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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Book about female angel who is sent to Hell by her lover, Michael, but falls in love with Lucifer [s]

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Please help! Been looking for this book for ages. Read an excerpt and accidentally deleted the bookmark.


She is in charge of watching over the innocent or children. Spends her days among the children. Has some kind of a romantic relationship with Michael. One day, he says that she has to go to Hell to either convince Lucifer to do something or bargain with him about something. She eventually falls in love with Lucifer. When she first arrives to Hell, she is shocked by how normal he looks. Lucifer tells her to go back because he won't agree to anything and that is was pointless for Michael to send her. He prefers to be called Luc or Luce. The excerpt ended there.

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Amy Diaz | 224 comments Wrote a story similar to this, I hoped my sister (who used to draw) would team up and make it into a manga.

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Found it! Extinguish by JM DarhowerExtinguish

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