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Name- Ezra Hunter
Gender- Male
Age- 20
FC- Sean Opry
Appearance- description
Personality- He is a wild boy with a burning flame. Ezra isn't anything close to the word nice. He sees the world as a battle ground something to win, to survive. He is cold and mean because he does not care of his impact on others.
He is the ideal guard and was why he was forced and tortured into turning from the Red Queen to instead Service the White Queen.
He is detached from the life he lives that is if he lives because all he does is survive. He mostly Listen and catalog people into weapons.
Fun has never been something he had ever been good at and when his mother took ill at his age of twelve, he had to start looking out from his small box, becoming mature. Being familiar to the cruel world at a very young age. He does not interact much, he prefers keeping to himself. His darks past shaped a lot of his personality, he is often viewed as rude, arrogant and impossible which he was and accepted wholeheartedly without a blink. He is the breaker of many hearts and does not give a shit or awareness of it. He is also sweet, caring and confident does not do much in way to change what people think about him.

History- His mother took ill when he was just but a young boy. He lived in a small village under the rule of the white queen. He couldnt help his mother, couldnt afford the medicines that could cure her so he did the only thing sensible at then for him. He took up the offer of the red queen which meant going against his queen and committing treason.
He became the executioner of his own people. Destroying and killing just to get enough treatment for his sick mother.
He never liked any of the things he did but with time his heart numbed to it.
He didnt feel anymore or couldnt all his day was about killing, destroying taking. His only straw was tht his mother was in perfect care only to realise he had been lied to.
His mother had passed away lonely and in pain that destroyed him. He became a man o pain, of hatred and bitterness taking it out on others.
He didnt care who hired him all he cared was he wouldnt be allowwed to think or feel.
He was saved by his first Queen the White queen problem was he didnt want to be saved. He deserved to be destroyed tormented not just by his mind. But he was forced to be saved and thats what brought upon his spitefulness on the White Queen.
Pledge- Unstable-Currently White Queen
Strength/Weakness- Sword, numbness, knifes, a good listener, hardworking.

Weakness- His past, his mind

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