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 †Emily† | 900 comments Hey, guys! Mod Emily here :) So, I've been waiting for Bomb to return but it seems she won't be on anytime soon from my observations. I've decided to takeover Arena 48 until her return. I will update the roster and make sure that the chariot rides and interview topics are posted.

♥ bomb ♥ υиøffı¢αł яøłeρłαч мeитøя (fantastic-bomb) | 502 comments Mod
If you haven't verified your character, you have until April 30th, Or Next Saturday, to tell me in the character workshop thread. All characters on the roster with a checkmark next to them are safe. Those that are not are at risk of being taken off of the roster, giving arriving roleplayers a chance to rp.

♥ bomb ♥ υиøffı¢αł яøłeρłαч мeитøя (fantastic-bomb) | 502 comments Mod
Im sure lots of you are antsy to get started with this arena. With 49's opening at an odd time, I have a proposition for you all.

After the non verified characters are cleared from the roster, we can start the arena immediately. The only downsides will be the following:

Everyone will get the SAME AMOUNT OF SPONSOR POINTS! And Training scores will be based on the similarity of one's Personality and Scenario Test. There will also be less members in this arena, and most non created characters will be declared already dead.

The good side is, however, we'll have the arena!

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