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lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments (view spoiler)

XVI years of age
male, heterosexual
spirit, prankster to all
Peyton Meyer

PERSONA | Well, chances are anyone who knows Gus probably met him through a prank. Not only is it his own signature way of introducing himself, but he just wouldn't have a reason to reveal himself to anyone who he wasn't pranking. However, once you get to know him, he's a very laid back guy, the sort who just wants to have fun in his afterlife. He's always incredibly casual, but he also never takes anything seriously. To a fault. Because he never really takes anything seriously, including people, which can often offend people if they aren't used to his lack of any kind of seriousness. Gus' natural form is completely invisible from the normal eye, not to mention intangible by most anything, however, he does have the capability to become visible, which he uses quite frequently. Another nice perk of being a ghost is his ability to fly, which he enjoys doing whenever he can.

BIOGRAPHY | To be completely honest, Gus doesn't remember much of his past. It all just seems to be a blur to him. All he knows is that one day he "woke up" next to a grave with the name "Gus Charles Davidson" on it. Gus wasn't a moron though, and he connected the dots pretty quickly. And after mastering becoming visible, he even managed to confirm his suspicion with the townsfolk, although they weren't exactly ecstatic to see him not long after he presumably died. Well after that and obviously quite a bit of shock, Gus realized he could become invisible. And no one could really yell at him. And he could basically just do whatever the hell he wanted with his afterlife. Well, as it turned out, Gus became a bit of a travelling prankster. Not being able to stay strong too far away from his place of death and all,
he usually tends to stick somewhat close to the city of Avalon, but on a couple occasions, he has left just for the thrill of exploration and the like.

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Morgan | 49 comments

━━━ Levi Masterson

╚ 22 → Δρгιl 1sτ ╝
╚ Μλlε→ Hσϻσsεϰυλl →Ѕιπɢlε ╝

◘FC: Mathias Lauridsen ◘152 ibs5’9” ◘

Levi is a bit of a wild child, he doesn’t enjoy rules and he certainly doesn’t follow them. As he lives by: rules are meant to be broken. Due to this he doesn’t have the best reputation with authority. Nevertheless he never pretend to be who he isn’t, and if fake people manage to worm their way into his life there’s no doubt he’ll cut them out. It’s only on very few occasions that he’ll be reserved. A side not too many people get to see is his romantic one. People would be surprised to know he even has one singular romantic bone in his entire body- but he does. At the moment such a fact is nothing but a rumor though as he has yet to stay in an actual relationship for more then a month at a time. He's yet to find anyone he wishes to sweep of their feet. Meanwhile friends have never been one of his things. Levi has a lack of commitment to most things, and developing relationships is one of them. That coupled with the fact people can only stand him in small proportations makes him quite the outcast.

There’s nothing too special about the upbringings of Levi. Raised by a single mother there was always the question of who his father was, but that didn’t really bother him up until the point of two years ago. Anyways his mom got married to some guy she who was worth a fortune. The ceremony was rushed and at the age of ten he even questioned whether his mom really even knew the guy. Perhaps the only upside towards the whole situation was the plus one step-brother. They got along quite well at first, but it was all so strange to him when the slightly older boy started flirting with him. No doubt it was confusing, and he wondered whether the blush that was usually on his cheeks in those situations was normal. Living in a house rather than a community dwelling was certainly a perk. One random day his mother seemed to have been so lost in her bottle. She proclaimed she and Levi would run away while they could. With his step-father somewhere off in the woods on a weekly hunting trip of his he had no protests. Life had been bland, and something about his mother's tone suggested there were no if, ands, or buts about it. With what little money they had they purchased a one bedroom apartment over a tavern. The area wasn't exactly the most safe place they could, but his mother seemed content. Levi assumed she was seeing someone else to brighten that smile of hers, but he never had time to ask her aloud. Only weeks after moving in the tavern was set up in flames. After waking up naked and covered in ashes there was no doubt he felt a bit foggy. Where was he? And why was he alive? The smell of burning flesh was clear in the air, and somehow he stumbled to his feet. The cause of the fire had been some silly bar fight. That night he found hospitality in an elderly couple. They offered him shelter and clothing. For a while everything confused him. His heritage had never been apparent, and while he wasn't a stranger to magic it still puzzled him. When he found out what he was he became a little more careless with his life. Why bother with being careful when he could simply be rebirthed every time he dies? Along with his death comes a loss of memories, which is why he's forgotten just about everyone who's placed an impact on his life. Lately though there has been more lasting effects then the loss of memories.

Ɲσ мαттєя нσω мαηу тιмєѕ ωє вυяѕт ιηтσ fƖαмєѕ

Ɯє cαη αƖωαуѕ яιѕє fяσм тнє αѕнєѕ

lil' Lily [ filled with DETERMINATION ] (runelily) | 95 comments *Mathias Lauridsen, not Mathais Lauridsen ^-^

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Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) XD I love Levi! I can't wait for my Kitsune and him to meet!

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Morgan | 49 comments
Kai Byron Burgestien

╚ 24→ Δρгιl 19th ╝
╚ Μλlε→ Bisexual →Ѕιπɢlε ╝
Witch → Vendor Salesman when in need of money

Chris Wood 193 lbs 6'0"

Kia has a habit of staying in the shadows, and not speaking unless spoken to. And even then again he’s not the most approachable person. There’s almost a near constant grimace on his face, and when forced into a conversation he talks in clipped tones, and never does he elaborate. His language is that of nods and shakes of the head. Generally when questioned Kia can resort to his violent ways. Killing people is nothing but a game to him, and his favorite game is cat and mouse. Pursuing romantic relationships is not on the top of his list of priorities and rarely does he let his gaze wander towards both men and women and the bedroom. Nevertheless he's known for his almost never-ending flirting.

Kai always had a problem with his family. Born as a Witch, of sorts, he didn’t exactly have powers like his other brothers and sisters. This became clear at the age of ten when he didn’t master in any of the required tests. What made it worse was that his twin sister had, as had many other people in their family- and it was always the boys that received the most powerful gifts. Only when he was eleven did he discover what he could do. Just with a contact of skin he was able to absorb the powers within other magical members. This made him an Abomination- a word he was never fond of hearing, especially from his own parents, and more so from his own twin.
At the age of sixteen it all became too much from him. Being a problem child. Being exiled from family gatherings. Being shoved into the corner like a lost and forgotten toy. Known for his short spouts of violence he did what any rational teen boy would do and he striked out. One by one he killed all of his family, only after absorbing their powers of course. Kai took a strange pleasure in hearing them all cry out for help as he pierced them all in the heart with the same dagger. The same dagger that he keeps strapped to his side today. Like any sociopath he saved his sister for last, telling her he really didn’t want to do this. It was an obvious lie but one he felt better for telling. Just to perfect the scene he made it look as if he’d been killed too. Finding a random person he left their body in the house before burning the past to the ground. From then on he created a new name for himself. He wasn’t Paul Alexander Holt, but rather, Kia Byron Burgestien.
Only for a few years did he go into hiding. But at the age of twenty he decided there was no use. There were plenty of people that had done worse then him. And if he was ever to be recognized he could simply claim he'd survived an attack on his family. Only a year back in the real world did he met Wren. She was beautiful, funny, artistic, and best of all powerful. He took his time in charming her and putting on his best face. But when the opportunity arose to take her powers he found he couldn’t. She was too innocent, too fragile, too broken. And against all odds he found himself in love with her. An emotion he thought himself incapable of. Their relationship was forbidden, and it was at once fleeting and short. When she left him he wanted to take his revenge but she went into hiding. Decidedly he tried to numb himself of any emotions. Rarely does he allow people into his life, and there’s not a soul in this world that he’d trust with his secrets. As of late he's stopped taking others powers, but he's still the envious little boy he's always been.

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Jess Magic Waning a template created by Jess (view spoiler)

They say we are what we are
                                       but we don't have to be
Emrys Rivera
24; Male; Warlock; Bounty Hunter

I'm bad behavior but,
                                       I do it in the best way

Most people would consider Emrys cruel after all he kills people for a living, but his job is just a means to an end and it gives him no satisfaction to kill others, even if they are evil people themselves. Emrys doesn't often seek trouble though it seems to find him wherever he goes which may be because of his hidden talent to royally piss people off. He loves to find a persons breaking point and push just to the edge which has gotten him into many difficult situations. He is also a huge klutz which can also get him into a lot of trouble depending on the situation.
I'm the watcher (watcher)
description  description                                         Of your eternal flame
Some unions should not be made as they bring pain and suffering to everyone. One such union is that of Emrys's parents, the witch and the Hunter. The Hunter despised magic with all of his heart and soul but, never knew that the woman heoved was a very witch. Through this union Emrys was born and at first he seemed as ordinary as any other baby but, his mother knew differently she could see with her own two eys the magic that hummed in her young sons heart and soul. She wished that she could train him but knew that with his father around there was little chance of that. So she locked her sons magic deep inside him knowing that it would come out when the time was right. When Enrys was sixteen on his mother's birthday he asked the same question he asked every year What was my mother like? His mother had died when he was only a small boy leaving him with nothing but faint passing memories of love and affection. He asked the same question every year hoping to get an answer but he never would ever be prepared for what happened next. His father hit him across the face and Emrys's Magic was let loose killing his father instantaneously. Having nothing else to do, no other way to live Emrys took up his fathers job as a hunter. Killing for money as it was the only useful thing his father had taught him to do.

I try to picture me without you
but                                I                              can't

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Demon Dragon (Changer of Worlds) | 2 comments Name: Adrian Magus
Age: 21
Gender: male
Species: dragon, angel, demon, human hybrid.
Occupation: mostly a magical smith (makes magical weapons, armor, jewelry, etc) but also happens to be a mercenary and part-time assassin.
Human Appearance: 6.5ft with long iridescent black hair and bright metallic silver eyes. pale skinned and very well-muscled. upon his chest are strange runes carved into him, together the mean "Abomination".
True Appearance: 9ft, covered in iridescent black scales, with a long mane of iridescent black hair. hair a large pair of bull-like horns, massive iridescent black angelic wings, a long powerful tail tipped in a barb, and hands and feet are clawed. ((basically think dragon-hybrid and you got the idea)
Persona/Biography: most people believe him to be a monster with little or no feeling, which is far from the truth. he is a sarcastic individual who has had one of the toughest lives imaginable. he has had most of his family killed off and many of his friends have died protecting him, due to the fact he hadn't mastered his powers. until recently anyway. now he pushes harder when he gets pushed and never backs down from a fight.

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