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message 1: by Emory (new)

Emory Hoth (EmoryHoth) | 11 comments Synopsis: There is one thing for certain and one thing remains-- seasons come and seasons go, but nothing real ever changes.
In a world where blood colour can be a blessing or a death sentence, Marwolaef Falnma'ar is caught between three ominous vexations: the revival of the worst clan war in history, the coming of the Blood Moon, an energy tap that will suck the planet dry and collapse the planes into it, and the sudden interest the rest of the ren have taken in finding the last silverblood. Rumor has it, it could be her.
The problem? Her blood is absolutely, completely, most definitely black.
With the help of a lonely, traumatized redblood who wants to kill her, a rambunctious necromancer, an anxiety-stricken blood mage, and the worst Maid of Night that clan Candriisif has ever had, can Marwolaef regain her silver blood, resurrect the goddess, and stop the Blood Moon and the war?

Email is

message 2: by Chris (new)

Chris | 78 comments Hi there! I am looking for someone to BR the first chapters of my novel. Want to do a swap?

Here is my threat:

Thank you!

message 3: by Maria (new)

Maria | 11 comments Hi Emory :). If you still need a beta my email is

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