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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. heads on consoles !! [s]

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Jane | 3 comments Im looking for a book that I read many years ago I carnt remember the title or Arthur
But it was about people being decapitated and their heads being put on to poles and kept alive attached to wires for medical purposes , some people who had this done went insane when they realised what had happened to them ,the main person towards the end it happened to him and his girlfriend found him does this ring a bell with any one I thought the book was called Heads but carnt find any reference and not sure wether there was also a film

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Heads by Greg Bear?

The plot doesn't sound quite right, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Jane | 3 comments No sorry, it was in a hospital from what I can remember and while I have been looking every were I came across a old post on another site ,and some one else was looking for this book it was done 16 months ago,I hope it can be found

Deacon D. | 3 comments Could the book you've been looking for be HEADS by David Osborn?


Jane | 3 comments Yes thankyou so much for letting me know i can now order the book:)))

Deacon D. | 3 comments Jane wrote: "Yes thankyou so much for letting me know i can now order the book:)))"

I'm happy to have helped! ☺

Deacon D. | 3 comments SOLVED!


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