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Here we are! What's the game plan?

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Ok this is weird but Ive been wanting to try it
Little kid romance

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Like what age kid u talking bout??

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Like little kid like 5, 6, 7

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Oh um well okay then

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You dont have to. Just something ive wanted to try

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Yeah i dont know how to pull that off sorry. I can do teen romance tho.

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Ok then works for me! Could I be the girl?

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Ok do you want a sheet?

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Nah its fine

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Ok great can you start?

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Can you??

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Umm alright.

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Haven walked out of school for the last time until next year. She looked around a bit for her best friend. Upon finding him she said, "No more school! Great huh?"

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Aaron looked at her. "Yeah. Summer no more annoying teachers and kids." He smirked.

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Haven laughed. "Let's get in to trouble. I feel rebellious. Like, ummm, toilet-papering Mr. Finch's house!"

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"Awesome im in." He laughed with her.

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Haven smiled. She stopped walking. "Whose house should we go to?" She asked him.

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"Mine?" He asked her.

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"Alrighty." Haven said she started walking towards his house, which was only a block away.

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aaron walked with her.

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When they arrived at the door of Aaron's house Haven looked at him and smiled.

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He smiled back at her.

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Haven waited for him to open the door.

((Could you give me more to work with?))

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((Umm ill try))

Aaron opend the door and walked in. "Mum im home and Haven is with me and we are going up to my room." He yelled.

"Okay." His mom yelled back. Aaron pulled Haven up to his room.

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Haven looked around his room. She wasn't here that much. "I keep thinking we should start doing homework." Haven said. "It's sorta weird we don't have any... What do we do now?"

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((Imma be off and on.))

"Yeah." He said and tossed his bag on the floor by his bed. "Wanna play a game or watch a movie?" He asked her.

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"Movie is good." Haven said. She laughed. "What've you got?" She sat down on Aaron's bed.

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((Sorry if my replies are short. I'm doing other things too.))

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"Umm." He looked at his slection. "Grown-ups 1 and 2." He said to her.

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"1." Haven said. "Where should we watch it at?" She tot up and waited for Aaron's answer.

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"Here?" He asked pointing to his TV>

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Haven laughed a little and sat down on his bed again.

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He put it in and say=t next to her..

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Haven grabbed the remote and fast forwarded through the commercials. Then she played it again to start the movie.

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"Im going to go get snacks." Aaron smiled and got up and went down to the kitchen.

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Haven nodded. She paused the movie and started to look around Aaron's room without getting off the bed.

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Aaron went down stairs. His dad was home, and drunk, he started yelling at Aaron, then *smack* He hit Aaron, Hared.

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Haven waited in Aaron's room for him to come back.

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Aaron walked back in holding his face tears running down his face. He closed and locked the door.

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"Aaron what's wrong..." Haven asked trailing off. She looked at him, concerned.

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"Nothing im good." He szid.

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"No, you're not." Haven said. "I'm not going to start this movie until you tell me."

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"Im fine Haven." He said to her.

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Haven glared at Aaron, but then her expression softened. "If you say so." She said. She started the movie. After a minute she was mostly absorbed in the movie.

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He shrugged and laid on his bed.

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As the movie went on Haven curled up on the bed, similar to a cat, not wanting to disturb Aaron.

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