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вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη The east forest is very dense, lots of birds are here as well as rabbits. A River with fast flowing water can be found, but this leads out into DuskClan and if you follow it back, it turns into a small stream when in the North Forest
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вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "No, no, no." Blossomstar said with a smile. "Try jumping a little before. Now, try it and land on my back." She explained, as Forestpaw was so close to getting it right.

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Forestpaw Sighed, her tail twitched and she lept up and her paws just skimmed her back and the rest of her missed, "Mice" she cursed.

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "Close enough." She said. "Keep your tail flat, that way you'll have more balance." She suggested, "Your doing grate."

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Forestpaw narrowed her eyes keeping her tail flat, she lept and landed on BlossomStar's back

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη Turning quickly, she lay down, squashing Forestpaw, but got up quick as she didn't want to hurt her badly. "Well done Forest, now, once again, leap on my back, and jump right of before I can squash you again." Blossomstar said.

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ForestPaw nodded and quickly got up and shook her black fur getting ready

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη Blossomstar crouched down a little in her place, ready.

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Forestpaw lept, gliding threw the air alittle she landed on Blossomstar's back, but then jumped off before she could squash her

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "Very good." Blossomstar said, "Is there anything else you wish to learn today?"

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Forestpaw shrugged, "i dont know, up to you" she meowed still full of energy

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "Hu, ok." Blossomstar said, thinking over there training. She remembered that she had not taught Forestpaw the quick way to climb a tree. "Time to climb trees." She said.

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Forestpaw looked up at the tall big trees and her eyes wided, "hmm challange accepted" she giggled.

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "Ok, I already know you an amazing climber, but no one had taught you the fast way. You'll be the first, as I only found this out a few moons ago." Blossomstar said, "Climb a tree now, normally."

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Forestpaw nodded and used her front paws to shimmy up alittle and her back claws to keep her up, after kinda high up her back claws and front claws faultered on her and she started slipping back down, she landed in the grass with a thud and she hissed, "stupid claws, the tree is so slick and mossy" she meowed

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη Blossomstar laughed a little. "Watch me, and learn." She said, moving back a bit, she got a run up and what it seemed like, ran up the tree, although while she was doing with, she was using the smaller branches to stand on. Sitting on the top, and made her way down. "You try."

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Her eyes wided and backed up, Forestpaw ran forward and got slightly high up, she stopped on one low branch and smiled "ta da!" she meowed

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "Now, run up next time. Think of it as your running through the forest, but just on a tree." Blossomstar said, sitting down and watching her.

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Forestpaw nodded, "ok" she said as she jumped down and landed quietly

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вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "So, we have learn how to climb a tree, and how to attack larger warriors or cats than us. What do you say we go hunting?" Blossomstar said, happy with the training.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 71 comments ((i'm going to change it to where Burnpaw is Miststep's apprentice! after this post))

Miststep sighed as Burnpaw sneaked up on his leader. the young cat was remarkably quiet, didn't make a sound, and jumped out of a bush with a yowl. "hey Blossomstar!"

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη Slightly surprised, Blossomstar snapped her head around. she didn't flinch, although he did frighten her a little. "Hello." Blossomstar said, looking over to Forestpaw then back. "Are you training?"

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 71 comments "yep! Miststep said it would be great to get some more climbing practice! although i know the real reason he came is-" instantly Burnpaw found his face in the dirt as he smaller mentor pushed him down with one paw. lesson learned, keep mouth shut. spitting out dirt he shot an apologetic glance at Miststep before jumping straight up, gripping the tree higher up. he quickly made his way silently up, carefully picking his path, until he ended up slightly higher than what Forestpaw had been at.

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη A little puzzled, Blossomstar carried on. "Now, why would you do that?" She asked, smiling but also she did wonder. Blossomstar stood up to and looked at Mistystep.

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вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη wrote: ""So, we have learn how to climb a tree, and how to attack larger warriors or cats than us. What do you say we go hunting?" Blossomstar said, happy with the training."

Forestpaw nodded, "ok!" she slightly smiled

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 71 comments Miststep looked at Burnpaw and said, in his calm but surprisingly deep meow, "remember, total silence is needed in order to surprise your enemy. now i want you to go through some of these trees while i walk around. try to get the jump on me." Miststep then turned and started walking off. after a few minutes Burnpaw followed from the trees. he had a good ambush all set up and was just about to spring when a familiar but very shocking meow came from above him.
"hi Burnpaw!" meowed Wildpaw, causing Burnpaw to yowl in fright and to leap. fortunately he still managed to land on a very surprised Miststep.

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη Kinda of pissed of that Miststep didn't answer her question, Blossomstar turned back to Forestpaw, her apprentice. "Since we where doing tree climbing, your legs will be good for jumping. I think we should so to [said forest], as there's lots of rabbits and even birds."

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 71 comments Miststep, slightly annoyed with his apprentice's brother, snarled angrily at the much larger apprentice. he held no fear of the gargantuan youngster, despite the fact he was already bigger than most of his clanmates and had no problem throwing his weight around, although the odd tom did fear him slightly. he tried to hide in the leaves as Miststep spat dirt from his mouth, "how about we help Blossomstar instead? and Wildpaw? return to camp!" he hissed slightly as he weaved his way back.

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Forestpaw looked confused on what happened, "huh?" she meowed

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 71 comments Miststep went up to Blossomstar and purred a polite greeting, as was as apologizing.

((Blueblossom, reply!))

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη ((SORRY))

Blossom smiled. "Forestpaw is doing really well in training, hows Burntpaw?" She said. Blossomstar was really grateful for Forestpaw's hard work in training.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 71 comments "doing very well...in fact i think he's ready to be a warrior. he's of the right age, and he's already proven his worth, and we do need more warriors." Miststep was about to go on when a very unwanted voice broke in. "Miststep why don't you stop sneaking around and just admit you like her already?!" Miststep looked up and saw Wildheart and all his sons staring right at them with the same, you-mouse-brain look.

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη Blossomstar's stood still she a second, taking in what hey said. soon understanding that Mistseptep liked her, she felt guilty. Blossom didn't really know anything about him, but wanted to now. She just smiled softly.

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 71 comments Miststep looked up at them and hissed in annoyance. "i told you to stay out of it!" "you were taking too long!" they replied in unison, something that both impressed and creeped out Miststep. "fine....Blossomstar i have a confession to make. i've had a crush on you since the day i saw you, but i've been too shy to say anything about until now." he pointedly ignored the "aw" from the four idiots pretending to be pigeons.

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вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "I..." Blossomstar didn't know how to respond. "Just wait till we get to the gathering >:) I...I don't know a lot about you, and I have always kept myself to myself. But if we could not, yet. I would like to know more about you."

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 71 comments "i think it would be best....so about our new warriors?" he briefly touched her with his tail, telling her they would continue this later, then looked at the idiots above them. "i do believe if they continue this they might actually become birds." he whispered to her.

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вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη Blossomstar laughed softly. She knew that Miststep didn't know about her...Other side. Witch is why she didn't like to get into relationships, but...She cold always try. "I'll make Burntpaw a warrior, soon." She said, in a low voice so no one else would hear.

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Forestpaw sat down and started grooming herself listening, "so bored" she thought

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 71 comments ((all four brothers are the same age, also i don't have Wolfpaw and he ain't here. Miststep as Burnpaw, remember?))

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη ((Oh! *edits* also, if Forestpaw wants to annoy Blossomstar, feel free!))

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((should i be in this rp or no))

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((ok :3))

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 71 comments ((sure you can, i'd suggest asking why four large cats are sitting on a branch like birds.))

"thank you. now you four.." he took a deep breath then yowled at the top of his voice, "GET YOUR MANGY HIDES BACK TO CAMP AND STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS!" yowling so loud, and startling them so much, all four instantly fell out and landed on their faces.

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Forestpaw looked up her black fur puffed up from grooming, "why were they in a tree?' she asked

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 71 comments "because they're bird-brained." using one of his mother's favorite sayings.

вℓυєвℓσѕѕσм | ℭґїмṧøη "Only StarClan knows." Blossom said, she didn;t know Miststep had such a loud voice!

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Forestpaw rolled her eyes, "trees are fun" she hissed

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 71 comments "yes they are especially when you can use them to sneak up on others." said the very big Wildheart, compared to him his own sons were rather small in size.

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She glanced at Wildheart, "or to surprise your attacker, prey or anything" she said slight annoyance in her tone, trouble gleamed in Forestpaw's eyes

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