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Felicia Day??
Kylie Kylie Aug 18, 2015 10:48PM
I don't know much about Felicia Day but am interested in reading her new book. She is coming to my hometown for a book signing and I think I might want to go hear what she has to say. What kind of person is she? Is her book good? I've heard great things about the book, and think it would be a fun event to go to.

You should ABSOLUTELY go, and you'll have a terrific time. Day is most famous for her appearance in Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, as well as being Charlie on Supernatural. But she's actually an online entrepreneur running the channel Geek and Sundry. Her book, which I read in one sitting, talks about her experiences as a home-schooled child, a math and music major in college and eventually as a commercial actress in Hollywood. But on a deeper side she reveals her struggle with depression and anxiety. The book is witty, engaging and full of those humiliating pictures from our childhood that we had hoped mom had burned.
I did a vlog about it if you want to know more:

Felicia Day is actually most well know for creating and acting in the great web series The Guild which includes some promotional Music videos that are fantastic.
The Guild was the beginning of the rise of Web produced entertainment craze and launched a world of amazingly talented people who Hollywood's myopic tendencies completely missed.
Shes done several B Movies, Video game voice overs and regular TV shows such as Buffy, Supernatural, Eureka, Monk, Dollhouse and dozens of others.
She also played Penny in the utterly amazing and life changing DR Horrible.
Felicia is also a runs the Geek ANd Sundry network on youtube now owned by legendary entertainment and is a mainstay at conventions and is popular on twitter and goodreads having her own bookclub not to mention her constant presence in the gaming and geek communities as a whole...her book is fantastic and so is she.

I agree - she's a must see. She was a guest at a Sci-fi con I attended and stole the show.

Definitely go, if you have the chance. She's a hoot.

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