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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments Here..

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments thanks sorry about that!

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments it is cool... so do you want to do doubles or no?

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments We can do doubles I normally do them haha :)

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments shall we do some short description for our characters???

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments :) same here

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments wanna know the plot or shall we just make our characters?

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments yeah I was just going to ask for the plot..

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Okay so the plot: A group of friends are very close so they always have sleepovers, yet one night they have a sleepover and watch a zombie movie. The next morning everyone is gone, no traces of life but them... Until they realised the zombie apocalypse started. The group of friends must try to stay alive before the world ends... For good

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments :) okay that sounds good so what age group was you planning the characters to be?

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments 16-18 :)

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments okay I gotcha ill make my characters now

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments okay I will too :)

Name: Mackenzie Starling
Nicknames: Mickey, Mickz, Mac, Kenzi, Kenzie, Kenz
Looks: Dark reddy-brown hair that stops past her shoulders, dark blue eyes yet her right eye is light then the other((she's half blind btw)). She is short for her age with a skinny yet perfect curved body, she is tanned but not too tanned and has a beautiful smile with dimples.
Age: 17
Personality: She is very quiet and keeps to herself but can be bossy to some people, she doesn't talk much except to her best friends.
Piercings/Tattoos: She has a belly button piercing but no tattoo's


Name: Lucas Smith
Nicknames: Luca, Smithy, L
Looks: Black floppy hair and green eyes, pale-tanned skin and a very muscular body, he looks like an emo but really he isn't, he is the average height for his age.
Age: 18
Personality: Lucas is really kind and always is there for his friends, he counts Mackenzie as his sister and always teases her cause he knows it annoys her yet he always is there when she needs help.
Piercings/Tattoos: He has no piercings but has a tattoo on his back of a sword with demon wings

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments Name: Eli Wilson
Nickname: DD (Dare Devil)
Age: 18
Height: 5,7

Family: Rhianna Wilson- Younger sister
Personality: He is kind person, he will do anything to help his friends or family but he tens to be quiet.

Name: Rhianna Wilson
Nickname: Red
Age: 17
Height: 5,4

Family: Eli Wilson- Older brother
Personality: Rhianna is a out going, sweet person even though she like showing that side of her every much. And once she puts her mind on something it is no use in trying to get her out of it.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Great shall I start :)

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments yeah sure

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Okay hun

Mckenzie sat alone as she watched the others, she sighed softly and rested her head on her knees as everyone was fighting over which movie to watch next, she glanced around to spot Eli and blushed a little as she looked away, she always felt weird around Eli and wasn't sure why. She bit her lip then cussed under her breath as she soon tasted blood, soon realising she bit too hard. She licked her lip hoping the blood will go away and looked down at shoes. She wore a dark green tanktop saying 'War is not Over' and black shorts with black and white sneakers. She looked around to feel someone's eyes on her but didn't know who, she shrugged it off and looked back to the group.

Lucas smirked as he spotted Mckenzie on his own and knew it was pranking time, he loved teasing her as she always got annoyed with him about it, he chuckled and snuck up behind her "boo" he shouted in her ear making her cry out and round kicking him, he yelped in pain as her foot hit his cheek and he fell to his side, holding his throbbing cheek in pain "I'M SORRY I'M SORRY" he cried and looked up to see she was laughing at him, he chuckled a little himself and sat up, pushing her fringe away from her right eye to stare at the light blue eye and smiled "pretty" he said and groaned as she pushed him again "At least you weren't the one at the age of 6 with glass going in it" she huffed and glared at him, he shrugged it off and waved at Rhianna, smirking as he began to think of his next prank.

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments Eli sitting beside his younger sister not in the mood to really join the argument. He noticed that Mackenzie glanced over at him and turn away, he smirk before putting his attention back onto his sister still arguing with Lucas about the movie she wanted to watch. Eli took a deep breath before shaking his head. He leaned on the wall that was behind him and closed his eyes but, soon heard movement. So opened his eyes and saw Lucas walking up behind Mackenzie, Eli thought about worrying her. But Eli know that she could take of herself and would end up making him look silly, so crossed his arms over his chest and closed his eyes once again.

Rhianna wanted see walking dead, the best zombie movie ever. But of course had to disagree with her choice. But the argument was cute short when Lucas went play prank on Mackenzie. She quickly turned the channel to the movie and hide the remote, so no one could find it. She smirked has Lucas turned back toward her and waved, she waved back. Then turned her attention to the TV, but then felt something was wrong and glanced at everyone. She sighed seeing that her brother looking like he was about to fall asleep. "Hey, you going to miss the movie, DD!" she yelled slightly pushing him. Which made him open his eyes and glance over at her then the TV, he sighed and nodded knowing if he didn't agree to watch the movie. Rhianna would just keep waking him up.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Mckenzie stood and sighed softly, walking off into the kitchen to get Lucas an ice pack she sighed softly as she grabbed one and threw it at Lucas, watching him fail to catch it she rolled her eyes and began to raid the cupboards looking for food, she muttered softly and went back into the living room, sitting back in her seat and returning to her potion. She watched as Lucas flared around with the ice pack at how every time he put it on he would flinch. She smiled a little and was glad she had him as a friend. She laughed and looked at Eli, realising he was being boring as so she pounced on him playfully and grabbed his cheeks pushing them up to make him smile "aww there's a cute smile" she giggled, she was more close to boys then girls but she would always mess around with the others, she looked at Rihanna and frowned "what are we watching?" She asked, all of a sudden cuddling up to Eli.

"And the Mickey-Kitten is out" Lucas chuckled as he watched Mckenzie cling to Eli like an actually kitten, he realised that she always liked Eli but never wanted to admit it because she always put herself down, well everyone admitted Mckenzie was beautiful even if she was half blind and had a scar from when the glass went into it. He shook the thought of her parents car crash out of his mind and sat down next to Rihanna "Mckenzie you can't watch it, you're mentally 5" He teased and laughed as she poked her tongue out at him

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments ...

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments ((Sorry I was having some internet problems.))

Eli was frowned because being forced to stay up and watch the movie. But, it quickly faded when he felt someone play with his cheeks. He glanced over and saw it was Mackenzie, he softly laughed has he shook his head until she finally let go. "Something every time." Eli said before gently poking her cheek. He always thought Mackenzie liked him but, he never was sure since she never told him. And he wasn't going to take the chance of telling her that he liked her and ruin their friendship. He sighed and smirked has he noticed that she was settling close to him and he wasn't going to complain.

Rhianna slightly pushed Lucas with a smirk. "I would think you have learn to stop teasing her." She said with a soft laugh before glancing over at Mackenzie before saying. "Its the walking dead." Rhianna then noticed the look on her older brother's face. She smirked and shook her head, she always told him that Mackenzie liked him and that he should go head and tell her that he liked her too. But of course since he was the oldest, he always thought he know best, so he didn't. Rhianna turned back to the TV and laid down on the floor. Getting the thought of Mackenzie and her brother's crazy but cute relationship out her head and just forced on the movie that was playing in front of her.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Lucas frowned "What if zombies were aliens??" He smirked and looked at Rhianna "I mean they could have awesome powers and eat flesh" He chuckled and heard Mckenzie groan in annoyance and looked at her seeing she was poking Eli back and trying to get comfortable at the same time, he chuckled at the two and knew they would be a perfect couple but they would never admit it to each other, he turned back to the TV "I DON'T GET THIS" He cried out and pushed Rhianna gently yet playfully "How can you get this huh huh??" He asked over and over just to annoy her, he smirked slowly and poked his tongue out at her.

Mckenzie sighed at how Lucas was acting towards Rhianna and shifted a couple more times in Eli's arms before finally getting comfortable, she huffed quietly and looked up at him cutely 'How could he like me? I've been through a rough life and these three have been there through it all but he's never seen the scar, well I do hide it...' She thought, her hand brushing over the small scar that lay on her right eye and shivered before dropping her hand down, she flinched a little and looked up confused as she soon felt cold, she yawned and snuggled close to Eli, and rested her head on his chest, her eyes slowly dropping

((it's fine hope it's okay now :)))

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments ((Yeah it is))

Rhianna rolled her eyes at Lucas comments at the movie. She sat back up and looked at him with a smirk. "I guess you can say that its only for smart people to understand." She said has poked his forehead and glanced back over at her brother and saw Mackenzie was snuggled into his chest. She smirked and but her attention back onto Lucas, who was trying his best to annoy her. "Shhhhh and just watch it, L" she said with a smirk and glanced back at the TV.

Eli watched has Mackenzie was getting comfortable in his arm. He could tell that she was thinking of something and then she rubbed her hand on her right eye. Eli heard from Lucas that it was a scar on her right eye, but he never saw. Even if I did she still beautiful, he thought has he watched her lay her head onto his chest. A smile slowly came across his face, he softly stroked her head has he noticed that she slowly was going to sleep. He looked over at Rhianna and shook his head. And she talks to me about telling Mackenzie how I feel, maybe she should take her own advice for Lucas, thought before leaning back onto the wall and closed his eyes and let his arm fell onto Mackenzie waist.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Lucas snorted and kept pointing out the characters asking who they were and if they were going to do each other, Lucas was always dirty minded when it came to talking to girls yet he was also a gentleman, he just did it for the laugh. He laughed most of the time when he watched the zombies died and then noticed Eli and Mckenzie and became silent, he smiled at how adorable they looked. He sighed and looked outside to see it was pitch black then poked Rhianna "I think it's time for this man to sleep" He chuckled and clambered onto the sofa and laid down, five minutes later he was snoring away.

Mackenzie shifted in his arms and smiled at the feeling of his hand on her hip, she stayed asleep yet she refused to leave his arms as she woke up after awhile, she sighed softly and looked around her to see it was still dark yet the TV was still on. She glanced up at Eli and kissed his cheek gently to not wake him up "I love you..." She whispered to herself and smiled up at him before shifting out of his arms gently and went into the kitchen, chewing her lip.

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments Rhianna heard Lucas say something but was to forced on the movie. She glad that he was done asking her silly questions, even though she kind of enjoined his company and the way he could always make her laugh. She softly laughed to herself thinking of one of his little pranks he did that didn't really work the way he planned. She tried to finish matching the movie but soon she was fast asleep on the floor.

Eli was fast asleep he didn't feel Mackenzie's cheek against her cheek or even hear her. But a few minutes later, he woke up and noticed that Mackenzie was not next to him anymore, he glanced around the room and saw that she wasn't there. But he shook his head at the sight of his sister sleeping in front of the TV, which was still on. He stood up and walked over to the TV and turned it off, that's when he noticed that the kitchen light was on. He rubbed his fingers through his hair and sighed, and entered into the kitchen. He soon noticed Mackenzie was also in the kitchen, he smirked at the sight.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Mckenzie heard footsteps inside the kitchen and looked over her shoulder at Eli, she was now dressed in one of Lucas' over sized shirts and nothing else "oh um hi" she smiled and turned around again. She grabbed the biscuit box and the glass of milk she made and sat down on a seat "I thought you were still asleep..." she muenster and looked down blushing hoping she didnt wake him up "want a cookie??" she asked and pushed the box over to him and chewed her lip hoping he will accept one 'he looks so cute when he just woke up!' she thought and shook the thought out of her head, she pushed her fringe out of her face, her scar now showing.

Lucas laid still on the sofa dreaming about many things such as Rhianna, killing aliens and zombies and a few other things, he murmured as he rolled over only to fall off the sofa and pulling Rhianna close to him, smiling as he nestled his head into her red hair and dreaming happily next to her as he held her close.

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments Eli glanced at Mackenzie it was something a little different about her but she still look beautiful to him, so just shrugged it off. He nodded has he walked up to the counter and leaned on it. "Yeah I was but, I guess mind just know that something was missing... and here I am." He said with smirk. He watched has Mackenzie pushed the box over to him, he glanced at the box and back up at her. He finally nodded and take a cookie. "Thanks." he said before taking a bit of the cookie.

Rhianna was actually having a nightmare, which was unlike her. She rolled a round for a moment in her sleep before she soon felt being pulled and snuggled into. At that moment Lucas appeared into her dream, and made her smile and laugh. Making everything better like he was does for her. She held the hand that was around her waist not knowing that it was Lucas, and stayed sleep.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments She smiled and looked towards the door to see Lucas and Rhianna sleeping, she giggled and stretched "I'm bored" she sighed and looked outside "the swimming pools free" she smiled and looked at him, realising he hadn't notice her scar yet and sighed happily to herself then stood "come on" she smiled and opened the back door "Lucas is so rich" she muttered as she stepped outside and smiled to herself, she looked over her shoulder at Eli and waited for him, smiling"

Lucas held her close and muffled softly in her hair cooing her so she won't have another nightmare, he smiled as he opened one eye and then closed it again not even noticing the others were gone, he was happy where he just was and just wanted to stay like it.

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments Eli took the last bit of the cookie, he followed Mackenzie glance to the window outside. He nodded to the idea of going out. He started walking out the door and glanced into the living room and saw Lucas and Rhianna, he smirk. "They'll be cute together." he said has he went outside with Mackenzie. He looked at the pool water shine under the moon light. He never took a second thought before he took off his shirt and shoes, he glanced at Mackenzie and smirked before dropping into the pool.

Rhianna dreams stayed happy, which made her smile in her sleep more than she ever did before. She turned around her sleep and faced Lucas and snuggled deeper into his arms.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Mackenzie laughed as the water splashed and she rolled her eyes at him, she slipped the other size dress off to show a black bra and underwear and dived in after him, poking her head out she looked around for him and frowned as she couldn't see him, she swam around a little and smirk knowing he was gonna jump out any second so she pretended not to notice him. She swam around in circles and sighed happily "now this is the life" she whispered and swam backwards, closing her eyes close.

Lucas smiles and holds her closer as it began to get cold, he grabbed a cover and put it over them so she won't get to cold and stroked her hip gently yet he stayed asleep, loving the feeling of her next to him in his arms made him feel like they should stay like it forever.

((sorry if my paragraphs are short I'm on my iPod and it's hard to keep them long))

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments Eli stayed under the water and waited until she was swimming on her back. He heard her say something but couldn't make it out. He swam under her wrapped his arms around her waist and pull her down under the water for a second before letting her go back to the surface. When his head got to the surface, he finally opened his mouth letting air fill his luges. He then glanced over at Mackenzie has he moved his hair out of his face.

Feeling warmer Rhianna didn't put to move anymore, she was finally comfortable. But she end up waking up for a moment, she opened her eyes and saw it was Lucas. She sleepily smirked at the sight, she leaned up to his cheek and slightly kissed it before laying her head back down and went back to sleep, she didn't notice that her brother was no longer behind her. But she wouldn't be worried if she had because, she know that he could take of himself.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments She gasped as Eli grabbed her and splashed water when they got out, laughing as she still had hair in her face "you're such a jerk Eli" she whined and pouted under the mop of hair in her face, not bothering to push it out of her face. She giggled and then blushed to notice how close they were again, she looked up at him and froze.

Lucas stirred a little and opened his eyes, glancing down at Rhianna "well hello there" he chuckled softly and smiled down at her, he looked at the time and realised it was only three and sighed "wanna finish watching walking dead??" he chuckled and looked at her in amusement expecting her to go crazy and beg him to watch it with her.

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments Eli softly laughed and shrugged his shoulders. "Well after all you did give me my nickname. So out of everyone I would think you would I know I will do something over the top sometimes." He said, he noticed that Mackenzie hair was on her face. He decided to move it out the way for her. Has his hand touch her cheek, he smirked. After, he was done moving her hair and finally saw the scare that Lucas was talking about. "I never noticed that scare before." He said with now a full smile.

Rhianna smirked at the sound of Lucas's voice. "Hello back." She said opening one eye and glanced up at him. She opened both of her eyes hearing him ask about Walking dead. "Umm sure if you want, L." She said in a whisper thinking that Eli and Mackenzie were still behind her sleep.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments She blushed and looked away "I never really showed it after the car crash with my parents..." she said softly and refused to look at him 'great now he's going to hate me...' she thought and sighed, she stared down forcing back tears yet refused to look at him, she couldn't... "Please don't judge me Eli..." she whispered an looked up at him, scared she was going to lose him.

He smiled and nodded "of course Rhi" chuckled softly and sat up, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him "I'm not letting go yet" he whispered in her ear and smiled as they watched the movie "pretty good for a movie" he muttered to himself and smiled at her.

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments "Judge you for that." He said looking at her with a frowned but it soon disappeared and turned into a smile. "Never, you still beautiful to me." He added, has he softly kissed Mackenzie's forehead. Before swimming away and pulled himself out the pool and sat on the edge of the pool. His eyes stayed on Mackenzie.

Rhianna smiled has she felt Lucas arms wrap arm her once again. "I wasn't going to ask you to." She whispered back glancing at him and then back at the TV. She smirked and nodded hearing him finally admitting that it was a good movie.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments She relaxed as she felt his lips on her forehead and smiled, swimming over to him and climbing out "come on" she smiled and grabbed his shirt on purpose, sneaking off so the other two don't see her and ran upstairs to grab a towel, she sighed 'I'm going to tell him...' she thought to herself as she dried herself off.

He smiled his eyes to the screen not even noticing Mackenzie walking past "this is actually interesting" he chuckled and kissed her cheek playfully "why didn't we watch this before??" he laughed and stretched.

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments Eli followed behind Mackenzie. He grabbed hold of another towel and dried off his hair first and then dried the rest of his body. He smirked has he watched Mackenzie do the same. He could tell that something was on her mind, He walked off into a dark room were his small luggage was. He quickly changed out of his wet clothes, it was dark so deicide it was no point in going through trying to find and shirt. He just put on some boxers and some pants. He walked back to were Mackenzie was. "So what's on your mind?" He asked leaning onto a wall has he looked at Mackenzie.

Rhianna bit on her lip when she felt Lucas kiss her cheek, smirked leaning her head onto Lucas chest. Why he acting like this he never acted like this before. He usually would acted like an older brother to me , she thought when she realized he asked her a question. She then shrugged her shoulders before saying. "I don't know. Maybe cause you not really into this type of movies like that." Not letting her eyes off the screen.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments She glanced at him "not much" she shrugged and finished pulling her tanktop on "Eli have you ever liked someone so much yet you don't want to tell them because you're scared that you will lose them if they don't like you back?" she asked and looked over at him chewing her lip as she waited for his answer, she looked down at her black skinny jeans and White tanktop and light blue zip-hoodie and sighed as she waited.

He frowned and nodded "I should watch this not often" he said to himself and looked at Rhianna for her opinion, she was so... Gorgeous yet he would never get a chance with her. He looked towards the window as he heard a banging noise and shrugged it off just thinking it was a tree branch.

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments Eli slightly frowned and nodded. "Yeah in fact I still do." He said still leaning on the wall. The frown went away has he stayed looking at Mackenzie and it turned into a smirk.

Rhianna shrugged her shoulder and she jumped a little when she heard a banging noise from outside. But she relaxed back onto Lucas chest, she sighed she thought. maybe that's what he sees me has a sister , shook her head from her thoughts and decided to just forces on the movie. And not to over think anything, knowing that she was knew from doing that more then often.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments "then why don't you take that leap and tell them???" she frowned and sat on the bed, watching him carefully "I mean they would need to know at some point even if it means lossing them forever but you won't know unless you try right???" she said and looked down at her hands "Eli... I love you..."

He frowned "I wonder what that noise was..." he said as it soon stopped yet it didn't seem like it was gone, he frowned some more yet shrugged it off wondering if it was some drunk hobo or something.

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments Eli heard what Mackenzie said and a smile came across his face. He walked up to her and sat next to her. He lifted her head up to look into his eyes. "I love you to, Mackenzie." He said before softly kissed her on the lips but soon pulled away when he heard a big bang. He stood to his feet and went to the window and looked down at the ground but didn't see anything but the darkness.

Rhianna heard a be bang and she deicide to look outside from the window. She saw something standing beside the pool and looking at the house but, she cant quit see what it was. "Hey, come here big head. Something is this." She said with a smirk has she motioned for Lucas to come to the door.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments He frowned in her direction but obeyed and stood "what is it??" he asked and tried to look also "I can't see anything it's too dark..." he muttered and looked at time to see it was almost 4, he sighed and looked back at her "it's going to be Dawn soon..." he said then realised what she was talking about.

Mckenzie smiled as he kissed her but soon frowned when he moved away "what is it Eli???" she asked and stood, walking over to him and trying to look but couldn't see past him, she sighed and placed a hand on his arm, pressing close to him "Eli??" she said softly an looked up at him confused hoping he was okay, she bit her lip and looked down out of the window to see a few shadows but it was to dark to see them fully.

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments Eli looked down at Mackenzie putting his hand of her cheek once again before kissing her cheek. "I am sorry its nothing." He said not believing his own words. But he could explain but he felt like something bad was going to happen but thought it would be best to just keep it to himself. He looked at her clock that was on her dresser and saw the time. "Hi come on lets get some sleep before morning comes." He added grabbing Mackenzie hand taking her back down stairs with the others.

Rhianna frowned a little more to see if she could see who or what it was. She gasped at what she saw, she stepped back from the window. It was her advice boyfriend that she just broke up with only a day ago. "Ryan?" she whispered

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Mckenzie sighed yet followed him, still confused on what he saw. He seemed to be attacking weird ever since and began to worry about him "Eli are you sure you didn't see anything???" she asked and looked at him confused yet worried, she bit her lip and noticed the other two were awake already then she heard the name 'Ryan' and tilted her head.

Lucas frowned "how did Ryan get here, he don't know why I live! And why is he covered in blood?!" he cried trying to calm down a load crash came from the back door and both him and Mckenzie turned to see the back door window smashed and someone climbing in, the person was groaning and his clothes were ripped, he was missing an arm and was covered in blood.

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments Eli didn't have time to answer Mackenzie. When they got down to stairs he could the fear in his sisters eyes and soon that followed that was a crash, he saw the a guy climbing into the house. He softly pushed Mackenzie behind him. "What's going on?" He asked looking over at Rhianna Lucas.

Rhianna the crash but was still locked on Ryan, who was still standing by the pool. She couldn't move the last time she saw Ryan, he told that he ever saw her again he would kill her. In her mind whatever was going on behind was not scarier than seeing him again.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Lucas cussed and looked for something to get the thing that crashed through the door out "Here" Mckenzie threw him a baseball bat and he caught it, slamming it at the persons head and flinching as the head fell off the body falling forwards, "I don't think they're humans" he said softly to no one in particular and glanced around them frowning.

"Eli, Im scared" Mckenzie whimpered because for the first time ever since her parents died she was, she gripped hold of his arm and stayed close to him, chewing her lip she soon found a baseball bat, passing it to Lucas so he could attack whatever it was and flinched at the contact of the bat and it's head.

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Pride 'Homo' | 1607 comments Eli looked back at Mackenzie and then at head that fall off body. "Zombie? Seriously?" He said. He noticed Rhianna was still standing still looking out the window. He let go of Mackenzie's hand and want to her. "Rhianna?!" he yelled pulling her from the window and shaking her.

Rhianna felt her body be shacked, and she finally blinked. She shock her head and sighed before saying. "I am fine now." She then saw the back door window smashed with a body through it. Her eyes looked down at the floor and locked eyes with the dead eyes.

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments Mckenzie sighed "good thing I did cheerleading" she mumbled to herself as more zombies began clambering through, she looked at Lucas "give me a boost, not a high one" she said and he nodded getting ready, she ran, pressed her foot on his hand was thrown at the zombies she smirked and round kicked one in the head, watching the head fly off "well that was fun" she smirked and did a high kick, booting a zombie into two more.

Lucas rolled his eyes "Eli Im surprised you don't worry about how she can do all of that!" he muttered under his breath yet got the baseball bat ready to fight "come at me!" he snarled and gripped the baseball bats handle and swung it at another zombie "WE NEED TO BARY UP EVERYTHING"

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LaceyBear {Rawr} (laceybearcharx) | 713 comments ((I gotta go offline for a bit but I'll reply when I get back :3))

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Eli looked around thing to bared up the windows and everything. He got picked up the couch and bared up the front door. And started looking for things to bared up everything else with.

Rhianna got her attention back, she sighed and quickly started looking for things to help with zombie's and then she remember that Eli never left the house with their father's pistol. She quickly ran upstairs and got the pistol from in Eli's luggage. Good thing I know how to use a gun. , thought has she headed back down stairs in no time. "Move out the way!" She yelled aiming the gun at the heads of the Zombies.

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