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Pride 'Homo' | 685 comments Here

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Cool. Any preference?

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Pride 'Homo' | 685 comments yeah a few

MuseB was order to kill off all the Vampires, he was doing good until met MuseA the last of her kind, it was something about her that made impossible for him to take her out so instead he makes it his duty to keep her safe from the other Demon's that were order the same mission. Will he able to keep her safe? and Will he fall for her along the way?

MuseA is a powerful and skilled elf knight, one day he is order by his king to go to their enemies kingdom and kidnap their beautiful and wise elf princess (MuseB). Knowing with her gone her father would be to force and worried about his beloved daughter he will not see the attack coming. After MuseA kidnaps MuseB he takes her to his hideout underground has he waits for his next order. What will happen between MuseA and MuseB while they are down there? Well they fall in love or stay hating each other?

Zombie Apocalypse:
MuseA thinks he is the last one that has survived the apocalyse until, he goes out to find some more food. He then mets MuseB. They both decide that it would be best to pair up with each other. Will they survive? or turn into one of the undead?

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Pride 'Homo' | 685 comments ok.

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