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lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments
Gus drifted above the crowds, invisible to the normal eye. Now, what was he to do today? He hadn't really spent a lot of time in this area for a while, and so he had decided to hang out here for the day. But thus far, all he had done was float and around and do random tricks. Hovering for a second, he tried to come up with a prank to try out. There was definitely more than enough potential victims around, but first he had to think of something to do on one of them... Hmmm...
"Ahah!" Gus shouted out, not even slightly disrupting the already loud crowd. He soared down to inspect a long and dark alley, and after a few moments inspection, decided it was perfect. For this trick, he wouldn't even have to do much of anything. After all, when you were a ghost, it usually didn't take much to spook people. Stifling his snickering, it only took a few seconds for Gus to come up with a decent bait. Clearing his throat, Gus let out a very mew-like sound, hoping someone would be attracted to the sound of kittens or even a cat. Whatever worked really.

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments
HAH! SOMEONE WAS COMING! Gus was actually a bit surprised that his plan had worked. After all, not everybody would stop to help or even investigate a cat meowing, albeit pitifully. Well, actually, it was Gus meowing pitifully. But that was aside the point. The point was that Gus had finally gotten someone's attention... And that person looked more likely to punch any cat they found than help it?! What the heck?? Gus had been planning to attract some random kid, but this lady... Well, she wasn't a little kid, and she was certainly grumpy. Buuuut, now that he thought about it, that didn't have to be a bad thing... No, it would just be an added challenge.

Floating over to behind the woman, still invisible, he whispered in her ear. "Someone's been awfully craky lately..." He said in as deep a tone he could go without sounding straight up ridiculous. Of course, if she were to look behind her, she'd find no one. Actually revealing himself came later in the plan. Gus momentarily wondered how much the lady actually knew about ghosts and the like, and if she'd be able to guess that one was playing a prank on her, but he banished the thought. Surely there weren't that many other prank-loving ghosts? Not that Gus had actually met any, but whatever.

Actually, his maid concern was that the woman would just stalk off. I mean, she had looked rather hostile when she had come into the alley. Why it was that she came to investigate cat meowing was beyond Gus, namely since she clearly wasn't prepared to do any favors for any kind of cat, but hey, he wasn't one to judge. Gus had seen many odd people with more odd habits, and strongly disliking cats was far from the oddest.

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments
Eep, this girl needs to take a chill pill... And wait, if she found a cat, did she plan to hurt it or help it?? She certainly didn't seem to be on pleasant terms with cats... And possibly animals in general. Actually, come to think of it, that had nothing to do with the situation at hand, and next thing Gus knew the girl had whipped around just as planned. Floating backwards a bit, Gus listened to her correction with an amused smile on his face. This time he hovered over to directly above the girl, and spoke again in as deep a tone as he could get. "Who I am does not matter now... For now you must be punished!" Actually, Gus didn't really have much of an idea of how he'd "punish" her. But he decided to wait, for dramatic effect and all, for a few seconds before making his next move.

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments
Alright alright, this girl isn't too bad. He admitted to himself. Anyone who could make a good joke was alright in his book, and soon her original grumpiness was forgotten. Actually, most everything was forgotton as Gus tried his best not to reveal himself by laughing-- Actually, never mind, he decided he would reveal himself. Making a dramatic movement of a silent evil laugh, it was mostly just for himself considering the girl couldn't see him. Drifting down next to the girl's face, Gus shamelessly noted she was rather attractive. It wasn't really like he was interested in her or anything. He didn't really want to be tied down by a relationship, after all. Moving his face closer and closer to her face, when he was only an inch away, Gus became visible. Not wasting a second, he quickly pecked the girl on the cheek, grinning widely. Now, surely that would give him a good reaction. Hopefully she wouldn't go violent or anything, because he was currently tangible as well as visible, but... Well, to be truthful Gus wasn't really one for planning.

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lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments
Being a ghost and all, Gus couldn't exactly feel pain. More like phantom sensations, usually much much duller than how it would actually feel assuming he was alive. But still, on impulse, Gus whined on impact with the wall. "Owwwwww," He said a little overdramatically, his face in a childlike pout. "That was awfully uncalled for lady, geez. Just tryna have a little fun is all..." Going invisible again, Gus slipped a little ways above the girl before appearing again, this time in a sitting position. He was still pouting a bit, although by now most of the ordeall ad been forgotten. After all, Gus wasn't really one to dwell on the past... Namely because he had learned to what with not knowing his. But still, for the most part he was simply contended to live in the moment and see where death took him. "But now you gotta tell me, why are you so cranky? Also I'm Gus." He added, almost as a sidenote.

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments

Floating around randomly, Gus ended up upside-down as he listened to what Ashton had to say. To be honest, Gus didn't really know how to respond. Not really in an awkward, gosh this is so embarrassing kind of way, more just like he had no idea what would really make sense as a response. He didn't really have any qualms or want for Ashton to kiss him, but in his experience girls were hella complicated. Next thing he knew she might be expecting him to like, commit to something. Wincing at the thought, Gus almost considered leaving before listening to what she had to say next. Now this time, Gus smiled. Sassy with an attitude... That was definitely another way to put it. But the reputation part? Yuck. Too much work to uphold it. "A reputation to uphold," He said, drifting a little lower now, although he was still a distance away from Ashton. "Sounds likea lot of work. And commitment. What's the point?" He asked honesty, not really seeing the importance of always acting a certain way. After all, if he suddenly wanted to stop pranking people tomorrow, he sure as hell wouldn't want something stupid like a "reputation" to stop him.

But then the next things the girl said surprised him. Once again, Gus didn't really do awkwardness, but it still came as something new to Gus. People didn't usually care to call ghosts cute after all, usually prefering to instead run screaming. "Well, I am funny, you got that right. As foor liking you..." Gus drifted down the rest of the distance until he was resting on the ground in a reclining position, face looking thoughtful. "I dunno. You're attractive enough, but I'm not really one for any kind of long-term relationships y'know." He explained, figuring telling her she was attractive was about as much answer as she'd need. Oh, she was certainly a novelty, something new and exciting to look into. But, well, practically nobody actually held gus' interest for very long.

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lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments
Uh oh. Ashton was going all personal shit on him. That was not good. As a matter of fact, that was never good. When people started talking about their past, they always expected the other person to know what to say. Well Gus didn't, and he sure as hell didn't want to stick around if Ashton was gonna expect that from him. It wasn't like he was mean or anything, he could understand when people needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to. But the thing was, he was not the ideal type of guy for that. Nver had been in his whole afterlife, and didn't really intend to start. People were just better off relying on someone else.

Gus was beginning to feel incredibly bored, and considered the idea of just flying away until Ashton began talking about something else finally. But... It was something Gus had absolutely no idea about. Who the heck was Archimedes? Should it have been common knowledge? Perhaps it was. Not really having any memories before he died, Gus had had to relearn a lot of things, although things like speech and whatnot came back easily enough. "Uuuuuh, yeah, no idea who this Archimedes guy is. Also, no, I really don't want a bath. I think. Probably?" Uuuuuuuugh, this girl was so confusing. For a while she had been pretty interesting, and Gus wished oh so very much she'd stop acting-- what was the word for it-- flirty?? That was probably what she was acting like... So then, how would he get her to go back to being normal? "Y'know what, Ashton right? What do you like to do for fun?" He asked, th e question slightly pertaining to his quest of getting her back to normal and slightly just being entirely random.

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