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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. 90s YA fiction, kids on a school trip, girl is tricked into believing house is haunted, gloved hand stroking her hair [s]

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message 1: by Rachel (new) - added it

Rachel | 1529 comments A young adult or teen fiction book I read in the mid 1990s, but may have been published a few years earlier (I would guess 80s or 90s).

It was set either in the UK or possibly New Zealand or Australia. The plot was about a group of young teenagers going on a school trip and staying in some kind of large house or stately home. The main character is a girl who I think is being bullied or has been pushed out of her friendship group.

The book at first appears to be a ghost story as there are several incidents that suggest the house is haunted and the main girl gets scared. One scene I remember is that the girl is lying in bed and feels a gloved hand stroking her hair.

However it turns out that her classmates have tricked her into thinking the house is haunted and all the apparently supernatural incidents were set up by them. I can't remember why, maybe just because they didn't like her.

I think the cover may have had an illustration of a hand stroking a girl's hair.

message 2: by RitaSkeeter (new)

RitaSkeeter | 10 comments Hi,
It sounds similar to Games by Robin Klein, which I read over and over as a tween. It has a group of girls who stay an old house, which was 'haunted'. One of the characters had been bullied by the others.

message 3: by Rachel (new) - added it

Rachel | 1529 comments Oh that's it! Thanks Rita!

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