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ThatCasualDragon | 26 comments Mod
I'm curious what you think should count for the reading challenge. I've been working my way through Attack on Titan and don't feel like I can consider each volume a book, since I read them so quickly. I decided I'd count every five as a book (mostly because the "Colossal Edition" was the first five and it was definitely a book). It seems that other things would cause problems, too, though. Poetry springs to mind right away. So I wondered if any of you had either encountered things that gave you pause or had developed any rules :)

message 2: by Lecta (new)

Lecta | 21 comments Sometimes with graphic novels (especially Scott Pilgrim) I feel like I didn't "earn" my book, but I figure it evens out because some of the books I read are between 700 and 900 pages. So I basically don't worry about it anymore, but I love that we're so nerdy that we mildly stress about this stuff. ^.^

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