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Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments Only comment on content up to Chapter 50, please!

Spoilers below for up to Chapter 50.

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Ifrah Alia (infinitebooklist) | 96 comments You GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 50 though!!!

OMG! I don't even know what to say!!

There has to be more to it though. Because if Erawan hasn't been awoken and the king is planning on waking him, the question is how did the king find out about Erawan not actually being dead? We know that he liked to explore the tunnels when he was younger, that's how he found the first wyrdkey, so maybe he happened to stumble across this catacomb and found out the truth about Erawan? Or maybe Erawan is somehow able to communicate with him through the wyrdkey?And why has Elena been lying to Aelin?

Also, there's one wyrdmark in the story that Aelin didn't know. This is either really important or just there to show that Aelin is not fluent in wyrd marks :/

A freaking VALG KING!!!!!

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Eloise | 32 comments Chapter 47. Wow this book. Just omg
Seriously this book is so so so so good!!

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Brittany (4theloveoftomes) THIS BOOK OS AMAZING!!!! I don't understand how people are hating on it... Like I don't even understand!!! I'm going to have THE WORST book hangover after this book

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