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For those finished already!!!!!!!

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message 1: by Michaella (new)

Michaella Morrison | 10 comments I couldn't help myself! I couldn't put this book down and I'm absolutely in love (both with the series and Rafa XD) And that bombshell near the end!!!!! Anyone have any theories as to how they are going to find "said person"? Also how many of you are keen to keep reading this series?!! I certainly am :)

Georgi_Lvs_Books I'm the same!!!! Just finished it now. Was brilliant. I have no idea, maybe this person is going to find them first? I'm looking forward to finding out more about Dani.

Rafa and Gaby... Will they, won't they???? I REALLY want them to!

message 3: by Michaella (new)

Michaella Morrison | 10 comments Also, is it just me or was Nathaniel giving off a 'Peter Hale from Teen Wolf' feel? Because just the way he's described and especially how his voice is conveyed, I think of the guy who plays Peter Hale??!!

message 4: by Mădălina (new)

Mădălina  Comșa (plimbarinarative) | 7 comments I just finished this and I am obsessed! The story is so amazing and I am so curious of the way it will develop! I will continue with this series for sure! Thank you so much, Cassey, for this read along. ♡

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