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Clara Today we are discussing Tyrion’s fourth chapter.

. It made me sad that mare they killed was a gift from Jaime. They it’s told, it seems Tyrion really loved that horse.

. I didn’t remember they mention Dothraki’s customs. They sound so brutal. I mean, we know all the things they do at weddings and such, but left deformed children out for the feral dogs who ran behind their khalasars? It’s a little too much.

. The men at the inn turn so brutal toward Tyrion all the sudden. I know it’s because Catelyn said he sent a murderer to his son’s bed, but they believed that so fast. But not every single one of them stand up. They Freys didn’t, for example.

. I laughed when the innkeep said “Don’t kill him here!”, and Tyrion replied: “Don’t kill him anywhere.” Haha I love him!

. It was smart of Catelyn to say pretty loudly they were heading to Winterfell. I found it funny Tyrion is more upset she was smarted tan him rather tan he is her prisoner now.

. I kinda like Bronn so far. I remember he made me laugh in the next books, but he was never a carácter I loved.

. So, Littlefinger told the whole court a lie according to Catelyn. Tyrion is the second person to say Littlefinger only loves Littlefinger. I am starting to believe that too.

. So, in the battle Tyrion saved Catelyn. He didn’t have to, I mean she is acussing him of attempted murder, so he could just stay put. But he didn’t, and she never said thank you for that. Maybe because she believes he actually tried to kill Bran.

. So they left the bodies in the open. I appreciate Catelyn wanted to bury them before they continue their journey.

. Tyrion tells Catelyn he never bets against his family, so this would mean Littlefinger lied when he say Tyrion lost that bet when Jaime fell. I believe he meant that phrase in a lot of ways, not only talking about tourneys.

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments I don't have a lot of time left so I am going to type as quick as possible before I have to leave the shop.

1. This is our introduction to Bronn! He has black eyes, black hair, and is very skinny. Not how I pictured him. My first read I didn't give two shits about him but now I know he is going to be more useful later on, which I won't say here.

2. I thought horse meat is stringy and course, not as delicious as other meats like pork or beef. I suspect the Dothraki love it only because they worship horse so they eat it all the time, not because it actually tastes good to them. And they are eating Tyrion's horse now because it's either that or starve.

3. Surprised Tyrion remembered which nameday Jaime gave him the horse. Twenty-three doesn't seem like a particular important milestone, either.

4. :( Now Tyrion damns all the Starks, though I suppose he would discount Jon from the rest of them.

5. I laughed at the part when the innkeep said, "Don't kill him here!" and Tyrion replied, "Don't kill him anywhere." Tyrion likes living. :)

6. Apparently only two of the Freys got up to help Catelyn but they sat back down when their captain didn't move.

7. They were originally going to go to Winterfell, but Catelyn lied. Smart, throw off the scent. It will take the Lannistermen longer to find them.

8. Even Tyrion hates Marillion now, lol. Something he has in common with Ser Rodrik.

9. Tyrion prided himself with his wits, but Catelyn outsmarted him at every turn. She may be misinformed but she is smart, though not brutal about it either. Tyrion could have been in a much worse state.

10. Wish I knew specifically what a hedge knight was. Ser Willis Wode was the first to rise to help Catelyn Stark at the inn. The Brackens went too. I wonder if they would still have gone if there were Blackwoods in the mix as well?

11. Lady Stark could have been rude but she lets Tyrion speak, and has his hood and bondages taken off, albeit she knew he wouldn't run away, but she didn't have to either.

12. That is sad, how Tywin hates his son but would only save him because he won't tolerate slights to House Lannister. Tyrion is like their omega in a wolf pack.

13. Tyrion is right, "Only a fool would arm a common foodpad with his own blade." For a moment he saw Catelyn doubt, but she believes Petyr would not lie to her.

14. I wonder if Tyrion was lying or if it is the truth that Littlefinger told everyone he took her maidenhead. If that's true, I really despise Littlefinger, because I don't believe it for a second.

15. If Tyrion is telling the truth, that Littlefinger loves only Littlefinger, and all he wants of Cat is to fuck her, he says it so utterly bluntly that even I'm surprised. Does he want her to kill him???

16. The mountain clans are so much like the wildlings, it's surprising no one managed to civilize them all by now...since they've lived in the realm since the First Men came to Westeros. That's a very long time to never evolve with the rest of society. They don't even have the Wall for an excuse.

17. Surprised Marillion would even come with them to the Vale if he knew how dangerous the mountain men could be. Did he not think they'd attack? This shows you what real war looks like, and it's not pretty.

18. It is pretty silly for Cat to ask for Tyrion's word that he'd drop the swords as soon as the fighting was over when she'd accused him of lying earlier. Either she's in desperate need of more help that she doesn't care, or she thinks she may be wrong about him...probably not though.

19. Tyrion says he's never fought with an axe before, but has he ever fought before?

20. I laughed when Tyrion had a sudden urge to scream, "Casterly Rock!" but it quickly passes and he crouches back down again. He's proud but not that proud, lol.

21. Tyrion's first kill, at least that we see in the series: a mounted mountain man. Pretty IMPressive! See what I did there? lol, I'm so lame.

22. It also says a lot about Tyrion for saving Catelyn Stark's life despite her kidnapping him and wrongfully accusing him. He was under no obligation to save her but he does it anyway because he's a good person, even though he doesn't want to. A part of me thinks he did it for Bran's sake.

23. I think it's funny he's astonished he's not dead or injured, since he was a total badass just now!

24. I heard that after a battle men get really horny -- the hormones gone haywire; the body remembers it doesn't live forever and it wants to procreate. This goes along with what Bronn says to Tyrion, and lol at, "I'm willing if she is," about Catelyn. Ha!

25. Now that Tyrion sees their slain enemies up close he realizes their horses were skinny and you could see their ribs showing, and the stae of their weapons and armor was all so bad. Pathetic, really. You can tell they raid mainly to survive.

26. Nine enemies dead and they only lost three: two Bracken men and Jyck, Tyrion's guard. "Fool to the end," Tyrion thought. He'd charged right into battle.

27. I like that Catelyn lets Tyrion keep the dirk after all, and the axe he used in battle too. Her excuse is they may need it again, but it's a sign of trust, as of right now, even though she says she still doesn't trust him. I doubt it. She just doesn't want to admit it, even to herself. I mean, he saved your life!

28. I like that Tyrion feels good about his immense improvement with a horse, a dirk, and an axe than this morning, when he was bound, hooded, and lost his horse for food. :)

29. Surprised Marillion survived, but even he looted, ha! Took the fur skin cloak.

30. I laughed when Tyrion said they "were so rudely interrupted..." I love understatements.

31. I wonder if Tyrion saying, "I never bet against my family" will be an omen in the future. He hates his family, but yet he doesn't. We never know!

Clara I like your point 16, it's really interesting. I didn't think about it.
I don't think Tyrion has fought before. That's why I got when I read this chapter.
Lol, I really laughed out loud this time again when I read what you wrote in your point 24. It was so funny!

Vicki Kalb | 310 comments I agree, I think this is Tyrion's first rodeo. *SPECULATION ON TYRION LANNISTERS TRUE PARENTAGE* (view spoiler) But that's loose speculation. Maybe it really was just pure luck he didn't get injured or killed. Maybe he really did use his size as an advantage, being small makes it harder for people to hit him. It's still really badass, lol.


Anyways, he was so badass. And perhaps his size had something to do with it, but it worked!

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