Pentos. Maybe Illyrio has other business in King's Landing?

13. By the time Arya finds the end of the tunnel she is outside in the dark and miles away from the Red Keep, though she can see it in the moonlight, as it's on top of Aegon's Hill, so thankfully she won't get lost getting back to it.

14. Before, she would be mortified to be caught in the rags she's wearing, but now she doesn't care. She is even sassy with the gatehouse guards, lol.

15. Poor Arya spills her story out to her dad, despite the reprimand he gives her, and says she's scared these men want to kill him. She confuses the bastard with Jon, understandable, but I'm almost positive they were referring to Gendry. Ned doesn't believe her story, especially when she brings up the "wizard", awe...kids are never listened to...uh oh, and now Ned wants a word with Syrio. :(

16. LOL when Yoren walks in; Ara asks him a million questions...she is so cute! She misses Jon so much. Favors him over the others. :) I love how Arya first thinks of Jon, then Uncle Benjen, when she hears him talking of trouble.

17. I both love and think it is so sad when Arya asks Desmond, a Stark guard, if he will keep her father safe. :) He assures her Ned is guarded night and day. I also like how Desmond says wizards die like any other men, "once you cut their heads off."

Clara Yes, I read about the theory, but I'm not so sure about it. It could be, but I am not suscribing to it. I want to read her description again, I think she has green eyes.

Tommen and Myrcella are definitely not like Cersei, and not so perfect as Joffrey in her eyes. interesting what you said in point 7.

I believe is Varys the man Illyrio is talking to, but it never crossed my mind it could be Jaquen. And we know Varys uses a lot of costumes, so I thought this was another one.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments I'm pretty sure it's Varys now, though.

Clara Yeah, I think it's him too.

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