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Stuff Matters: Exploring the Marvelous Materials That Shape Our Man-Made World
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Paul (halfmanhalfbook) | 5463 comments Mod
The discussion thread is now open. Spoilers are allowed on this thread. Don't read on if you haven't finished the book. Can you also unclick the 'Add to my update feed' people don't see your comments in their home screen. Things to consider:

1. Did you like the book?
2. Do you think that the author covers the subject adequately?
3. Do you like the tone and language of the book?
4. Was there any part of the book that was important or significant to you?
5. Have you learnt anything from the book?
6. Has reading this encouraged you to look for other books on the subject?

message 2: by Anetq (last edited Sep 10, 2015 01:12PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anetq | 86 comments I loved it! Having mixed quite a lot of concrete myself, as well as melted a lot of chocolate in my mouth, I found this super interesting and rather well written.
The last chapter summing up the levels at which the bonds, changes etc. takes places, and how much is similar between living and non-living materials made something about nanoscience REALLY fall into place in my head - I now get, what it is trying to do, rather than just "err, it's really small?". Even though I move in circles where news of growing organs, 3Dprinting, making atom-movies and hearing about self-assembling materials are everyday things, this was very clever in explaining this through everyday materials and their properties. Very well done!
I'm guessing this will work even if those things are new to you, too? (You tell me, please?)

(I did find the british references annoying half the time, when they seemed pointless and irrelevant to me. Also the author seems to be a hopeless paper romantic)

Anetq | 86 comments Did no one else read this? That's a shame, it is really good!

message 4: by Paul (last edited Sep 22, 2015 01:05PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Paul (halfmanhalfbook) | 5463 comments Mod
I bought a copy Anetq, hoping to get to it by the weekend.

message 5: by Sandy (new) - added it

Sandy | 458 comments I'm going to read it soon. I have been working a lot the last two weeks.

Paul (halfmanhalfbook) | 5463 comments Mod
Finished it a couple of days ago now. Really enjoyable and easy read, but did have the odd irritating part. He has boundless energy and enthusiasm for his subject too, and knows that the casual reader is not going to want too much depth.

My review is here

message 7: by Debbie (last edited Oct 04, 2015 03:16AM) (new) - added it

Debbie | 585 comments Extraordinary read, may normally pass this by but glad I read it. Fascinating look at the materials that surround us. x

Paul (halfmanhalfbook) | 5463 comments Mod
It was good, wasn't it.

Anetq | 86 comments Yay! Glad someone else joined the read, it really deserves to be read, it's very good! I'm still fascinated by how It somehow made me 'get' nanoscience!

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