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Lets get to know each other!

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message 1: by Maria (new)

Maria (marmalade4evs) | 3 comments Hi everyone! As the title suggests, lets get to know each other!
Here's a format:

Favorite books
Favorite genres
Favorite pass times
Favorite food
Where in the world you live
Other random facts

message 2: by Maria (new)

Maria (marmalade4evs) | 3 comments Marmalade4evs
Too many! You can look at my profile to see ones in specific
YA, romance, lgbtqia, sci-fi, fantasy, contemporary, historical fiction, realistic fiction
READING!! And going on Instagram, reviewing books, doing my nails and makeup, running, playing the clarinet, watching booktubers, redesigning my room
Just look at my profile I'm seriously too lazy! :D

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Shine.
Age: Amost young adult.

Favorite books:
The Boxcar Children
Nancy Drew
Bill Bergson
Trixie Belden
The Monkey's Paw
Animal Ark

Favorite genres: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller.
Favorite pass times: Writing, Watching Movies, YouTube.
Favorite food: Anything that's sugar and no torture fruits/veggies involved.
Where in the world you live: IDAHO, USA.
Other random facts: I dream about Thor, Loki, Avengers.

message 4: by Mansi (new)

Mansi Aggarwal | 2 comments Name: Mansi
Age: 16
Books: Like YA romance and occasionally historic romance
Pass times: Books (duh!), drawing, painting, YouTube, trying to learn 3D modelling
Food: spicy food, pizza and noodles
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Random facts: I'm vegetarian.

message 5: by Aliessia (new)

Aliessia Jones (rorozoro) Aliessia
I don't have one. There is just many freaking books I wouldn't be able to choose just one
I like anything fiction but I would say my favorite would be YA paranormal/fantasy
My favorite pastimes are reading, guard,and band
My favorite food is DONUTS!

message 6: by Claudia (new)

Claudia | 2 comments Hello everyone :)

My name (my real name) is Claudia
I am 17
My favourite books are...... I can't decide on just one but for now I will just say Prisoner of Night and Fog.
My favourite genre is historical fiction, mainly around the Nazi German period (Hence why Prisoner of Night and Fog is one of my favourites).
Reading I guess is one of my favourite pastimes.
I have so many favourite foods but on of my ultimate favourites is licorice bullets.
I live in Australia and a random fact about me is I hate the beach! :)

It is so good to meet all of you and to be a part of this group.

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