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**bells** | 479 comments Hello! :D

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 958 comments Hi. :)

So, who would you like to be?

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**bells** | 479 comments I would prefer to be the girl, but I'm open to being the guy or doubles if you really wanted to be her!

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**bells** | 479 comments I'm going to go take a quick shower; feel free to like make your character or whatever if you've already decided who you wanna be! If you want haha

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 958 comments Name: Jeremiah Andy Keller
Nickname: Jem
Age: 28

Appearance: Billionaire

Appearance: Cowboy

Hair: Dark Brown - Short
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 260 lbs

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**bells** | 479 comments Name: Dawn Abigail Wyatt
Age: 26
Appearance: http://www.hollychristineimagery.com/...
Hair: Dirty Blonde, Medium Length
Eyes: Dark Blue
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 132 lbs

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**bells** | 479 comments Ughhh I can never get the picture to work lol

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**bells** | 479 comments I just put the link in there. The pic is pretty small though, so let me know if you want me to find a different one

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 958 comments Did you want her to have a kid? It's fine if you don't.

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**bells** | 479 comments Oh yea! I was gonna make him a separate one. One sec :)

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**bells** | 479 comments Name: Kaden Joseph Wyatt
Age: 13 months
Appearance: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...
Hair: Light Blonde, but still baby hair
Eyes: Sky Blue
Height: 2'3"
Weight: 20 lbs

I'm kinda guessing on the height and weight there lol

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 958 comments That's fine. :) could you start? I'm going to bed.

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**bells** | 479 comments I'm headed to bed as well haha. I'll try to get it done before I fall asleep though!

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**bells** | 479 comments Dawn stood at the counter at her town's supply store, chatting with the cashier that she saw every few days. She was expecting a new farmhand today and had asked him to come by here and pick up a few bags of protein feed for the horses. She had found that there were a handful of other items she needed as well, so she had decided to make the trip, hoping she either ran into him here or made it home before the poor man got there to find it empty. She didn't mind the trip- in fact, it was something she enjoyed most of the time. She appreciated the socialization and kindness of the employees here. She loved her little farm, but it was hard to spend all of her time there- especially since her husband, Joseph, could no longer keep her company. He had been deployed by the army just weeks after their little boy, Kaden, had been born. He was killed by an land mine three weeks later.

Dawn had been devastated from the lost of her husband, but there wasn't much time for feeling sorry for yourself around here. She now had a newborn son to raise and an entire horse farm to run all by herself. She loved the farm, and she adored Kaden more than anything in the world, but it had been difficult. And that was why she had finally, after a lot of coaxing from multiple people around town, hired some help. Little Kaden was with one of the store's other employees, trying to walk on his wobbly little legs as she held onto his hands and held him up. He landed on his bottom one too many times and started crying loudly, his scrunched into a frown. Dawn laughed a little as the woman brought him over to her, taking Kaden into her arms and bouncing him on her hip. "Well that's just the fakest cry I've ever heard." she crooned, kissing the side of his (tearless) face. He was having a hard time learning to walk, and he frequently got frustrated with it and started crying so somebody would pick him up. She glanced up as the bell on the door rang, signaling the entrance of a man she had never seen before. Interesting, since there weren't many people in this town she had never seen.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 958 comments
Jeremiah let out a frustrated noise as he parked his truck in front of a store. It wasn't very big and the outside seemed a little dilapidated but he needed help. Jem has been driving for fifteen miles on a flat tire. He knew how to change on, he just didn't have it. So now he needed to find a place that had tires to fit his truck.

Jem had bought the truck a couple weeks ago after he had decided it was time he get away from being a billionaire. He was sick of the fawning and questions and just pretty much everything about it. Jeremiah didn't want to be the billionaire anymore. What he wanted was love. Jem hasn't been able to find love that wasn't dollar sign induced as he had dated women. Some had made him believe he had found the right girl until he found out other wise. Being rich wasn't all it seems to be.

When he bought the truck, he made sure it wouldn't look stupid standing out from all the others in this town because of how nice it was. Jeremiah didn't want to look like the billionaire anymore.

Jem hopped out of his truck and inspected the tire, seeing multiple tears in it and wondered just how that had happened. He ran a hand through his dark hair and walked up to the store, opening the door and going inside. Jem found himself immediately looked at by the women inside the store. But then again, he was sure everybody knew everybody in the little town.

Jem shoved his hands inside his jeans, something he hadn't worn in ages, and slowly approached the women. His eyes took turns looking at both their profiles then he looked at the little boy in one of their arms. Jem hadn't had much experience with children but when he did, it was typically good.

Jeremiah cleared his throat and looked at the older woman. "Is there a place here where I could find a tire for my truck? I had to ride on a flat for about fifteen miles." he explained, his dark eyes switching back and forth between the women.

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**bells** | 479 comments Dawn studied the man, a little wary at first. He looked agitated, but he sounded nice enough. And a flat tire was enough to work anybody up. "What kind of truck do you have, sir?" the cashier asked. "Fifteen miles is a long way to drive on a flat." she noted kindly, typing into the computer to check their inventory. "We mainly carry tractor tires, but I might have one laying around for your truck if it's pretty common." she told him, honestly hoping they could help this man out.

Kaden had stopped crying by now, and his head rested on his mother's shoulder. He sat up when he heard them talking, his eyes curious. "Truck?" he said excitedly. He knew few words- but he was absolutely in love with trucks, so obviously it had to be one of them. Dawn laughed softly. "Yea, he has a truck! A lot bigger than your trucks though." she told him and tickled his little belly, making him laugh. "What brings you here? Just passing through?" she wondered, looking up at the new man.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 958 comments
Jem reached up and rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm not actually sure about that." he answered with an apologetic smile. He felt like an idiot in front of these women. Sure, he worked hard but the people around here worked hard in a more difficult way. All he had to do was avoid the paparazzi and sit pretty. He was sure they knew more math than he ever would, and that was a feat.

After getting his truck fixed if he could, he would have to go in search of some horse feed and his employer. Jem needed this kind of experience and a break from it all as well. His real world was becoming too much for him and wanted to escape for a while.

Jem looked over at the younger women and the child in her arms. A slight smile curled his lips as the child spoke and laughed. Clearly he liked trucks. Jem turned his attention to what must be his mother and shook his head. "No. I'm actually here for a.. Something like a vacation." he answered politely. "Would either of you ladies know Dawn Wyatt?" Jem inquired, unaware that she was standing in front of him.

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**bells** | 479 comments Dawn looked at the man curiously. What kind of person doesn't know what kind of car they have? That seemed like a fairly large liability. "Well, I'll just go take a look at it then." the older woman said kindly and walked out to look at the truck.

Dawn blinked at his reply, a laugh escaping her lips before she could catch it. "A vacation? Are you sure you're at the right place?" she asked incredulously. She had lived here her whole life, and she had never heard of anybody coming here for vacation. Most of the people she had grown up with had left, actually, to start careers and raise families. She had stayed, mostly because her father had left her the farm, and then she had met Joseph and had Kaden, and there just seemed to be too many things in the way to leave anymore. She snapped out of her revery with a start, her eyes meeting Jem's. "Oh, that would be me, actually." she said with a slight blush and walked over to him, repositioning Kaden on her hip. "I'm so sorry I didn't recognize you. I'm Dawn, and this is Kaden." she introduced them, a smile crossing her face as she looked at her son. "You must be Jeremiah, then?" she asked, holding out a hand to shake.

Dawn was normally a little wary of strangers, especially since Joseph had left her alone. She hadn't even wanted to hire any help, which was why she had waited so long to find somebody. This man was no exception. He was very...interesting. How could he envision working on her farm as a vacation? Had he even worked on a farm before? What had she gotten herself into?

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**bells** | 479 comments ((I move back to college in two days and I'm so bored just waiting for it lol. But I am not bored enough to pack haha))

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**bells** | 479 comments ((Okay, no problem. Goodnight!))

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 958 comments
Jem nodded at the other woman as she left the building, a little bell tinkling as she did. "Thank you." he said before she had made it out. He then turned his attention back to the young woman with the little boy in his arms. She wondered where his father was but knew that it was none of his business.

Jem flushed slightly and nodded a shrug of his shoulders. "Of sorts. I was curious how life like was and decided to find out." he said, shoving his hands in the pockets of his jeans. Jem has no intention of revealing who he really was and he would keep up the act until he left the place in a few months. Jem had come escape his reality and to learn about the lives of the people's unlike him. The lives of people who worked long, labor intensive hours just to put food on the table and pay bills.

Jem quirked a brow but took her hand and shook it. "Well then, it's nice to meet you, Dawn." he said then gave an affirmative nod. "Yes, I'm he. You can call me Jem though." Jem told her. He wasn't sure if that was too personal just yet but he knew Jeremiah could get annoying to say all the time so he always have the option to people he met.

Jem shoved a hand through his hair and knew that he might regret this decision but he needed this. "I will warn you honestly, I have never done anything like this before but I'm willing to learn. Oh, and I won't work for money." Jem informed. It hadn't really said anything in the call-out of any sort of payment but he wouldn't work for money. He had enough of it as it was and knew that the people here needed it. Animal work and farm was getting harder and harder if you continued to look at the stocks of those things every week. It was in a constant state of flux.

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**bells** | 479 comments Dawn shook her head incredulously. "Well you're going to find out, alright." she said and chuckled a little. "Maybe somebody like you will be just what we need out here. Obviously the same old stuff just isn't working anymore." she said curiously and gave him a genuine smile. Life had been pretty rough lately, and she was getting tired of dealing with the same people she had known all her life. The ones that seemed to pity her and make life harder for her at the same time.

"Jem. It's nice to meet you, too." she said and listened to his spiel, her eyes widening in shock when he stated that she couldn't pay him. "Are you insane? Why in the world would you want to work in a place like this for no money?" she asked, floored. She knelt down to let Kaden toddle around, holding onto the stroller to help him stand. "I mean, you won't need to pay rent to stay with us, of course. And you're welcome to have meals and such with us. But I just...it's not easy work." she said warily, resting her hands on her hips as she surveyed this strange man. The older woman walked back in then, wiping blackened hands on her jeans. "It's all done, sir. Let me just ring you up here at the register."

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