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Seeking to swap reviews for fantasy novel. Will read anything.

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message 1: by S. (new)

S. Nileson | 21 comments Hi,

I'm seeking honest reviewers for Amazon (US and UK) and Goodreads for my book 'Book of Kayal: Strength of Unity". I'd be more than happy - thrilled - to swap reviews and share my thoughts. The book is just under 100k words long and I have no limit to the number of words I'm willing to swap for. I'd Prefer to get the review out there before August 30th.

The story is based in a fantasy setting where the protagonists follow a rebel to uncharted lands and investigate his whereabouts while facing the challenges of adapting to their environment. The main protagonist is a woman who had recently joined the crew instead of their leader. SoU is the foundation of the new-empire setting on which the following books will be based (already Book II & III have been written and IV is in progress. Book II is scheduled to release in 2016).

Send me a personal message if you're interested.

Thank you.

message 2: by Eleanor (new)

Eleanor (eleanorwebsterauthor) | 3 comments No Conventional Miss
I would love to swap reviews. Feel free to send a friend message and then we can determine how to do this. I have added my book, see link above

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