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Why didn't Day just use the internet?
Dustin Hu Dustin Aug 17, 2015 09:30PM
Antarctica clearly has a highly advanced internet, as demonstrated when June used it there. So why didn't Day just look himself up so he knew what happened over the past 2 years? If he did that June's name would probably pop up many times since she was so involved, and then he could just look her up. Considering how close they were, I'd assume Day would want to talk to her more to try to recover his memory. Does anyone else agree with me? This is assuming that the internet has articles about Day and June, which is likely considering how prominent they were during the war.

OK wow, I actually never thought of this! I totally agree! He was there for, what, a decade? And he didn't think of searching himself up? That's kinda stupid. Hats off to you for thinking about this!

Malisa I can't believe that I never thought of these things until now! I was so taken up with the awesomeness of this book.... ...more
Aug 20, 2015 06:19AM

i think that while that's the obvious thing to do - he was probably trying to heal and to get some of his basic skills back as well. i feel like there was a rehab process going on that took a lot of his strength and what not.

i also wonder if his brother didn't keep him from looking into things more in order to keep his focus on getting better. that's just a theory though.

Malisa Hmm, it's possible.... There's no harm in theorizing. ...more
Aug 25, 2015 07:28AM · flag

I never thought of that, which kinda makes it worse. Like what if he did and decided that he didn't want to know June, because if he did want to know her I can't imagine that he doesn't have the resources to find her.

Dustin, I agree with you. This ending about Day forgetting anything and not knowing the existence of June is a cheap plot device for Marie Lu to make her final book looks meaningful and deep. She probably thought: "See? My series gets no happy ever after and the main couple doesn't get together in the end! It's so mature and meaningful and deep!" But it just makes the ending look stupid.

omg i totally agree... wow... ten whole years and he didnt serach himself up... oh my god... this is actually revelating my veiws on the book...

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