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Am I the only one who thought for a moment that Lyle was the Day baby?
Teodora Teodora Aug 18, 2015 06:06AM
At some point Libby is thinking about Diondra's baby, about how she could have a twenty-something niece or nephew out there.
Then Lyle invites her to the birthday party his mother is throwing for him. She is wondering how old he is. He must be just over twenty.
When Libby and Lyle are visiting Trey and he reveals Diondra's fake name Lyle panics and wants to leave asap.
For a moment I really thought that Lyle's mother was Polly Palm.

That thought never crossed my mind, but I agree, that would have made a more interesting twist.

hi, I thought the same thing. was surprised when it turned out he wasn't as I thought that would be a typical twist.

That would have actually been a far better twist to the story.

I didn't think about it but it would have made sense.

I totally thought that as well -- and from the looks of it, the author may have considered this as a possible plot line. That would have been a nice twist, I'd think.

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