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Rey | 7665 comments Made it!

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Now Before we rp we need to have a short little thing.
Put you fave HQ quote and/or picture then well disquss the rp
becuase idk what the 50 dates thing is

message 3: by Rey (new)

Rey | 7665 comments "face it Harls, you're a certified nutso, wanted in 12 states and hopelessly in love with a psychopathic clown. This stinks!"
"well what was I supposed to do!? fill the tank, shoot the guy and drive off?!"

message 4: by Rey (new)

Rey | 7665 comments so the 50 first dates is where this girl has a memory disorder where she can't remember anything from the day before due to an accident that happened about a year ago. and this she meets this guy who comes to like her, a lot. And every day he tries to get her to fall in love with him again

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Rey | 7665 comments ?

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ok, yeah sorry i didnt get notifications

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