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Kai hobbled forwards in the busy streets of the market. He leaned heavily on the cane in his hand, but to anyone watching closely enough they would've seen that the motion was far too exaggerated. The chances that one would stop to comment on a cripple in this part of town was unlikely though. Slowly he yanked the hood of his cloak farther over his head. A part of him was still rather paranoid. Lord he'd killed his family years ago and he was still worrying he'd be charged for his crimes till this day, it was rather absurd. His worries were made pointless due to the fact his family had always hidden him away. The likelihood that anyone would recognize his face was... well.. very unlikely. Nevertheless Kai felt the need to hide himself. Or more so to hide from his sins. He felt no remorse for what he'd done. Perhaps the action was more of a sub-conscious gesture. Maybe he even wanted pity from strangers even if it was the smallest of emotions.

The only reason for him being in town today was to work at the meat vendor. There he would relax a bit more and earn some money. The elderly man that ran that particular stand was always eager for help, and a little overly generous with the money he'd give away for helpers. Just for a moment Kai truly rested against his cane as he adjusted his eyes to see just how much farther he would have to walk. A majority of the crowd walked around him, but all too suddenly he felt a pressure against his shoulder and he was falling face first into the cobbled streets. Immediately he braced himself for a hurried apology, but there was none. This seemed to make him more so angry as he got to his feet quickly, spinning around to see no one there. Raising an eyebrow he shook his head before brushing himself off and muttering a slow string of curse words under his breath.

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Sigrid moved swiftly among the cluster of people, despite the fact that there was a crush of bodies on either side of her. People seemed to part absentmindedly as she made her way through, as if her presence alone was enough to intimidate them into moving. The noise buzzed in her ears, blending into nothing but a humming sound. She caught bits and pieces of conversations but voices seemed to hush as she moved past, their eyes wide and staring at her hooded face. No doubt Sigrid need only push back her hood and the crowd would descend into utter silence. She didn't know why she startled people so, as her face was typically smeared with paints and dirt. Perhaps it made her fiercer? Or the sight was just so odd others couldn't help but stop and stare. Nevertheless, she didn't mind it; they should fear her. For it would take only a freezing glance to lay them at her feet.

Sigrid turned the corner and broke free of the bodies. She truly detested being in such public areas. Herself and the silence was what she preferred, what she yearned for. Yet, as her supplies dwindled, she found herself needing extra money and therefore had entered town, a sack piled full of skinned rodents slung over her shoulder. She had killed them the day preceding and found that this would be an easy way to pay for her supplies; the meat vendor would buy from her for a less-than-reasonable price and she would use the money. Sigrid only noticed the cripple when he fell and still payed very little attention. The only thought crossing her mind that the way he walked was a bit peculiar, though she promptly emptied her mind of the thought and continued to the vendors cart.

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